The Arbiter Has Been Created To Replace Zovaal

It has been a month since Shadowlands has been launched. So, I take all of you are aware of that Zovaal wasn’t meant to be The Jailer but rather has been jailed to The Maw as its jailer By his brothers and sisters, because of a crime we didn’t know about yet and can only speculate about it. I have speculated some possibilites so far. Our topic for today is about Zovaal’s role in the realm of Death before being banished to The Maw. I believe The Arbiter is a usurper!.


Now we are aware of that Bolvar, Arthas and Ner’zhul were usurpers. The Helm and Frostmourne were always linked to The Jailer’s will, thus he was (or is) the one, true Lich King. But there is another usurper as well, created for that purpose alone; The Arbiter herself.

The contrast between The Jailer and The Arbiter’s chests was a thing since their models has been datamined. I’m almost sure that eye or whatever in The Arbiter’s chest was once belong to Zovaal. Remember his “leaked” concept art back in 2019? It was probably what he looked like before that thing has been ripped from his chest then condemned to The Maw. Except the sole possibility of that model has been replaced with his current outfit for good.

So, I think Zovaal’s original purpose was to decide which souls go where in Shadowlands. Thus he had immense knowledge about how the things work in The Cosmos, including The First Ones. After his “betrayal” he has been punished by his brothers and sisters, and a machine has crafted by The Primus to replace him. It is said that The Arbiter experiences all what shaped in a soul in its lifetime. That can be true, and it can also possible that her decisions were just. But she has no free will, she is just a machine, as you can see how she literally went offline. So she could not question her true masters, the other Eternal Ones!

Nobody LOVES Free Wıll In THIS GAME

After The Arbiter has been crafted by The Primus (in my opinion) the Ethereal-like creatures has been summoned and Oribos has been built. A so-called “Purpose” has been formed to justify what The Arbiter and her followers do. So, no questioning, no denying anima, no delay in the process of sending anima into the realms of The Eternal Ones.

Zovaal had free will after all. He could come to the realization of some errors in the system of The First Ones, or The Eternal Ones? He disobeyed how the Shadowlands has been ruled by his brothers and sisters, or even argued against his own creators.

Another possibility is that The Maw was a far different place long ago. There was a datamined post at Wowhead (likely during this summer) indicating that The Maw was not meant to be “The Maw” before. So, it is possible that The Maw (or whatever its previous name was) was the place where Zovaal judged the souls and deciding who goes where. Revendreth was the worst, final zone for ” evil souls” instead being the place for “redemption.

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