“There Must Always Be A Lich King”

But know this, there must always be a Lich King. Even if you were to struck down Arthas another will have to take his place. Or without the control of The Lich King, The Scourge will wash over the world like locusts, destroying all that they touch!”

Uther, back in 2009

During Bastion: Afterlives, we have witnessed how Uther’s soul has been splitted into two. Due to his strong connection to The Light, we thought half of his soul has been “saved” and sent into the realm of Death. And we encountered his “good” side during Wrath storyline. While his vengeful, fanatical persona has been sent before The Arbiter.

I will say this before hand, I believe the Uther we have encountered inside The Halls Of Reflection was loyal to Devos as well.

The Arbıter and a Half-Soul

Uther’s “fanatical” side.

Now, we all agree on the idea of The Arbiter is a computer-like being, right? And the topic of Afterlives: Bastion was about questioning The Arbiter and The Path. In my opinion Uther, Arthas and his desire for ” just “ vengaence were only misdirections.

So what happened if a half-soul comes before The Arbiter? How she experiences the soul? His/her deeds, personality and such? Most importantly, what about the Anima the soul brings up with? Agree or not but that “Arbiter determines a place for a soul depend on his deeds” is only a distraction. What Shadowlands cares about you is your Anima, nothing else. That is why ” the most evil, unforgivable souls are sent to The Maw”. To deny Zovaal as much Anima as possible.

So, imagine Uther’s half-split soul came before The Arbiter to be judged. How would she decide his fate, his Covenant? His anima was half, his personality has been splitted and the soul has been scarred by Frostmourne. He basically carried the corruption of The Maw before The Arbiter if you think it that way. So, how he has been placed into a place in The Shadowlands doesn’t much make sense. Thats why Devos had doubts about the judgement of The Arbiter. By the way I also do believe that Devos was already in league with Zovaal during Afterlives: Bastion.

“but know thıs; there must always be a lıch kıng”

All must serve the one, true king!

So, I believe she took into account Uther’s “splitted” side as well. Because in truth, the connection between the splitted parts have never been severed. And Blizzard has never confirmed this. Do you really think the Uther you know from Warcraft 3 would not want to take vengaence from Arthas? For what he has done to his homeland, his father and most importantly to himself? Uther was a great Paladin, yes. And he was a great mentor. But he was also a fanatical crusader. Just iike Tirion, their faith to The Light ended up with a radical mind-set. Turalyon is a good example for this as well. Just check how he acted throghout the novels.

What if when Uther back in WOTLK was loyal to Devos all along? The part of his soul still connected to the one in The Shadowlands, so he acted as a mean to manipulate us? He told us NOT TO destroy the Helm. Not even to try! And what was his argument? Should we destroy The Lich King, all of Azeroth would be devoured by The Undead. Eh, do you remember what a Pre-Patch “event” we had? It was pathetic. The Undead in The Plaguelands, The Duskwood were to run rampant across The Eastern Kingdoms. And yet nothing happened in that sort. Necromancers and an herald of The Jailer ruled The Scourge, again. Instead of a usurper king. The true master of The Scourge took control of it.

If we had destroyed The Helm at the end of Wrath, Zovaal would caught unprepared to the shattering of the veil. Was it possible to destroy The Helm though? I believe it was, Ashbringer took care of a Rune-Carved item before: Frostmourne. So it would be able to destroy The Helm Of Domination as well. What if we led to the veil to shatter at the end of WOTLK?:

  • Zovaal would not have Sylvanas by his side.
  • The Arbiter have been working as intended.
  • Bwonsamdi has not been disturbed yet.
  • Helya and Sylvanas had not met.
  • The Fourth War hasn’t happened.
  • Azeroth had not been wounded by that giant sword.

So, through his agents Devos and Uther, Zovaal prevented The Helm to be destroyed way too early. So, he manipulated us long, long before we thought he contacted with the mortals.

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