The Runecarver’s Memory: Guys, We Need To Talk

I’m aware I have been silent for a long while. I will be honest; I was busy with playing Shadowlands all along! I’ve never hated BFA, but Shadowlands made it look like an expansion of torment in terms of gameplay. Anyways, tossing the gameplay features aside, Shadowlands keeps dropping lore bombs. One of the recent ones is about to twist some details in the lore, yet again.

Your finest mourneblade and a crown fit for the king of the damned. The vessels of domination

First things first. The Lich King’s armor and weapon was always meant for the Jailer himself. This is why Sylvanas called Bolvar as usuerper. Ner’zhul, Arthas and Bolvar, none of them were the true Lich King. As Bolvar states, the true owner of the helm was always hidden behind the edge of helm’s consciousness. So, why and how these items have been sent to Azeroth after all?

tHE lEGION, nathrezım, sıre denathrıus and the jaıler

I’ve been saying this for a long time: The Jailer and The Legion worked together to destroy this prison built all around us. Quick recap: Kil’jaeden was well aware of The Shadowlands, because his race, Eredar was familiar with soul magic for a long time. Sire Denathrius is the creator (or The Primal one, whatever you call) of The Nathrezim. And he has been working with Zovaal for a while. So, the one who has been referred as The Master at the book Enemy InfiltrationPreface was Sire Denathrius. The Jailer is NOT a Nathrezim, he is an Eternal One just like Denathrius.

So, through Nathrezim or using Kil’jaeden’s curiosity about the cosmos, Zovaal contacted with Sargeras and gained an ancient ally. As finally confirmed in this cutscene, they have been forged by The Runecarver. Or most likely by The Primus, you can check this theory anywhere on the internet already. But there are some interesting details to point out.

“Death and those who shaped its victory”

I believe the helm and the blade were meant for Zovaal but NOT to wear them inside the Shadowlands. There are some possibilities to consider:

  • Zovaal forced Runecarver to make Frostmourne and Helm Of Domination after Kil’jaeden commissioned them. To create the ultimate pawn inside the realm of the living. But most importantly on Azeroth. In Chronicles, it is stated that Dreadlords hands touched the armor at some point.
  • The Dreadlords who have been sent to infiltrate inside The Legion ranks have tricked Zovaal and stole the helm and the blade to empower The Burning Legion.

I believe the first one is the most likely. But if it is not true, then this means Zovaal was able to free The Lich King from Legion’s domination, nonetheless. Because of him or the other Eternal Ones were not meant to interfere with mortal realms, he would use the armor of The Lich King to achieve his goals. Again, in my opinion with Sargeras’ direct help.


Despite being jailed for a long time and accompanied by a master manipulator race Nathrezim, I would not take Zovaal as an easy target to manipulate. As he states, he had already forged some “insidious designs” to power his army of Death, probably both inside The Maw and on the physical realm. We don’t know yet what secrets has been extracted or what were those designs, though.

Another really important detail in the cutscene is that Zovaal was already free even before Warcraft 3. We know for certain that the cutscene is about a memory. And Zovaal literally extracts information from Primus’ mind to create the armor. If Zovaal really set free before Warcraft 3, then another little speculation of mine may become true as well. At the end of my last article, I said I think there could be a soul pact between Zovaal (or, you may call him as Death) and The Legion.

In exchange for crafting weapons for them, every creature slaughtered by The Legion have either fueled by their Soul Engines or sent straight to The Maw. We have been shown how easy to bypass The Arbiter in truth through this cinematic. So, I bet my one cent on this speculation.

Due to the enormous amount of anima The Legion provided him, he could roam inside The Maw and Torghast before even Warcraft 3. So why did he need external help to achieve his goals? Like The Legion or Sylvanas? Because releasing from his chains meant little to him while he has been also imprisoned inside The Maw. That is why he still needs external help to seize his ultimate prize. To unmake the prison built around us or, disrupting The Eternal Ones’ cruel scheme at the least.

I need to end the article at this point. But we’ll talk again soon.

  • What were the secrets The First Ones sought to hide?
  • What was Zovaal’s role in the Shadowlands before being imprisoned?

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