A Shelter For All Lore Speculators

Let us find answers, together!


I see you have found your way into my lair of speculations! Prepare to die!

Easy! There is nothing to worry about!

No, of course you are safe here. I’m just a lore nerd from Turkey, with the nickname Lorefreak Caleina. If you are a lorefreak like me, especially when it comes to the “world” of Warcraft, I’m glad you have found your way here. And I hope you will stay, because you will not be disappointed to dive in!

This blog is almost 4 years old and it all started with an amateur blogger website, it was Turkish back in the day but last year, I have decided to switch into English entirely.

I also have reviews about books and movies on a Turkish geek website called Kayıp Rıhtım, “Lost Haven” in English respectively. Have been writing there since January 2020.

Also I’m a news reporter on a Turkish Game/Technology News website, merlininkazani, Merlin’s Cauldron in English respectively. Have been writing there since this July.

Should you are interested, you can find the links for “Merlin’in Kazanı” and “Kayıp Rıhtım” at the top of this page, just next to my social media links!

If you read my articles and somehow adore what I do, please comment and share my work across your media channels and don’t forget to hit me on social media as well! The more people I find to discuss the lore and speculations, the happier I get!

To All My Fellow Followers

No, don’t worry. I’m not leaving you,or you can worry. For you are not likely to get rid of me in the near future.

Dive in!


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