“The Path Is Flawed!”

“What we have done to him was not justice, it was vengeance”

I was wondering why Blizzard still did not release a glorious animated cinematic series for Shadowlands, until now! And what a cinematic it had been! Truth be told, my expectations were not as high as for this one, compared to Revendreth or Ardenweald. But Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion, has so much “devils in the details” moments.


“Trust the path”

Afterlives: Bastion provides us a good insight intı how things work in the Shadowlands and how unquestionable is The Arbiter and The Path. Such that, when Devos shared a little glimpse of doubt about Uther may be placed into the wrong realm, Thenios instantly warns and threatens her. But what if Devos was right? What if The Arbiter’s function for judging the souls had already started to give some errors at the time of Warcraft 3?

Another point to support my idea is, the moment Arthas dies, he did not see The Maw, -as most of us expected- but instead the shadow of Devos. The reason why Arthas said “I see only darkness” was that Devos had darkened his vision. When Arthas died, he saw a bright glimpse of light for a moment, but Devos blocked it and darkened his vision with her dark wings and cruel appearance, a true angel of death.

A darkness casted upon the light by angels of vengaence.

My take on this is, that Arthas was supposed to went to The Arbiter, to be judged just like all the other souls. So he saw the “light” of Oribos, then Devos intervened and literally broke how the things work. Her and Uther, the firsts of the Forsworn took Arthas before he gets the opportunity of being judged, and tossed him into the Maw themselves. While I don’t believe this was the sole reason why The Machine Of Death -The Arbiter- has broken, this implies that someone could decide the fate of a soul by themselves during the time of The Wrath Of The Lich King, without asking The Arbiter.


Just as Uther enters into the Shadowlands, he is praised for living a selfless life and granted ” to become an ascended, to ferry the souls of the dead. I would rather call this an order rather than a gift. You died? Okay, now you are a slave for a greater “good”, a greater purpose, in exchange with everything that made you yourself in life, congratulations(!)

They even call the process as purging their past lives and burdens. So the aspirants will have no doubts, no fears, nothing binding them to their -not past- true lives, so they can serve eternally. Just as Thenios said, in time they will forget and devote themselves to the Shadowlands, forever. But the process of purging, costs Shadowlands dearly, as Devos states, they have no information about what is happening at the mortal realms, what matters to them one and only is Shadowlands itself.

But Frostmourne had such a powerful impact that led Uther’s soul to be wounded permanently. And Uther’s anima was so powerful that Frostmourne itself could not swallow his soul whole but took only half of it.

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