Will Warcraft Lore Have Someone Equivalent Of The Architect?

“Choice, the problem is choice”

It is almost certain that World Of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion; Shadowlands is a pure source of exciting and fresh lore. Throughout all the alpha testing, Blizzard hinted that they have something big in mind, that would push Warcraft lore into a new era. As the destruction of The Helm Of Domination symbolizes it at least in my opinion.

It is an undeniable fact that Blizzard is constantly borrowing from other fantasy universes, ancient mythologies and such. While there is no shame in doing that, it also makes it easier to track down the breadcrumbs Blizzard left us throughout the lore of the game. Today, I’m gonna talk about pure speculation of my own, yet to be improved into a full-structured theory. What if the term Clockmaker Ion Hazzikostas recently used hide important hints about the future of the game?


In Warcraft Chronicles, it is stated that our universe came to be after the clashing between The Light and The Void. And as we know, they are struggling to have total dominance over the entire reality. So, The Chronicles has been written by the Titan’s perspective, that means I’m free to assume before that explosion happens, there could be something out there. Before our “version” of the universe came to be, there could be another one, damaged by a fatal error should not be happened ergo it had to be reset. We know, as its been kind of confirmed that there can be a powerful race of creation: The First Ones. Different titan-like beings in different cosmic forces and a possible mastermind that created all this design: The Clockmaker, the possible equivalent of The Architect and in the case of Warcraft, the sole creator of everything.

“The Chosen One” Illidan Stormrage


Let’s continue with this mindset. And we can already find more than one fatal errors in this version of our universe that recently happened. Illidan denied being The Chosen One. In this sense, which possibly broke The Clockmaker’s (or whatever you can call it, The Creator, maybe?) scheme of order. By using The Lightmother Xe’ra, a prophecy has been formed to give the followers of the light hope against Sargeras’ Burning Crusade, the one who tries to break the simulation further by causing destruction upon destruction. But Illidan denied the prophecy, by enforcing free will. Which we don’t need to delve into the Matrix to realize the term is not much welcomed in Warcraft lore as well.


It is a well-known fact that The Titans, or rather The Pantheon Of Order tasked to bring “balance” and “order” into the universe. Triggered by a natural instinct to bring order, they shaped altered worlds, forced them to fit their design. Otherwise, if a world goes out of control in their sense of order, they mercilessly reset the entire life upon the planet. No matter how developed civilizations built upon it. As you can hear from Algalon himself how disturbing the process is. how he, a celestial creature felt a kind of regret what he and his masters have done to entire civilizations.

J.. have.. felt… NOTHING! A million, million lives wasted. Had they all held them within your tenacity? Had they all loved life as you do?

And the kind of the same concept can be easily spotted in The Matrix, the agents, led by Agent Smith, tasked to preserve Matrix as it is. And to be rid of the ones who have “awakened” no matter the cost.

Agent Smith greets Agent Smith

But of course, an anomaly happened. Agent Smith broke the code to strike against Matrix itself. So, Neo The Chosen One unwaveringly defeated the perfect anomaly or the virus that can destroy the Matrix. Just like how The Light tried to use Illidan against Sargeras and his Burning Legion. Yes, Illidan burned with hatred against The Legion and he finally defeated it. But he is stuck with Sargeras now, and probably for a long while. I’m sure in time, they will find out characterwise they have so much in common. So this time, the so-called “Chosen One” and Agent Smith would work together against something really horrible.


The one who caused one of the fatal errors was no one but Sargeras himself. He had free will, the power to break the rules he has been bounded. He saw The Voidlords, yes but that triggered another conclusion: The universe, the design itself is flawed from the beginning. Meant to be just a false reality, or rather a prison. Maybe that is why Anima is really precious and had to be stored in one place at every single version of the universe, the place named Shadowlands. We still don’t know how Anima first came to be but we will have an idea during or after Shadowlands. But for me one thing is certain; it is like oil, a needed energy source to feed upon by our true creator and maybe his civilization. The Clockmaker and The First Ones.

To my thinking, three things have existed throughout all the versions including this one: The Physical Universe, The Shadowlands and The Cosmic Chart itself. But each time the biggest anomaly occurred, free will, someone like Sargeras, maybe The Jailer or Illidan raised up and destroyed the system as a whole. Remember Jailer’s motivations. He does not want to rule anything, he wishes to destroy everything. Because he has the will to choose so, just like us, the mortals.

Remember how The Titan’s first work on Azeroth looked like before Gift Of Flesh touched upon them? Immortal, yet mindless and emotionless beings, just servants who had no purpose to “live”, just serve. Same can be told for The Naaru or even the followers of the Old Gods. Yes, they made by flesh but their obedience for their masters is unquestionable and every single one of them is ready to sacrifice themselves for their masters” purpose.

So, in the end this is just a bold speculation, but I’m planning to evolve it into a full structured theory as Shadowlands going on. If it continues to be relevant of course. I have no desire to stuck on theories and force people to believe them whether they are still relevant or not, unlike some other people. Please give your feedback about this theory, I love to discuss about these things as much as I love to make analyzes.

One thought on “Will Warcraft Lore Have Someone Equivalent Of The Architect?

  1. Reblogged this on Lorefreak and commented:

    Due to recent lore implications, I felt like I had to share this again.

    We have an Architect or a clockmaker, in a simulation designed to fuel upon the anima of mortal souls, just like how machines feasted upon the Humans.


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