Sylvanas: The Blind Queen Who Calls Forth Doom

Our dear eldritch friend Il’gynoth had always been a wonderful source for speculating or making guess’ about the future of the lore. Yet we still can not place all of the whispers back in 2016, time to time we need to look back and analyze them according to current events. One of such is the topic for today;

“The blind queen wields a scepter of bone, from the deep she calls forth doom.”



The whisper can be divided into two fords in terms of paying attention. The first one is obviously “scepter“. Well, at first, that one associated with Azshara most of the time. Why? Because she held a cool spectre during the raid; The Eternal Palace. Also, she is a queen and probably one blind with arrogance. But the thing is, we witnessed she called forth N’zoth, not “doom” according to Il’gynoth. N’zoth has never would mean doom for Il’gynoth, considering he is -in truth- an actual part of N’zoth’s body. As you could see during the N’yalotha raid.

Queen Azshara at The Eternal Palace.

Pyromancer once stated that Il’gynoth may refer to Eonar, but the thing is I found that argument pretty far-fetched. An art older more than 20 years, and she would call forth that doom from where? What deep? So I don’t think this is possible in any means as well. Also, Bellular had some interesting theories about this one. The possibility of Azeroth being the blind queen is too deep, yet due to it too far to reality, I believe. So, in my thinking who is the blind queen wielded a scepter of bone?

From Blizzcon 2018, 8.2 Story Panel

Sylvanas wielded Xal’atath, Blade of the Black Empire for a long while, then through Nathanos delivered it to Azshara. So, Sylvanas wielded that scepter for a while, long enough to be referred a queen wielding a scepter of bone I think. So, how about being blind and the deep?


The Maw

So, Sylvanas calls forth death from the deep, from The Maw, according to Il’gynoth, our doom. Need to say he is right this time. What Zovaal and Sylvanas desire is to tear it all down. The prison surrounding us we call reality, and the Cosmological Forces as well. They seek to unmake the work of The First Ones, whom in my ongoing theory, ancient creatures feeding upon our Anima, stored in The Shadowlands. The Shadowlands is extremely important for them.

The First Ones who shaped the cosmos knew they needed to protect the Shadowlands from external threats and beyond. Maldraxxus was their answer.

From the Shadowlands Collector’s Edition Art Book

So, it is understandable why Il’gynoth literally called what Sylvanas desires as doom. But the detail I would like to point out here is; for Il’gynoth -and for N’zoth in this sense- Sylvanas is still a blind queen. Her knowledge about the cosmological balance and war (thanks to Zovaal) exceeds most of the characters in the lore by miles. Yet she is still an ignorant, blind queen for Il’gynoth. Remember how N’zoth warned us before for the upcoming doom Shadowlands. It wıould be a foolish act to believe this was the last time we see The Old Gods, N’zoth in particular. Creatures who have access to knowledge and thousands of possible outcomes, and we simply blasted one of them as HE had organized all the way to his own defeat.

This post wasn’t actually about Sylvanas, now you see?

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