Will Warcraft Lore Have Someone Equivalent Of The Architect?

Due to recent lore implications, I felt like I had to share this again.

We have an Architect or a clockmaker, in a simulation designed to fuel upon the anima of mortal souls, just like how machines feasted upon the Humans.


“Choice, the problem is choice”

It is almost certain that World Of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion; Shadowlands is a pure source of exciting and fresh lore. Throghout all the alpha testing, Blizzard hinted that they have something big in mind, that would push Warcraft lore into a new era. As the destruction of The Helm Of Domination symbolizes it at least in my opinion.

It is an undeniable fact that Blizzard is constantly borrowing from other fantasy universes, ancient mythologies and such. While there is no shame in that, it also makes easier to track down the breadcrumbs Blizzard left us throghout the lore of the game. Today, I’m gonna talk about a pure speculation of my own, yet to be improved into a full-structured theory. What if the term Clockmaker Ion Hazzikostas recently used hide important hints about the future of the game?


In Warcraft…

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