An Analysis of the Battle of Ardenweald

First I need to point out two things:

The recent weeks have been a bit busy and I’ve been focused on Youtube for a while. This is why this little analysis came up this late.

Secondly, I haven’t watched a single analysis video for the cinematic in particular yet. To not be influenced by other content creator’s opinions which I respect a lot. If the details I will point out today would be somewhat similar to Taliesin’s opinions, for example, I would rather call it as “ Great minds think alike.”

Let’s dive in!

Come Then. Show Me Elune’s Wrath!”

To be honest, the first details I’ve noticed weren’t even about the lore implications. It was about how Blizzard used constantly changing soundtracks at the first minute or so, to imply the presence of certain themes and characters. It starts with the Maw Theme as a Maw Behemoth emerges from the portal and roars.

Ahem, ahem… and being instantly killed by.. The Night Warrior, resembling the presence of Elune.

Then with an incredible, just an incredible transition it ends up with Sylvanas’ theme since Battle For Azeroth.

Come then. Show me Elune’s “Wrath”

With an incredibly detailed expression, Sylvanas mocks and taunts Elune herself. So, symbolically the presence of the Jailer, Elune, Sylvanas and Tyrande has been brought up together to the fields of Ardenweald.

Sylvanas’ literal disdain against the power of Elune reminds me of one of my older theories about Elune. Back in after she has been “ confirmed” as the Winter Queen’s sister.  One of my speculations was; what if Elune isn’t actually as powerful as we expected? Throughout the cinematic, Sylvanas simply dodges and even chains down Tyrande just like how she did against Saurfang back in BFA. 

The Winter Queen, Eonar AND Elune Are The Three Sisters.

Why has Elune spared Sylvanas? We will get into that later.


Missed me? No? 😦

Remember Sylvanas’ face when she heard Nathanos’ “death”? We all did of course, it was a pretty obvious message using facial expressions. Just like during the entire course of Shadowlands, facial expressions tell a lot. It is clear Sylvanas did not know about Nathanos’ death. Back in the ending of the book, Shadows Rising, Sylvanas simply sent Nathanos back to Azeroth for ” further orders”. As he has failed his task to kill Bwonsamdi. And it seems Sylvanas did not mind him until now.

And it seems, Zovaal did not mind mentioning his death so far as well. Would this create a bit of untrust with your partner if he keeps some secrets? İt probably would. But if you analyze the rest of the cinematic well, after a very brief moment of “ What the hell?” Sylvanas simply regains her focus.

The breadcrumbs of Sylvanas being “ doubtful” about The Jailer and his true motivations have been hinted so far in several cinematics. But I do not agree with this idea. I believe she is so focused on her ultimate goal and actually believed in so much, she did not dwell on little details.

So, I do not think Sylvanas will betray The Jailer, but would Zovaal “betray” her in the upcoming raid ending cinematics? I would not be surprised at all. And we will definitely see about Nathanos Blightcaller at some point during Shadowlands, as it has been recently told by Steve Danuser himself.

It is purposeful that we have yet to see Nathanos in the Shadowlands, and a reference to this plotline will take place in one of the cutscenes that has yet to be seen.

Steve Danuser from a  recent interview.

Do I wish to see a cinematic where Nathanos comes up from literally nowhere, kissing Sylvanas and through the power of love&friendship they team up with us and defeat The Jailer? Please no.

” The Night’s Power Wanes”

And let’s get to the most important moment of the cinematic. Where Tyrande’s power have been “turned off” by Elune for unknown reasons.

My life for hers…

No need for an in-depth explanation of what has transpired here. The only detail I wish to point out before getting into the topic why Tyrande’s power suddenly expires is, did she really try to choke and Undead? No, I believe she rather tried to broke Sylvanas’ neck through brute force, as you see, she wields no weapon there.

Now, let’s get to the fun part. What was the reason for Tyrande’s power suddenly expired? Two options here,

Now, let’s get to the fun part. What was the reason for Tyrande’s power suddenly expired? Two options here,

First, consider it like a computer which, its heat increased up to a point where it had to turn itself off.  The power of The Night Warrior reached a point it would kill its host, Tyrande. As it had been before with each Night Warrior.  For Tyrande it did not matter as she states ; “My life for hers”. But for Elune it did  matter to still having Tyrande as an Avatar. That is why she prevented Tyrande from shutting down.

But something here does not make sense. Throughout the whole cinematic, Elune keeps Tyrande on Turbo Power mode and yet that was not enough to easily defeat Sylvanas who has been getting her power from The Jailer.  Which in my opinion strongly implies the power difference between Zovaal and Elune.

But, how about a second option?

-As me and Aernath have theoryzed before (which was actually our grand theory) Elune is First One trapped inside The Void, thus she is a Void Lord.

Exiled in The Void: The First Ones!

So, despite giving Tyrande immense power to fight her way through Sylvnnas, Elune spared Sylvanas’s life. Because, actually Elune did not have to completely expire Tyarnde’s power. If Sylvanas being dead would truly benefit Elune, all she had to do was to  stabilize Tyrande while giving her enough power to finish  off Sylvanas.

But she did not, because in truth Elune and Zovaal are allies. Or at the least, they are not enemies. Elune is the only First One who has managed to reach the Physical Realm and directly influenced the mortals. So, this is why she still needs  Sylvanas alive.

Sylvanas and Zovaal are to free her and the other First Ones from the Void using Azeroth’s World Soul. So, this may be the reason why Sylvanas mocked Elune’s “ wrath” at the beginning of the cinematic. Because unlike Tyrande, she knew Elune would ultimately let her go away.

Remember my theory back in 2020 where I have speculated The Night Elves have been denying Anima from Shadowlands involuntarily? As they turn into wisps, they always stay in the mortal realm.

The Night Elves Depriving Shadowlands Of Anima

So, Elune witnessed how the  Eternal Ones, except Zovaal, abused Anima to banish them. After Zovaal’s defeat, she rendered at least one race in the entire Warcraft Universe to prevent Anima from The Eternal Ones. The Night Elves, and when Sylvanas burned down Teldrassil, she forcefully sent every Night Elf into The Maw along with the countless Wisps inhabiting the World Tree. This may probably be the reason why The Winter Queen hates Elune.

So, what was the bargain Sylvanas spoke of at the end of the cinematic?

To be honest I have no idea. But I’m sure about one thing. What Sylvanas said was not a reference for N’zoth’s whisper about The Light and its bargain with Death. Because, as I have stated countless times before, Elune is not a Lightspawned entity.

Elune can harness EVERY cosmological power except Fel/Disorder. Throughout the lore, she demonstrated the powers of Life, Light, Void, Death and Order in different ways and under different circumstances. So she is not bound to a single cosmic force, that is why she is a First One. As I have stated months before.

There is so little left until the fateful cinematic ending of Sanctum of Domination. I’m not sure if I will get the chance to post another article about what I expect to see . If I could not find the chance I will throw this one out.

Due to the incredible amount of Void-related items in Korthia and some juicy boss lines from the upcoming raid,  I would not even be surprised if we would see an ending where N’zoth is mentioned.

3 thoughts on “An Analysis of the Battle of Ardenweald

  1. Remember, Queen Azshara was killed by us in the Eternal Palace only to revived and dragged away by N’Zoth…

    I think its pretty interesting that the tints for MYTHIC Sanctum of Domination have a red hue to it…a Revendreth feel. Hopefully that means Sire Denathrius is back in the post ending raid cinematic.

    Going back to your void comments, Its pretty interesting that there is another dimension in korthia…full of void creatures. Possibly a side effect of being in the “In-Between”?

    I don’t know if it is canon or not but the player character still carry the “Gift of N’Zoth”…the eye on your forehead…If it is canon, then N’zoth is also been a passenger to our collective adventures…sounds like Void are going to be a pretty big player in 9.2 or 9.3? 🙂 I wonder if the EOs would actually team up with the Jailer to beat back a Void invasion…much like alliance/Horde does all the time when we are kicking each other in the teeth…lol



    1. Yes of course. If a character does not have to actually die, Blizzard always finds a way to keep that character “alive”. As Taliesin has stated before, dying inside the Shadowlands may not actually work as we expect. Or, in my guess, if she HAD TO die, all would happen actually she will be released from her mortal shell and become a Banshee completely.

      Oh, Mythic only phase and red coloured hints? I haven’t heard about those rumors, can you share a source? Interesting.

      For the Void thing, its about our grand theory back in this march. Which we claimed that the Void Lords were actually The First Ones, you better check out the article itself to have a better undestanding. So, the absurd amount of void related items in Korthia, coupled with interesting lines (involving cycles, a door opening and rings).

      In terms o N’zoth’s gift, it has been neither confirmed nor denied that the actual gift itself has been removed. So, can we take it we still carry the gift? I think so. And I guess you know that I still believe was a vision created by N’zoth to toy us. That is why I still believe in that Black Empire expansion at 10.0. And as we have covered here before a numreous times, N’zoth knew A LOT about The Shadowlands and warned us a couple of times. To be honest I would not even be surprised if N’zoth or the Old Gods will somehow be involved in the upcoming cinematic or at the least a mention about The Void.

      For 9.2, I believe in… The Primus as the next raid ending boss! Yes!

      Really excited for the upcoming lore. Glad to see you too aswell.


      1. I don’t have a source on the mythic only loot.

        But you have to be somewhat intrigued by the red hue of the loot and the last raid being Castle Nathria where everything was red…

        I can’t wait to see your next article on the Sylvanas raid cinematic…take care, sir. 🙂 I have watched it and the lore implications are vast!

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