Why Do I Not Want Arthas To Be “Redeemed”?

What I want is justice!

Uther, Afterlives: Bastion

Arthas, to this day still one of the most important faces of The Warcraft universe. Despite has been killed 11 years ago, Blizzard continues to use him whenever they see fit. The latest example of it was Afterlives: Bastion. It was meant to be about uther and The Kyrian but Arthas, as always over shadowed the main context of the animation for a while after it has been released.

So, most of the community have been expecting to see something big about Arthas. As it seems the biggest demand is Arthas to be redeemed. Arthas was my childhood hero, I have grown up playing Warcaft 3 almost literally. And to be honest, I do not want a “redemption arc” for Arthas.

The thın Lıne Between Redemptıon ARC and a wonderful character arc

At the time of Warcraft 3, Arthas’ story was not complex but a decent, satisfying one.

Guys I have to admit that I love Arthas as he his, as what and how he had become. Anakin-like storyline at that time? Yes, but who cares? He was a good-hearted but (to be honest) but easy to manipulate prince of his people. He was the key for both The Legion’s conquest upon Azeroth and Zovaals insidious schemes. There were 3, THREE campaigns about his wonderful journey and ascension to become The Lich King.

And then there was Wrath Of The Lich King. An expansion dedicated to (almost) to Arthas and his fate alone. And at the end, his death was “satisfying” and a wonderful yet tragic end to his story. And yet, from that day Blizzard still put some cameos about him in the various places in the game. Because they love Arthas as well, may be more than you do.

The darkness Arthas spoke of was NOT The Maw. It was Devos and her shadow, casted upon the “light” of The Arbiter’s jıdgement.

Steve Denuser has been asked frequently about Arthas since Afterlves: Bastion. His final answer was that they do not plan to use Arthas in a major role. Yes, he said we will see Arthas during the expansion. But he explicitly stated that Arthas is kind of dangerous to meddle too much. So, Blizzard is aware that they have to be too careful at the topic of Arthas. That is why we won’t see much about him, at least not as much as you expect. He is not supposed to be key to “defeat” Zovaal or the “new” Arbiter or something. I have to say, that kind of storytelling would be hilarious and really cliche. Despite what most of the people think, WoW storytelling is still NOT the Hollywood storytelling.

I prefer Arthas would rather be a character like Kael’thas at the moment. He would lead to some plot twists or extend the lore of The Lich King and the connection between Zovaal and the Helm Of Domination, but nothing more.

“What We dıd to hım was not justıce. IT WAS VENGAENCE”

The Fallen Angel

So, how you can redeem Arthas then? Not through ” he was the good guy all the time” storyline because he does not need it. Ir doesn’t fit his storyline at all, despite the “little retcon” applied in Chronicles 3. Which in his mind, the way to protect Azeroth from external thteats was to raise everyone as Undead. A twisted solution and probably made under the influence of Zovaal.

The way to “redeem” Arthas will be through Uther and his thirst for vengaence. Arthas had denied souls from The Shadowlands through Necromancy, he kept what he killed. Despite what people say ” People go to the Maw because they were evill” I dont think thats %100 true. There were characters in Revendreth who literally destroyed worlds and still have been sent to Revendreth and even ascended as a Venthyr. So, Arthas would go to The Maw nonethless but the problem here is that he has not been judged. The right to be judged has been denied from him.

If your right to be judged has been taken away from you, you are at the rightful side. No matter what you did;

-Remember what he did and claim your vengaence!”

“-Not vengaence, justice!

So, in the future patches we may see Uther’s search for self- redemption instead of Arthas. And he is aware of what he did now. So Arthas may end up in Revendreth because the great injustice thrusted upon him.

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