About The Shadowlands Pre-Patch Trailer

“And when she comes, our end begins”


The Pre-Patch event for Shadowlands is close. As a little teaser has been released from Blizzard earlier. It not a hype-fuel though. More of a teaser for what is to come, just like a movie trailer. But still, it has some interesting little details. So, let’s dive in shall we?


IWhitemane and Nazgrim came home with their hangover buddy Bolvar

In terms of CGI cinematics Blizzard is probably the king of the game sector and with this trailer, the in-game quality peaked up as well. While we still can debate the graphics of World Of Warcraft looks older than most of the games, this cinematic breaks the leg. And the increase in quality can be noticed right at the beginning.

” Now, she comes for them all. To finish what she started.

A shot of World Tree Nordrassil, sister of Teldrassil.


The trailer continues with the shots of each individual have been captured by The Jailer but with one exception. First, we see Tyrande, observing the darkness gathering upon Night Elves’ new sanctuary Nordrassil. But the thing is, she beats her attackers to death, thanks to her immense Night Warrior powers. Then we see Jaina with a polished and more beautiful Talia. After them, we see the clouds of death gathers around Baine and Thrall as well. And we could assume Thrall at the least, tried to put down a fight as he holds up his weapon.

Those who held Azeroth together will be in her sights”


There is no doubt why Thrall, Jaina, Baine and Anduin were sighted by The Jailer. As Bolvar states, they were the ones who ” held Azeroth together” and finished the Faction War earlier than Sylvanas expected. But why Tyrande? The truth is, she did nothing to hold Azeroth together throughout BFA. Rather pursued justice (or, vengeance) for herself and her people. So why she was targeted by The Jailer? The answer is simple; she is the avatar of Elune. Another powerful entity which we will find out during the Ardenweald storyline. In this sense, we can take Elune as an entity as Zovaal’s equal. Or at the least, he is considering her Avatar Tyrande as a danger.


I think the most important detail in the cinematic has been missed so far. The abduction of Anduin, or rather how he has been abducted. The Mawsworn appeared from the darkness of the clouds, sent by the realm of death into Azeroth. We know The Kyrian can travel between the Physical Plane and The Shadowlands, so The Mawsworn. The Mawsworn are not wraiths. Just like how at the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, they are people donned those dreadful set of armour. Which is symbolizing death, or angel of deaths.

That you are hearing this message means my suspicions proved true. Zovaal has forged his chains into a weapon… and brought about my defeat.

The Prımus

Now to return to the matter at hand, The Mawsworn captures Anduin like for nothing. How? Because the chains they use are basically the same ones that Sylvanas used to incapacitate Bolvar. So when clad with that chains across his body, Anduin could not even react, he barely tries to lift his hand but he fails. So they captured and carried Anduin away like for nothing. Another important fact is: There is nothing wrong about Anduin got abducted that easily. Yes, he may be the High King Of The Alliance, but do you really believe this means anything to The Jailer? A being older than reality as Bolvar states.

Now you have seen as I have, sights never meant for living eyes. But this knowledge will not save you. Nothing can stop what Sylvanas set into motion. Rending the veil was just the beginning. Beyond the ruined sky awaits an evil older than reality itself.


So to sum up, this trailer shows how the key faction leaders have been abducted and how they are desperate against a power of cosmic scale. So, if you take this cinematic not as a hype-fuel one but as a teaser of an upcoming movie, it is more satisfying. And it has some horror/thriller elements even. But the truth is, I’m eagerly awaiting a hype-fuel cinematic as well, we all need that cinematic as soon as possible.

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