Well, BlizzConline is on the horizon, the holy day of Blizzard gamers just like you and me What does a Blizzcon mean? New stuff!. New Patch&Expansion or even game anonuncements. In our case, the upcoming (and beyond) patch of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands. What do I expect though?

THE STORY OF 9.0 ANd the detaıl everyone ıs mıssıng

Just before the Shadowlands Pre-Patch hit, a story trailer has been released. Featured mixed.scenes from Pre-Patch and the 9.0 cinematics. And it is kind of confirmed that we have seen (and meant to see) each of them in a proper cinematic. And we did so far, lets have a look:

We have seen every single one of these shots in a proper cinematic so far but one. The one where Jailer comes up from a portal and looks upon his grand army of Mawsworn, ready for war. That part is missing, and yes it is yet to come.

The story of The Jailer&Sylvanas&Anduin has continued throughout Renown levels, and there are still 5 weeks until the end of Renown! So if I were you, I would expect an ending where The jailer and his army are about to exit The Maw. So far, The Jailer had the upper hand in all Covenant Storylines. We have barely managed to stop his plans. The Forsworn, The Drust, Kel’thuzad and Denathrius. And do not forget that he had received immense amount of Anima into The Maw thanks to Denathrius. Yes we have stopped the Anima flow into The Maw, but whats done is done.

Patch 9.1 wıll feature “the jaıler raıd”

Legion and Battle For Azeroth shared the same style in terms of storytelling; Both their X.2 and X.3 patches ( 7.2-7.3 and 8.2 and 8.3) rapidly advanced the lore of the expansions. Meanwhile leading to “twists in storyline. For Legion, it was the revealing of Argus (man I missed Legion). And for BFA, it was a “breadcrumb” for N’zoth.

Sometimes the hand of fate must be forced.

Before the release of the expansion, Blizzard hinted that The Jailer “ might not be the end boss of the expansion“. So, a raid where we would face off with Sylvanas first and then The Jailer would end up with a cinematic like this. Which would end the first part of storyline of the expansion through 9.0&9.1.

What about 9.2 though? Well, I have to admit that I can’t say a certain thing. But I do not believe we would be able to defeat The Jailer. Or even if we would succeed, he would either reveal his true motivation during the fight, or we will regret what we have done in the future. Just like what happened with Illidan.

Because agree or not, what Jailer and Sylvanas are planning to do is necessary for “being free”. At the moment, the Afterlife is broken, shaped and ordered by other forces. As has been stated by The Voice of The Arbiter: “Before the breaking of The Arbiter, the Shadowlands was in perfect order”.

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