Sylvanas States: Nothing Is Fair. Not Life, Not Death.

” And so it did. And so she continued, for power sought power, and she would have more of it, not for its own sake, but to wield it. The unjust ladder of their lives must be dismantled, not rung by rung, but all at once. All of it. She had been the plaything of a self-righteous cosmos long enough. The Jailer, too, understood what must be done


The official story trailer for Shadowlands has been released yesterday. It was the hype spark most of us needed. But this article won’t be about never-heard-before crazy theories or something this time. Rather, a confirmation of what I have been claiming for a long time. From the first -now obvious- of Sylvanas’ true goal to the prison we are living inside. So, let’s begin, shall we?


Up until this point, Sylvanas’s motivation and goal was hidden in a cloud of mist. Those who have been trying to make sense of her goals (like me) had only obscure breadcrumbs. But with this trailer, we finally got a clear opportunity to see her motivation. Remember what she said before?;

I will set us all free!


After she was rescued from the Maw by The Jailer – during the Edge Of Night storyline- she did everything on purpose. And when we, her loyalist tried to make sense of her actions during BFA, we were accused of defending a cheap storyline/redemption. But no, from the epilogue of Shadows Rising to this cinematic, Blizzard themselves gave us obvious breadcrumbs. But the thing is, you perceive everything as to how you wish to perceive. If you still want to see Sylvanas as a basic evil or cheap character, there is nothing more I can do for you. You are “free” to how to think.

Death comes for you all!

As I said before, Sylvanas is Illidan, NOT Garrosh. If you have to compare her with another character, that must be Illidan. Illidan has always emphasized the importance of having free will, to control your own destiny. And Sylvanas’ ultimate goal is no different than his’. As I said before, “I wish the creation to end that is true. But that is not because I’m a demon with horns or something, I only hate it when someone else dictates me what to do or even decides my fate instead of myself.

And that is what Sylvanas and Zovaal planning to do, breaking the cycle of slavery. For my thinking, Zovaal’s original place was the place of The Arbiter. To put souls into their rightful places. We learned that Maw was not “The Maw” once before, and Zovaal was thrown there to be forevermore its Jailer. After, – as The Primus claimed- for his treachery. What treachery? To my thinking; he and Sire Denathrius used The Nathrezim to weaken the other cosmological forces. So when the time comes, Death would break this cycle of injustice. But instead;

Ages ago, the Eternal Ones punished our brother Zovaal for his treachery. He was bound within the inescapable Maw, to be forevermore its Jailer.

The Primus


So, if I have given the chance to join the Maw Covenant and The Jailer, would I? Exactly! Just like how I would join The Legion if we have given the chance in the first place. The true threat is not Zovaal, not The Legion, not even The Void, It is the prison or reality -whatever you call it- built all around us. We, as mortals and “lesser” creatures like The Titans, have been created to make this plan working. What is the true goal? To my own thinking, feeding upon the precious life force, Anima forever. By whom?

Yes I know I went tinfoil a bit but I have said this before and I have been proven right -at least at some point- until now as well. The First Ones, Elune included. I don’t know how the Shadowlands will end, we may defeat Zovaal as a big bad guy, this is possible. And he is a badass big bad guy, I have to admit. But I believe after the expansion has ended, we will need to question everything we have been told. Should we trust to The Titans? To the Light? etc, WHO we should trust in reality? Maybe only to ourselves?

I will finish the discussion with a quote from my buddy Medivh, which we can fit it to Sylvanas. And probably who knows so much about his cosmological chaos, just like Azshara. Who went missing to find a greater throne of power. Sylvanas, Illidan, Medivh and Azshara. Keep your eyes on these four, closely.

Sylvanas sided with the Jailer willingly, and she and Zovaal are preparing to ignite a war against other cosmological forces. To break the bonds of fate. But first, they need to break the “battery of the prison“, Shadowlands.

“It may be simpler to shut a door than to pass through it. But sometimes a step into the unknown is required to break the bonds of fate”


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