The Warcraft Universe and The Veil. Our Eyes Are Still Closed!

Behind the veil, all you find is death.”
Shadow-Lord Iskar

For years, several characters in Warcraft Lore have claimed they can see beyond the veil shrouding our mortal eyes. From Lady Deathwhsiper back in Icecrown Citadel to N’zoth himself, we have been told that we are blind, and we cannot see what lies beyond.

For a long time, we thought the veil covers only The Shadowlands, so when Sylvanas broke the helm, she broke the “prison” of Azeroth. But what if I told you The Shadowlands is just a part of a bigger veil with bunch of layers? Well, lets see if I can open your eyes today.


During the announcement of patch 8.3: Visions N’zoth, Ion Hazzikostas himself stated that Ny’alotha was not actually a distant location but an alternative reality behind a thin veil. And all N’zoth had to do was to thin it a bit and it was enough to bring madness into Azeroth. So, our eyes have been shrouded from Ny’alotha until N’zoth have used his “Cthulhu Powers” to bleed it into our reality.

As I have stated a couple of times before, Azeroth has been placed at the center of all the cosmological shenanigans and labeled as reality. And that reality, if you take a closer look, has been surrounded by both The Shadowlands and The Emerald Nightmare with two spirals coming in and out from it. And Emerald Dream/Nightmare has not been located in a certain place. All Xavius had to do back in Cataclysm was to thin the veil by using World Trees.

Emerald Dream (molded by Freya herself by the way, using Azeroth’s own dream) has been created as a blueprint for Azeroth if any need of resetting the planet would arise. So, where the Stormwind lies in our physical realm, there are probably bunch of trees or hills in its reflection of The Dream. But we see or interact with it at all unless we use certain methods or the veil itself has been weakened by other forces.

Back in patch 8.3, during a Mythic dungeon+ run if you enter an Obelisk Of Ny’alotha  and enter the realm of Ny’alotha itself, you would hear;

“ Let your eyes be opened.”

And when you exit the obelisk;

 “Your eyes are closed.”

So, according to N’zoth, our eyes were opened when we delved into the realms of Ny’alotha which in fact was a twisted, void-affected reflection of the current dungeon. And when we returned our “reality”, our eyes were closed again.


Just like Ny’alotha and The Nightmare, -the sub-realms of The Void- The Twisting Nether has also been hidden from sight. During A Thousand Years of War back in 2017 we have learned after the destruction of Draenor, Turalyon has been trapped inside The Twisting Nether for a while. And his surroundings were not actually different so much from their counterparts on the Physical Realm.

Due to the worlds destruction, the Twisting Nether has been bleeding into Outland for years, manipulating and corrupting the worlds environment. So, you can imagine that right now actually an imp is just standing in front of you, but you cannot see or interact with him. As he is doing his own things behind the other side of the veil. He cannot interact with you as well but unlike mortals, he can see the other side.

In the case of The Shadowlands, we have already learned a lot about it recently. But I would like to point out the fact that since Vanilla WoW, when we die, we have been sent to a dark, depressive environment inhabited by nothing but The Spirit Healers. So, that dimension is another layer in the veil, connected with The Shadowlands.

You can see through the fog that hangs over this world like a shroud, and grasp where true power lies.

Lady Deathwhisper

The realms/dimensions I have talked about so far are not Alternative Realities! They are right there, intertwined with the Physical Realm but has been clouded by something or someone!
But all these three realms are bleeding into each other at one, specific “location”: The Rift of Aln! Which has been created by The Void through Xavius who was a demon after all!


Well, so far I guess you have realized a specific detail: The only realms that have been hidden from sight are of Disorder, Death and The Void. The realms or sub-realms of Life, Order and Light are just here, with us in the Physical Realm! If you remember our theory about how the First Ones are Void Lords who have been banished and trapped inside The Void, I’m sure you would agree with what I’m about to speculate.

After the banishment of The First Ones, The Naaru and The Pantheons of Order, Life and Death have created this veil to hide the realms of Death, Void and Disorder from sight. So, Disorder and Void would not meddle with their schemes in the Physical Realm while Shadowlands remains untouched. Allowing The Eternal Ones separated from external threats.

So, this veil has been created by the “good” side of the Cosmological Map coupled with The Eternal Ones. And what Zovaal, Sylvanas, and N’zoth wants to do is to break this veil and free The First Ones. In terms of Sargeras howewer, as I’ve speculated before he is in league with Zovaal. But I’m not sure if his knowledge on the matter is as deep as N’zoth or Zovaal.

So, that is the theory. Until next time;

All eyes shall be opened. Do not allow yours to be closed.

Steve Danuser.

If you wish to see this theory as a Youtube video, check out my new channel!:

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