Nathanos Won, Tyrande Is On A path Of Destructıon

We could finally watch one of the key cinematics of the upcoming lore, Nathanos got decapitated by Tyrande, off-screen of course. It was an awesome, decent cinematic. And the thing is, what happened in the cinematic didn’t surprise me a bit. Including Nathanos’ defeat, which was a fast one. Unlike some people, I do not think Tyrande “won”, instead, Nathanos was the triumphant one.

The Wrath Of Elune

Her wrath approaches

The cinematic begins with the sky and the moon darkening. As a signal of the approaching Night Warrior. The wrath of the moon goddess or to my thinking much likely a First One, Elune. During the Darkshore storyline of BFA, Nathanos could handle Tyrande like for nothing. Which nobody (myself included) could make any sense of it. But the thing is, there is a strong possibility that Nathanos was strengthened by Zovaal at that point, so he could face Tyrande, with Valkyr’s at his back. This time though, Tyrande beat him in like 20 seconds, which is respectable. As Nathanos states, her power grew in time, or Nathanos just wanted to die, that is all.

Throughout the cinematic, we see how Tyrande became an embodiment of Elune, darkening the sky, burning Nathanos’ hounds with arcane power etc. Her eyes went a darkened blue instead of black sockets. And now she uses a bow and glaives at each hand. As she first struck Nathanos to the wall with a powerful arrow, then striking him with powerful and really fast blows. And during the Darkshore event, Nathanos had the upper hand. But this time, the hunter was Tyrande and he was the prey.

Her wrath has arrived through the night.

Of course, Nathanos wasn’t Tyrande’s main target. But as Nathanos states, Sylvanas is out of Elune’s reach, yet. As the avatar of Elune’s wrath, Tyrande is the only one who is capable to stop what Zovaal and Sylvanas set in motion, or could they? The veil has already broken, and all Tyrande cared for is taking her vengeance. I can’t be sure if she cares for who burnt at Teldrassil anymore in truth, she just wants to take her vengeance, Her only motivation and goal to bring destruction no matter who is hurt, pretty noble way to avenge your people, isn’t it?

Nathanos Wanted To Die

With him of course, in the darkest place. Along with every soul burned to ash in your precious tree.


Now, on the scene Tyrande took Nathanos’ head pretty easily, right? And I know some people are expecting the same fate for Sylvanas as well. While I think Tyrande, as Elune’s avatar is the only one that may put a stop Sylvanas’ plans, I believe Nathanos didn’t even care. And in truth, he won. By defiling Tyrande’s ” victory” with his attitude and taunts.

I’m sorry but killing Nathanos won’t change anything. As his only goal was to meet with her queen once again inside The Maw. So Tyrande gave Nathanos what he wanted after all. Coupling Nathanos’ words with poison, Tyrande didn’t win anything. Nathanos did not fear, did not beg for mercy or did not curse her. Fitting to his bitch-like personality, he only taunted her to hasten his own death.

“Come on, kill me. You will send me right to my lady. Beyond the veil, she shattered.

I hate you Nathanos”

Tyrande Will Face Sylvanas Herself

Now, I have lost my chance to say “I called this!” it seems. So I will tell you about another possibility I have been thinking on for a while. We will see Tyrande facing Sylvanas in a one on one battle, as s CGI Cinematic. But after a point, the fight will evolve from the mortals into the beings who their source of power. Zovaal and Elune. Zovaal threatens Elune’s schemes pretty much. As I said so many times before, Zovaal does not want to rule anything, he wishes to destroy the prison built around us and unmake everything.

Which again for my thinking, Elune is a big part of it. Because in my opinion, what Zovaal and Agent Smith wants to do are similar in some way, not as a whole. Agent Smith wished to destroy everything, this includes not only The Matrix but Zion, the “real” world and The Source itself; The Architect and Deus Ex Machina. I will explain this comparison in detail in another article, but Zovaal has seen the prison built around us by The First Ones and declared war against them and the other cosmological forces. Used the Nathrezim for it. So, witnessing Elune and Zovaal fightimg in some way would be glorious to see.

To finish things up, I believe Tyrande will either die because of the immense power she is trying to carry or she will face Sylvanas in battle. But one thing is certain, she will keep destroying anyone standing on her path, friend or foe alike. So if you guys want Tyrande to live and face Sylvanas, at least make sure not to stand on her way by any means, or The Night Warrior won’t spare you.

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