What Does The “Ending” Of Sanctum Of Domination Tell Us?

As the datamining goes on, the more juicy lore drops. This time we have the environment of the upcoming raid, Sanctum Of Domination. Though only 2 bosses have been tested so far, the environment of the raid itself can tell us a thing or two.


Interestingly enough, the raid section of Torghast looks a bit like of a mixture of Oribos and the tower itself. The obvious connection between the two is the soul stream. Now, I have some questions about that stream itself:

– If the Maw was supposed to be devoid of Anima, why the Soul Stream has been flooding down to The Maw already? What I mean is, the stream floods downward, if Anima was supposed to be distributed between the 4 Covenants why the Soul Stream pours down into The Maw?

– How the Soul Stream ended up in Torghast after all? Well, I’m aware of after The Arbiter has gone offline, every soul has been sent to The Maw directly. But the thing is, simply breaking the Machine Of Death cannot be the reason why the soul stream itself ends up in The Maw. There should be some mechanisms or an architectual design to built the soul stream into The Maw.

Consider it like this; when the supposed Machine Of Death is broken, the mechanism inside Torghast has been instantly activated and began to withdraw the soul stream to where it should have been.


We should also take a look at the name and general theme of the patch. Chains and domination. Since the Pre-Patch, we’ve been shown how powerful the Jailer’s chains actually are and we heard quite a lot the term Domination. We can easily say that Zovaal has been dominated through these chains until he managed to break them up and set free. But lets take a look how he has been chained as well. The runes, all around him. As an extra measure of security.

“But you are hearing this message means my suspicions prove true. Zovaal has forged his chains into a weapon and brought about my defeat.”

The Lich King’s helm was called Helm Of Domination. So, can we say the secret Zovaal extracted from The Primus’ mind was how to forge the power of domination for himself? As Zovaal did to Anduin, dominating his mind. The ” colour theme” of the magic also fits to one of The Lich King. So, was the secret of the First Ones is Domination Magic, or something else hidden in the depths of Korthia?


” Nothing can stop what is to come”

Sylvanas follows the players’ traversal, greeting them for the final showdown between Death and the inevitability in the Jailer’s master plan.

As the final area of the raid has been ” datamined”, it has been confirmed the ending would be between The Jailer and the inactive Arbiter. Some details to point out here:

  • I do not think this would be the ending of the Shadowlands, I still believe we would see the 9.3 patch. Because Denathrius is still out there, and there are still plot holes to lead plot twists for furher patches.
  • Why the dungeon journal states the final confrontation would be between Death and The Jailer? Does Death refers to The Arbiter?, the Cosmic Power or the false system itself, that has been built upon by The Eternal Ones?
  • There is no need for when the raid ends, the story of 9.1 should end aswell. Why? Because if you remember, we were at the middle-stage of our Covenant Campaigns when Castle Nathria came out. The story did not end with Castle Nathria, but rather continued after the raid.

    There are 7 chapters of story at 9.1 and we do not know during which chapter in particular the raid would open. If the last two parts will be The Power of The Night and A New Path, we would see Elune finally intervene in the story after the ending of the raid. And the new path would be the supposed new, yet the original path of The Shadowlands if Zovaal will take what was his from The Arbiter.

Lets end the article with a little speculation. The room we reach at the end of the raid would be the original crossroads of souls. What if this room belongs to Zovaal when he was the original arbiter of souls? What if this room itself was the prize he was after, located inside Korthia, not Oribos? So he can ascend to his original role and form when he sought the prize inside this room.

So, what do you think about these speculations? Please let me know in the comments below or on the social media!

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