What Happens To The “Simple Men” In The Shadowlands?

Hello again. I’m sorry for being absent for so long, you know sometimes you just don’t have the desire to write anything. But I’ve returned with some theories. Thanks to the Kyrian Covenant storyline, I’ve noticed something. What happens to the simple-lifed men in the afterlife? Where are they supposed to go? Are there sub-realms just like Thros the Blighted Lands? What happens if you have not been judged “worthy” for any of the main realms of The Shadowlands?


First, we need to look out which souls go where in The Shadowlands. We have been told the souls are have been placed by The Arbiter depending on their “personalities”. While I don’t believe that is the case, this will be discussed below. So, in this sense, lets look at the 4 main realms of The Shadowlands:

Bastion: You need to be selfless and responsible. As your “job” in the afterlife would be to carry the souls of the dead before The Arbiter’s judgement. But as Kleia states here having the simple life wouldn’t simply enough to be part of The Kyrian. Well, she would’ve pretty much meant to ask “Why did he die?” but to die isn’t something to surprise a Kyrian.

Ardenweald: “Simple” enough. The place where the souls of the wild are to reborn. What happens to the, lets say rabbits and cats then? Well, they probably become anima seeds to feed the Wild Seeds. As you can see here, they have been captured by the enormous trees of Ardenweald and are being used as anima food.

Maldraxxus: Might, power, a life through hardshpis. These are what shape a Maldraxian. A life hardened by war, struggles or conflict. You need to be strong-willed and really, really brave to become a Maldraxxi. As your eternal job will be to protect The Shadowlands from external threats. How farmer Bob from Elwyn Forest would find a place here?

Revendreth: Again, simple enough. You need to be a guy to be redeemed. Then you will join into the ranks of the Venthyr just like The Accuser. But the difference with The Kyrian is; you are to carry all your burdens with you for all eternity. Carved onto a Sinstone.

So, considering all these “requirements” to join these certain Covenant, what would be the fate of a simple, good-willed farmer or a merchant? No heroism, no hardships, just a simple life.


As you can see, so much mini-gateways around. Beside the 4 main ones which are belong to the main Covenants.

“Infinite afterlives with Oribos The Eternal City as the shining heart.”

The map that we are currently playing in is the main stage of The Shadowlands. With the 4 Main-Covenants, Oribos and The Maw. But there must be sub-realms for these simple guys to be placed. As not all the mortals in the universe fits to the “standards” of main covenants. So, in the future we may visit this sub-realms and some of them can be a patch by itself.


One of the realms we would visit during later patches (or even expansions?) may be the place where The Brokers came from. These guys are not welcomed by the denizens of Oribos and they even disdain The Purpose. I’m not sure if these guys have a connection with The Ethereals but the obvious similarities can’t be a coincidence.


I don’t know if I’m the only one who are curious about the Drust lore. But I believe one of the upcoming patches will take place in the realm of The Drust. These guys need more screen time as they simply one with the Death magic, to be precise: Decay. Through The Emerald Nightmare (what a coincidence, right?) they have created a sub-realm named Thros, The Blighted Lands. And now they are using the link between The Emerald Dream/Nightmare and Ardenweald to invade The Shadowlands.

It is interesting they have resided inside a corner of The Nightmare. Those guys harnessed the power of Death and Necromancy inside a literal manifestation of The Void and The Old Gods. This connection betweeen Ardenweald, The Drust and The Void deserves its patch.


So, how the Stewards or The Dredgers have been created aren’t exactly clear. As we know, the dredgers comes from muck, literally. But how? May be the “unworthy of anima” souls are being turned into slaves for Shadowlands? The simple guy transforms into a steward or a dredger if found useless by The Arbiter. Remember, she is a machine and may found unworthy the amount of anima certain souls bring to The Shadowlands. So instead of being sent to The Maw for no reason, they have been transformed into slaves. For the “greater good” and well-being of The Shadowlands.

Another strong possibility is that the souls aren’t exactly placed depend on their personal traits. But rather the amount of anima they carry with them. Remember how The Venthyr milked out Garrosh? Extracting anima from the souls who carry stupıd amount of Anima is really beneficial for The Venthyr of course. Souls such as Kael’thas or Garrosh. For the rest of The Covenants, it is the same. Nobody cares about your personality, you are the Anima power you carry, nothing more.

So, who are to be sent to The Maw then? The mortals who enacted unforgivable crimes against the Shadowlands itself of course! And the biggest crime you would enact against The Shadowlands would be denying it from Anima. And that was what Gul’dan did with Fel Magic, or Arthas had. We cannot be sure about his fate yet though. As he has not been judged by TheArbiter. I personally believe Arthas’ place was Revendreth.

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