The Unseen Guests: The Latest And the Best Chapter of the Shadowlands Storyline So Far.

Well, what a week! In terms of lore of course! The recent chapter of Shadowlands was about the Nathrezim and their incredible influence on everything. The lore of it has been shadowed by some other, really serious news of course, but we are here to talk about the lore of the game.

I just love The Accuser.

The chapter in question “ The Unseen Guests” has not been opened during PTR testing. All we knew was some leaked details, such as the fact that the Nathrezim escaped with Remornia in hand. But there are other details in the questline that can give you loregasms. Smaller details of course, compared to the fact that Sire Denathrius has escaped. But they are just worth noting.

The “Dreadlords” And Their Influence Upon Shadowlands

The Nathrezim have a lot of names, the most common one is “ The Dreadlords”. But their original name in Revendreth (as Renathal stated) was The Unseen Guests. In fact, I think we can relate the two titles with each other. They are unseen, they can be anywhere and anybody you spoke with. So they bring dread wherever they roam. We begin the questline where we were to speak with Lady Vashj, only to find out she asks us to help stop The Primus! After seconds, the original Lady Vashj destroys the impostor, an Unseen Guest.

This was just an example of how dangerous they are. They are the cunning ones Il’gynoth spoke of. One dreadlord was able to enter our camp in Korthia and disguised himself as Lady Vashj. This is why the moment we tell what happened to The Primus, he felt literally “dread”.

What ancient knowledge?

They were also among The Attendants, it was during the first week of Chains of Domination. The attendant we helped to find Fatescribe Roh-Kalo was actually a Dreadlord, classified as a Demon.  So, they are among the attendants as well. You should keep an eye on Tal-Galan, the attendant who gives our weekly Korthia quests for a month now.

These were just a few examples of how dangerous they are in truth. Later in the questline of The Unseen Guests, you would find out that even some NPC’s in Sinfall,  the Covenant sanctum of Revendreth,were actually The Unseen Guests. From one of the Raid Weapon Vendors to the Hearthstone guy, they were, -or actually ARE– everywhere. They are the fear, the dread and the untrust you feel towards your allies.

Countless ages ago, just after the first venthyr were sired, Denathrius unveiled another creation. The Nathrezim.

Forged to be the ultimate infiltrators, they bore the influence of Death into the realms of our rivals… as well as the worlds of the living.

Despite their subtlety, one of these incursions were discovered.

Prince Renathal

So, it seems the entire high society of Revendreth knew about the presence of The Nathrezim. But they did not put up a finger to stop them until their own ass  burned  literally due to the work of The Unseen Guests. They only banished them from The Shadowlands after The Light razed an entire section of Revendreth. Thus, I believe they are as guilty as Denathrius on the subject of the Nathrezim.

The Nathrezim have Demon Origins? And Some References to Illidan.

We spot hidden Nathrezim by using the same technique with the Demon Hunters.

After the revelation of The Nathrezim’s origins actually comes from Death, I thought they would be classified as Humanoids. But with this chapter, now I’m sure that was not the case at all. Every Nathrezim we fought against has been classified as Demon. Moreover, we spot hidden Nathrezim among our ranks by using the device Lady Vashj gave us. She said she learned how to hunt The Dreadlords from a certain Demon Hunter – Illidan!- during her lifetime. So we did spot the Nathrezim by using the same technique with the Demon Hunters. So, two options here.

First, after the banishment of Nathrezim, Sire Denathrius chose the planet Nathreza, which was located in Twisting Nether, as a homeworld for his children. So, even if they were a different class of being when they were first created, their entire race has evolved into demons in time. Which actually makes sense. But, something doesn’t line up here.

The Ashbringer Comics, back in 2009.

Throughout the questline, every Nathrezim we fought against -especially Mal’ganis- clearly stated that some of them were actually never left The Shadowlands at all. Yet, all of them have been classified as demonsSo, the Nathrezim lore is so perfect that even the fact they are actually demons was not retconned at all. Could Denathrius be able to create demons by himself? I would not find that surprising.

To sum up, I think this questline was the best piece of lore of Shadowlands so far. These were just my first impressions. I love The Nathrezim lore and I actually expect to see them -and heard about Denathrius- in the upcoming expansions as well.

Now, it is time to see the biggest revelation of 9.1, the highly-anticipated  Elune cinematic is on its way!

15 thoughts on “The Unseen Guests: The Latest And the Best Chapter of the Shadowlands Storyline So Far.

  1. Have you seen the Taliesin and Evitel video about the new cosmology map? I guess talie did a 3d rending of the map and it perfectly lines up with what he said. The reason the two maps are different is point of view.

    Going back to your other lore articles, It would make sense that Denathrius can make demons and what not if he was the original jailer of the maw to torment evil souls to atone for their bad deeds. Really harkens back to the allegory that the maw is WoW’s Hell while Bastion seems to be WoW’s Heaven. Then again, Venthyr aren’t that much separated from the demon category when its a pretty dark and evil place such as revendreth.

    I did find it interesting that the Stonewright literally called out Primus as a tyrant.

    But then again, Why is literally no one asking the simple question as why didn’t Maldraxxus heed the call for Revendreth’s help when the Light attacked?

    Lore question to you (somewhat related) – We know there are seven medallions in Revendreth, What if secretly Renethal wants what Denathrius had: Complete power over the realm? Most upstarts turn into the thing they defeated. The expression is: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Is this what the everliving statuette was talking about when it says, “The seventh covets what the six hold fast. The fulcrum wavers. All will be undone.”?

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    1. Hi! Really sorry for the late reply! It was raid night!

      I did not get the chance to watch it yet. But I’m glad he confirmed me somewhow. The maps are just from different angles and I think thats fine. Provides us a greater insight on the Cosmology Map. May be in the future there wlll be a Light-based one where The Naaru at the center of everything and the other forces are just barely visible?

      In terms of the role of Maw and Revendreth. In our theory, Maw WAS the capital of Shadowlands while Revendreth was the actual place where the most evil souls went. But not for eternity of torment, instead -just like now- for atonement. To make them useful in the afterlife once more.

      I actually do not believe The Venhtyr is evil, actually they are even more noble than The Kyrians? Why? Because their job is actually the hardest. Their aim is actually not to send the souls to The Maw. They are not to destroy, but to educate the souls went there. Consider them as teachers,, such as The Accuser. I think their job is one of the hardest jobs inside The Shadowlands.

      Yes, how Stonewright called Primus was interesting, as I said before. I would rather trust The Old Gods than The Primus. b

      The question for why Maldraxxus did not rise up to defend is interesting but atm I have no answer. May be when The Ligh attacked to Revendreth, the word for Denathrius’ own Nathrezim were responsible for it, so nobody helped?

      For the question, an interesting theory. If Renethal do not have something like that in mind atm, he may have in time. Because actually that Helm has some kind of Domination power. And we also learned that Denathrius wanted to keep Renethal alive, for what purpose? ^^

      For the last whisper, I tthink that little guy may actually referring to the Domination Magic. In my opinion the seventh but the forbidden cosmological power in the Universe. The magic of The First Ones that mortals should never heard of. İts forbidden so it “hates” the other cosmological forces, and it is the most dangeours and powerful one.


  2. Oh, now i get what you mean with the Maw. Hmm that is very interesting…that would explain why all souls go to the maw if it was not for Oribos. Then might I ask what you think the purpose of the Eternal City is?

    I get your Venthyr line of thinking…I just don’t trust Renethal.

    Denathrius wanted to teach Renethal a lesson…I really hope that Zovaal just wants to reset the Shadowlands to how it was before where the EOs followed Zovaal b/c he was the wisest and oldest among them. “All you had to do was obey…” Is what Mal’Ganis says.

    To quote from the cinematic, Denathrius says this “Now this paves the path for the Banished One to reclaim what was his AND once his liberation is secured…” So he has claimed what was his…the orb in the Arbiter constructs chest. But I think we can say that he is still not free of the Maw…right?

    To continue on, “the only power that will emerge from this torrent of change is death. Death and all those who helped shaped its victory.” I really wish I knew what this meant if this was on a macro (cosmic level) or micro (Shadowlands level). And I wonder if this will give way to opportunity for Renethal to betray us as I can see that Denathrius views himself as a father figure of Renethal.

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    1. To fill out the last part a little more,

      What if Death is not in control of the realm of death but Order? And thats what Denathrius is talking about with death is the only power who will emerge victorious?

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    2. Yes, that emphasize for “you just need to obey” was interesting. Interestingly enough, the “divine” characters of Shadowlands are actually just like us, the mortals. Persistent, stubborn and most of thems vision are narrowed. I think Denathirus’ own scheme is even exceeding Zovaal, but I can’t figure it out yet.

      Zovaal is free from The Maw at last. Because when he completed the 5 Sigils, he both regained his power and finally broke free of his chains. And opened the path for.. The Old Gods in my opinion. 🙂

      I guess Denathrius meant it in a Cosmological level and I believe that is Zovaal’s true purpose. What Sylvanas led to believe was a distraction.

      Also again, I’m really excite about Yogg-Saron. May be another artifcle soon. After the recent cinematic.

      You can check my first expressions on my Twitter and Facebook. Lemme know what you think. ^^


  3. What if Renethal himself is a dreadlord, but he and the other dreadlords just don’t know it. Perhaps Renethal’s memory of it was wiped out similar fashion to The Runecarver / Primus.

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      1. Yes its tinfoil. .b

        I don’t think thats possible. But I’m sure we will yet to see a lot, A LOT of The Nathrezim uncovered soon. ^^

        May be some of them are inside Alliance and Horde? 🙂


  4. I know you are probably working on the next post about this but here is my new question: Do you still think Elune, Winter Queen, and Eonar are the three sisters of the sisterhood? I look forward to your next post. 😀


    1. Finally a question about the cinematic!

      To be honest I did not start working on it yet, has focused this weeks grind in WoW. But ı will be analyzing it soon and I liked it to be honest.

      Yes, I still believe in that. I have posted my first impressions about it on Facebook, you better check it out and lemme know what you think!

      But, you know me and my friend Aernath have a conspiracy theory about First Ones being Void Lords and there were incredible hints about it in The Shadowlands so far. We believe Elune is still a First One, pretending being an Eternal One/Titan like being to manipulate them. By making Tyrande “cry” after everything happened, she created another Tear of Elune inside Ardenweald.

      Remember what happened to the latest Tear of Elune inside Azeroth? Has been corrupted by The Nightmare and had the direct influence of Yogg-Saron on it.

      And now, The Winter Queen placed the new Tear of Elune inside Heart of The Forest, you know, Yogg-Saron pretty much loves Tears of Elune. 🙂

      Thats all for now. ^^ Expect some Yoggy I say.


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