The Winter Queen, Eonar AND Elune Are The Three Sisters.

About a week or so ago, it has been ” revealed” that Elune is The Winter Queen’s sister all along. As I’ve said before, it was a somewhat lame reveal but still lead to some speculations.

Today, we will delve into the subject once again and focus on three topics.


  • What if Elune is the third sister in the sisterhood?
  • What if Elune is not actually a powerful being?
  • The Night Warriors, The Light, and Sire Denathrius

Let us begin shall we?

the autumn and the sprıng

Well, if we are to claim Eonar is The Winter Queen’s sister in a way it makes sense, we better add the third sister into the sisterhood. I’ve talked about why Eonar being Elune does not make sense before. So, let us talk a bit about the Spring and the Autumn first as represented in Emerald Dream and Ardenweald;

Ardenweald and the Emerald Dream are opposite blooms connected to the same tree. If the Dream is the personification of Life in the waxing stage, then Ardenweald is life when it is waning

Well, the leaf dropping down from Winter Queen’s ” tree” when she granted Anima to Ysera was a nice touch to represent The Autumn. Winter Queen is closer to Death than Life but she is not a full representation of Death at all. It has been made clear by Blizzard that The Winter Queen is The Autumn so, we can easily assume Eonar is “Lifebringer” and The Spring. Changing the color palette from darker blue to light green. So, can we relate Eonar with a whisper back in Ny’alotha?;

The vassal of life disguises treachery. Beware the eyes of green.

While it seems the line suits her, it may also about Elune, the third and mysterious sister. You see, Elune barely intervenes in the mortal realm but if she is truly the sister of The Winter Queen, it should not be so much of a surprise. The biggest deed of Elune so far was pulling Ysera into Ardenweald. Elune can give life and take souls into the realm of the dead as I have pointed out before.

So, what if she is kind of a vassal between the physical realm and The Shadowlands? One sister to “breath life”, one to take care of them in the afterlife (and abuse their Anima), and one to ferry the souls between Life and Death, acting a balancing force. I’ve talked about the duality of every Cosmic Force before and used The Moon and Ying-Yang as references. So, here you go, one little theory about Elune being the third sister and the balancing factor between the two.


Well, this option is the least-desired in my book. But this is also entirely possible for Elune being an ” overrated” goddess all along for… 20 years. This is one of the reasons why she barely intervenes with the events in the mortal realms as she simply is not allowed to do so. Her power is actually pretty limited. And unfortunately, there is a whisper from Xal’atath which falls in line with this theory;

Hmph, my mistake. It seems the upstart goddess still hold sway here, oh well.

Xal’atath, back in Tomb Of Sargeras, 7.2

So, this is why she did not intervene when Sylvanas burned Teldrassil, as she either was not able to interfere or she simply did not care. İmagine an upstart and a selfish goddess. I wish Blizzard will tread carefully when it comes to Elune. She is one of the core elements of the Warcraft lore and even if she is an upstart goddess, I sincerely hope Blizzard will do justice to her potential when the time comes.

So how about the absurd level of power of The Night Warriors? Well, consider them as conduits of chaos. Elune is simply granting an absurd amount of power to mortals and ultimately claiming them at the end by killing them. Maybe this is her only considerable trait? To grant unbalanced power to mortals.


The Stonewright was not the original Harvester Of Wrath

Well, one of the biggest reveals of the recent weeks was that Stonewright being an impostor. She was not the original Harvester Of Wrath. The original Harvester’s power has been stripped away and given to her long ago for reasons unknown. And we learn that Stonewright was actually a Night Warrior in life and she is the wielder of Elune’s Wrath.

Why does Stonewright being an impostor and actually being a Night Warrior is important?;

  • She, either through her Night Warrior power or the medallion of Elune’s Wrath, forcing the invading Light Army to retreat from The Ember Ward. Remember the creation of The Stoneborn was also a turning point for the battle. As Maldraxxus did not aid Revendreth, Stonewright created a race on her own and defeated The Light.
  • She got balls to threaten Sire Denathrius in front of everyone to banish The Nathrezim from The Shadowlands. And Denathrius simply agreed despite being the Sire of Revendreth itself. 
  • We do not know what happened to Stonewright’s world before she decided to wield the power of The Night Warrior. It is possible she embraced the power for just personal matters?
  • The Unseen Guest/Nathrezim attempts to take back the medallion of Elune’s Wrath from The Stonewright. As they claim The Stonewright is not worthy to wield the power of Elune and she stole it from someone else.
  • If Elune is directly tied to The Light or Order as so many people believe in, how The Stonewright managed to use her Wrath’s power to banish the forces of The Light from Revendreth?

It is possible Sire Denathrius has located the original Harvester’s whereabouts so he decided to take the Wrath Of Elune back from The Stonewright. 

At the moment, Elune is tied to Revendreth as much as she is tied to Ardenweald. Once again the matter of Elune raised more questions than answers. And to be honest, I have tired of this unending mystery. I have to agree, even this lame reveal ( her being the sister of Winter Queen) provided a bunch of speculations, but I need decent answers in the upcoming patch about who is Elune, what is her role in the Cosmic Chart, and the upcoming expansions.

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