The Secret Of The First Ones

With Castle Nathria has been cleared and the Covenant Campaign storylines are yet to be finished, we are in a stagnant period in terms of story. But not here! Because I have much to talk about! In the Runecarver’s Memory cutscene, The Jailer referred Frostmourne and The Helm Of Domination as “the secret that The First Ones sought to hide”. What would be that secret is? Well, the answer is The Undead!

The term Undead is against everything the First Ones have created.

Agaınst the “perfect” order

Now, you can say the race of Undead has been here for so long. You are right! We have first encountered the living dead back in Warcraft 3. But as I have stated in my last article Zovaal has been freed long before Warcraft 3. So he put in motion his plans for creating the true vırus of the system; The Undead. They are not neutral, they have NEVER meant to be created or existed.

Why I have called the Undead as the virus? What I meant for it that the Undead is against the “perfect” order of The First Ones. As stated here “perfecting” the order is really important for The First Ones. Oribos was the symbol of the “perfect” order of The Shadowlands and somoene (we may talk about this soon as well) broke it. So in all the cosmological forces, Order is the one which represents The First Ones (or at the least how Oribos and The Arbiter WANT to make us believe) the most.

The Light has struck a bargain with the enemy of all.


There was no place for The undead ın this design. You can give Maldraxxus as an example. But the thing is, they are not actually Undead. They are just have been created like this. The House Of Rituals attacked Bastion and used necromancy, which is forbidden in Maldraxxus as no one else uses the magic. They are familiar with The Necromancy, that is true. But there is no evidence that it is legal to use. The Abominations have been stitched up from the corpses of the fallen enemies, not by resurrecting them. And the plague created The Scourge on Azeroth has never meant to be taken away from The Shadowlands. Consider it as the lethal biological weapon stored in the Umbrella Company.

The Greatest Sın AND The Unnatural

He sought the secret and seized his prize.

If you have been killed and raised by Necromancy, your anima has gone to waste. This is not confirmed in anywhere, it is just my speculation. You have died and went to The Shadowlands. Then a guy resurrected your body and (in the cases of Death Knight) trapped your soul inside of it. So from this point, as has been referred since Warcraft 3 you are The Damned.

Another reason why The Undead is forbidden is because they can see through the veil. This is a strong possibility and one of the reasons why Sylvanas has been aware how the things work for so long. And to see the veil has never meant for mortal eyes. And they are nearly immune against the corruption of The Void. Yes, they look as the bad guys but they have been created by The First Ones as well, as all the other cosmological forces. So they had their place inside the mechanism, and The Undead can resist to the whispers.

Another argument I bring is N’zoth referred Undead as the enemy of all. If you haven’t read Before The Storm, Calia Menethil has been resurrected as a Lightforged Undead from the Naaru S’ara. That is why N’zoth states The Light has strucak a bargain with The Undead, and to be more precise with Zovaal or Sire Denathrius in some way?

Now we know Zovaal was the reason why The Undead has been plagued Azeroth. Becaue he have extracted the informatiın from The Pri- ahem The Runecarver’s mind. Probably the information has been hidden inside his mind so no one else would know it as long as his will is not broken. But he did, and Zovaal claimed one of the most important secrets of The First Ones. To unmake the prison built all around us.

I wonder how Kil’jaeden suddenly be like

Oh, let me make a really cruel plan. Lets use necromancy to bring Azeroth to its knees. Where did I put that armor for my puppet king?!”

I’m curious “who” could’ve informed him about this unnatural power, may be someone named Zovaal? or Denathrius? or a random Nathrezim guy? You know I have never mentioned that before. Just may be for a hundred times.

Tracking the information of how to create The Undead can be one of the reasons why Zovaal has been banished. He attempted to enact the greatest sin against the cosmos.

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