Sire Denathrius and The Primus Are Behind Everything!

Read first! This article will contain some huge spoilers, precisely cutscences- from the 9.1 PTR. So, read it on your own risk. Let’s dive in!

Since the announcement of Shadowlands, The Jailer or how I prefer to call him as Zovaal and Sylvanas have been presented as the main “antagonists” of the expansion and the ones who would lead the story further. But as 9.1 getting closer, I had the chance to look at the Sylvanas encounter, and it feels like they are preparing for a glorius climax for Sylvanas and The Jailer meanwhile brewing (in my opinion) a more interesting story away from prying eyes. The story of the two, actual masterminds of the expansion; Sire Denathrius and… The Primus.

First, I need to point out what I think about the Nathrezim, and Sire Denathrius were literally behind everything happened since Warcraft 3. To be honest I like the current storytelling about The Dreadlords. Sire Denathrius being behind everything all along is in fact, a cool idea. Connecting every single lore moment with each other into 9.1 perfectly.

Because, by their nature Dreadlords, or The Unseen Guests were always a sinister race, always having backup plans. Let’s remember what Detheroc has said after the defeat of The Legion during Warcraft 3.

You see, even back in the day they still could rally themselves after the defeat of The Burning Legion.


With this knowledge, –the Nathrezim have been working for Sire Denathrius all along– the fact that Ner’zhul “toyed” The Dreadlords to escape from The Legion’s grasp and pulled Arthas to himself. Because according to Chronicle Volume 3, Ner’zhul simply “deceived” the Dreadlords to help Arthas as much as he can. Or, in the light of these news he thought he deceived them? As Dreadlords could guess that Ner’zhul’s aim was to free from The Legion’s grasp, but they did not care. After all, probably the “dominant” voice in the Helm was belong to Zovaal even then. So, they gladly helped -and died if necessary- to bring Lich King an actual body.

So, these details are retcons? I think not, but they gave a deeper meaning to everything happened in Warcraft 3 and provided us a fresh insight into the events. Arthas’ fate has been decided in The Shadowlands by Zovaal, isn’t that cool? Or imagine during WOTLK, the one who spoke through The Lich King’s mouth wasn’t actually Arthas, who has been dominated, but Zovaal. Wouldn’t that grant you a new, interesting insight into the events happened back in the day?

So, in my opinion, Sire Denathris is the true mastermind of The Shadowlands expansion and beyond. The potential of the Nathrezim lore is incredible, and we may see Denathrius as a boss in a future patch or an expansion? If I were Blizzard, I would not waste Nathrezim’s potential this expansion. Sylvanas and Zovaal’s story may end at the end of 9.1 or at the least, they would lose their place in the front stage. And Sire Denathrius and his true motivations provide a great potential for the future.

As Malganis said, their plans are surpassing The Legion, Argus and even Shadowlands itself. And at the moment, they are my main interest in the lore to be honest. I have speculated before that Denathrius found what has been done to Zovaal unjust and that’s why he is helping him. But in my opinion, he still values his own agenda than Zovaal’s goals. As Malganis has said, Denathrius was their true master and will always be, not Zovaal.

To sum up, I expect to see more of The Nathrezim and Sire Denathrius in the upcoming expansions. I don’t think we wiil fight against Denathrius during the expansion for the second time, but I can give you a solid boss prediction: The Primus!

the true evıl of the prımus

Howewer will the Sanctum of Domination raid ends, The Primus will be revealed as the next tiers final boss. And we will also learn he was the one who has crafted The Arbiter. During 9.1, where The Eternal Ones explained why Zovaal has been banished, The Winter Queen states The Primus was the one who lead them against Zovaal, as we have speculated before in this channel.

Before getting into the Primus, I need to ask; Why would you banish your brother for only he wished to learn “forbidden” knowledge? Even The Titans did not directly attack Sargeras until he killed Aggramar, one of their own. An unacceptable crime in their ranks of course. But these Eternal Ones banished Zovaal into The Maw only for he sought for knowledge. What precisely was he looking for? May be that forbidden knowledge was about The First Ones from The Void? May be the keys “formed from The Eternal One’s very beings” were actually the keys sealed The Void so The First Ones could not escape?

Turning back on the point, the first option in my mind is like this; We will be defeated at the end of the upcoming raid and Zovaal will take what has been stolen from him, the Seal of The Arbiter and will regain his original looking. After that, he will explain the one who have “architected” this whole new Anima flow: The Primus. But this is where our theory goes a bit crazy;

Zovaal and The Primus were actually twin brothers, considering how they almost look identically similar. After Zovaal regain his true from, The Primus gone wild and by using the domination runes around Zovaal’s body, he will stop playing the good guy and will dominate The Jailer completely. So, in the upcoming patch, The Primus would be the last boss while Zovaal would be the pen-ultimate one, in full control of The Primus. And we will save him through the usual boss beating method.

The other option is, after Zovaal regains his final form, he will be the end boss of the next tier, 9.2. But when we defeat him, or during the end cinematic of the raid, we will learn The Primus was the mastermind of all the actual “evil” of The Shadowlands and we, as always helped the bad guy all along. He was the one who have crafted The Arbiter, now with his mask dropped, he will await us as the final boss at the raid of 9.3.

How about Kyrestia and The Winter Queen? Well, I believe Kyrestia would switch sides and would side with Zovaal this time. Because I believe due to the influence of Devos on her, she tends to be more open-minded, unlike the past. How about The Winter Queen? Well, I believe she would just stay at the backstage and observe everything happening, as she is the sinister one. She would not want to get unnecessary attention. But if she had to, The Primus and The Winter Queen OR The Primus and The Jailer as bosses, would provide an incredible sized ending raid for the expansion. Just like how Antorus was back in Legion, 7.3.

Thank you for reading. If you wish to see this theory in a video format, check out below!

3 thoughts on “Sire Denathrius and The Primus Are Behind Everything!

  1. I still believe your original idea of the EO’s banishing Zovaal still is in play. Zovaal didn’t need to plan how to rescue Denathrius as Sylvanas asked b/c Zovaal knew that Denathrius had his plans to escape all along.

    Plus Denathrius’ lesson to Prince Renathal was one of FREE WILL like you said become in one of your articles. Denathrius could have easily killed him but told him basically that all he needed to do was to go along with the plan of freeing Zovaal and he will be fine. “Death and those who shaped its victory.”

    My big brain prediction is that the Eternal Ones (Winter Queen, Primus, and the Archon) will be the final boss. Heck if you even look at the Eternal Ones from afar POV, you can see that only mortal souls/lesser eternal ones are the ones helping each other covenants, not the EOs. Hence the quote, “Maybe the Winter Queen can…” was suggested by one of the Paragons…not the Archon.

    Keep up the lore-theorycrafting…I love them! 😀

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    1. WoW! Thank you so much for such deep-dive comment. These kind of comments are what I’m striving for.

      Yes, Denathrius said Renethal “You just needed to obey!” But Renethal grown “arrogant” and did not listen. Yes, I too still believe Denathrius is in league with Zovaal, there’s no problem for it. But as we see since back in Warcraft 3, The Nathrezim had always backup/second plans to proceed in background. Denathrius does not hava to betray Zovaal and I don’t think he will. But just like Mal’ganis has stated, their true master have and always been Denathrius.

      For the first raid I agree. Because as I have stated, 7.3 and 8.3 were ENORMOUR raids both in terms of lore and the literal size of the raid. If we get Torghast at the first major patch of the expansion, the final one has to surpass it. So, an ending raid as The Primus final boss coupled with at least one Eternal One with a mindblowing ending cinematic. That would redeem the entire expansion for me. ^^

      And I also looking for to see Nathrezim and Denathrius in the upcoming expansions. ^^


  2. For Zovaal and likewise Denathrius, Time has no meaning when you are eternal, am I right? Plans, goals, movers, and shakers are all what Zovaal had to work with. Denathrius might actually be a good guy. What if his dreadlords kept Shadowlands marginally safe by infiltrating the other planes of the cosmos by keeping things unbalanced to distract them from focusing on the Shadowlands?

    I am of the belief that there is deep and clear evidence of the Eternal Ones are not in lockstep with one another especially the Necrolords. We go back in time to see the void attack Bastion. Maldraxxus was nowhere to be seen. When Bastion was also attacked by the devourers, again Maldraxxus is AWOL. Same with Revendreth, The light attacks…Stonewright and her children had to defend Revendreth. Maldraxxus fails again. Again with Ardenweald, Drust and Devourers are wrecking the forest and Wild Hunt was formed. WH would not need to exist if Maldraxxus was doing their job…or alleged job.

    Enough of my ramblings.

    Thanks for my lore fill, sir. Take care!!

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