“By Our Hand” Cinematic Analysis. A Deep Dive.

We finally get our fateful Elune cinematic. Was it how I expected? Yes. Was it how I hoped? I’m not sure. Before going into analysis- we have a lot to talk about today- I would like to say I have guessed the way they presented Elune to us in the cinematic.

I wish we could see Elune in her full glory, but they used Tyrande to keep Elune’s true form a secret. At the least we heard Elune’s voice for the first time in the history of Warcraft lore. And her voice was as beautiful as I had expected. Before we dive into the speculation part, I want to say my expectation about Elune.

Have to admire Tyrande’s beauty here.

I think (and hope) she will be more active in the story after this point, and at the end of the expansion we may even see her true form. Remember Legion? We heard Sargeras’ voice for the first time in history (excluding the very brief moment we heard him back in the Wrathgate event, which actually have been removed from the game at this point) and at the end of the expansion we finally had the honour to see him.

The ending of Antorus cinematic is still my favourite WoW cinematic of all time, and the sole reason for this is that we finally saw Sargeras after almost 20 years. So, I expect we will see Elune in a similar fashion at the end of this expansion, which may end up connecting the end of Shadowlands into the next -supposedly Black Empire– expansion.

I also really liked the cinematic itself. They have finally used a piece of music beyond the overused Nightsong, the unique theme they used in the cinematic was awesome. I have also liked how the two (especially The Winter Queen) have been presented. The Winter Queen does not hate her sister but she was just… disappointed. We will delve into the details about it later.

Now, today I have two grand theories about Elune. The first one is my own and actually a confirmation of one of my older theories about what Elune actually is.

  • Elune is the third sister in the sisterhood, a vassal between Life and Death.
  • Why Elune is a Void Lord and what is her long endgame is about.

Elune is the third sister in the sisterhood, a vassal between Life and Death.

Now, at this point I can confirm my theory about Elune is not actually Eonar but the third sister in the sisterhood. One for Autumn, The Winter Queen in the Pantheon of Death, the other for Spring, Eonar in the Pantheon of Order and one for Summer? The Summer Queen, Elune? Supposedly in the Pantheon of Life just have been hinted as both in The Grimoire of The Shadowlands and by The Primus as well?

This makes sense of course. One sister in the realms of Life and one in the realms of Death, providing the ultimate balance.


But how about another option? Elune is in a different dimension, yes it makes sense she is the part of The Pantheon of Life but she is more associated with Death and Life. And as I’ve said countless times before, she was the supposed creator of X’era, The Prime Naaru.

So, maybe she is in some kind of limbo?  Where she takes the souls she deemed as “the children of the stars” and carries them onto Shadowlands? A literal vassal of life, her duty was to care and carry the souls of the dead in her care onto the afterlife.  

Well, if you remember the passage from the recent lore book Grimoire of The Shadowlands, my theory about The Wisps and The Night Elves having a special kind of duty in the machine of death has been somewhat confirmed.

But at the moment, I don’t think they are deemed to The Maw as they deny Anima from The Shadowlands. They are meant for Ardenweald, and Elune tries to keep as much Wisp as possible in the physical realm to deny Anima from the Shadowlands.

As ı’ve said before, do not trust the Wisp. They are not the benevolent beings you thought of.

Winter Queen states that Elune abandoned them, so Elune’s abandonment was one of the reasons why the drought began in the first place? Shouldn’t that be completely related to Zovaal though?  What if I tell you Elune is Zovaal’s boss? This theory comes from one of my friends on Twitter, check the thread out!

How about the matter of Teldrassil?

If Elune is just a vassal of life, I get why she doesn’t know (or in my opinion CARE) what happened in Teldrassil. The elves being burned in The World Tree? Who cares, I get my souls into my and I’m to “sustain” my sister in The Shadowlands.  What about the “Vengaence” or “Renewal” of Tyrande?

That was just a choice of illusion for Tyrande. Elune had already made the decision on her behalf, renewal. Remember what Tyrande said during her battle with Sylvanas at the beginning of the patch?

Elune just gave her power to Tyrande, the wrath was Tyrande’s alone. That is why Elune did not let Tyrande defeat Sylvanas and pulled her powers back. Because she and Zovaal are not enemies as I have said before. And she would still need Tyrande. Now we see why she needed Tyrande, to create a new Tear of Elune!

You remember Elune gave Tyrande her fury and hate to get her “vengeance” right? But that was not Elune’s true intent. Her intent was to push Tyrande to such a point to make “her cry” so she can create another Tear of Elune inside Ardenweald just like she did after pulling Ysera into the moon.

What was the Tear of Elune lead to? Well, let’s take a look back at Ysera for one last time.

The first Tears of Elune has been corrupted by The Nightmare and also corrupted Ysera. Then Elune took her and SENT HER DIRECTLY into The Shadowlands. Led to the breaking of The Arbiter.

Yes, I’m not sure if I said this before but when we saw how The Arbiter broke back in the beginning of the expansion, I screamed “ YOGG-SARON!”  

When Elune directly sent Ysera to Ardenweald (which still had the taint of The Nightmare on her seed) the plans of Yogg-Saron gave its first fruits. A bolt of Emerald Nightmare broke The Arbiter.

We will talk about Yogg-Saron and his possible grand scheme in another post but all I want to say about it is this;

Now another Tear of Elune is in Ardenweald. The Winter Queen literally put it into the Heart of The Forest, another tree to corrupt.

Elune is a Void Lord and Her Long Endgame

This one comes from my friend Aernath and it’s about our conspiracy theory about First Ones being Void Lords.  We believe Elune is still a First One, pretending being an Eternal One/Titan like being to manipulate them all.

You better check this out first if you do not know about the theory.

By making Tyrande ``cry” after everything happened, she created another Tear of Elune inside Ardenweald. Now, let’s give you a detailed explanation, it will be really long.

The New Tear of Elune

First of all, let’s start with saying this:

Don’t trust Elune!

We have our reasons.

And to see from our perspective, to see the subtleties and breadcrumbs together let’s quickly re-analyze the latest cinematic “By Our Hand” and what happened around it together.

We start by the Winter Queen’s reproach to her “Sister”, Elune but the key point here is, Winter Queen says she asked Elune for aid, yet it was unheard and unanswered.

So, it’s not just Sira and other converted Night Elves who felt that way, even the Winter Queen herself thinks the same.

Besides, we now know Elune is a being who can be asked for help like this and that rules out the “Useless God/Goddess” theory too. She IS powerful and probably not equal like a “Sister” compared to Winter Queen. This clearly implies Elune may be a lot more powerful than we know and probably not an equal mirror of the Winter Queen like Primus implies.

Let’s continue with Elune’s response to the Winter Queen’s reproach, because this part is very important.

Elune replies by saying she heard the cries and felt the pain and…

In the wake of tragedy” (clearly implying the Burning of Teldrassil) she says, she “sent forth the cascade of souls to sustain you.”


This is like a passive confession on Elune’s part. Why? Because this means despite naming the event a “tragedy”, Elune knew about what was (or would be) happening and she did nothing to help or prevent that.

Even more, she used this to “help” the Winter Queen and Ardenweald by sending the souls of the Night Elves who burned at Teldrassil to Winter Queen as Anima, to help “sustain” her.

Problem is, we all know Night Elves had a method of keeping their souls in Azeroth and would not go to Shadowlands if Elune had not interfered. They would turn to Wisps.

What’s more ironic is, probably this method has been told/gifted to Night Elves by Elune herself in the first place!

So, the next part becomes even more shady if we look at it like this:

Elune clearly knew about the plan to burn Teldrassil and she knew there would be a “cascade” of souls hence Anima because of this event.

This detail implies that Elune may have known about Zovaal’s plans all along and maybe even worked with him, or maybe… Zovaal was doing her bidding?

Because later, when she learns this cascade of Night Elf souls went to Maw instead, Elune says: “Then I have condemned my favored children.”

Focus here, she does not say “failed” but condemned” and this choice of word is quite important here.

Because, she talks about an Azerothian race as her “favored children”, but we know the Night Elves are not the only mortal race who saw Elune as a deity, she is known throughout all physical realms, we know this because of the other Night Warriors who have invoked Elune’s dark power before Tyrande did.

So, however Elune favors them becomes quite questionable considering how not favored and yet not helped or protected they were.

Instead, it looks a lot more like they were bred to be sacrificed later when the need occurs and this need does not seem like Ardenweald’s drought but Zovaal’s rise to power because, as we have said, if Elune had heard and known, then she either did nothing or she just let this happen.

Let’s continue…

Because the next part looks good at first but when you focus on it, it becomes even more shady.

At this part, Winter Queen accepts all these, Elune is surprised and now sad that she had condemned the Night Elves, so what to do? But guide these souls unto their spring?

Let’s start with Tyrande, right? Yes, because she has invoked Elune and now apparently has the choice of vengeance or renewal.

Which is quite interesting, because we know Tyrande had made this choice, several times even. She even clearly cried to Elune “My life for hers” when attacking Sylvanas in the Battle of Ardenweald, yet we all clearly remember what happened there, right?

Elune denied Tyrande’s wish and took away her powers, that’s why she could not succeed her vengeance in the first place.

So, we can say this choice that has been given to Tyrande is not a real choice, but more like an illusion of choice. She is forced to choose a renewal. And what does this lead to?

The creation of a new “Tear of Elune”.

So, Elune did not let Tyrande to be consumed by Night Warrior powers and die like all the other Night Warriors before her, because at the end Elune needed Tyrande not because she loved her favored child or anything, but to be a vassal for her to create a new Tear of Elune.

At this point, let’s all remember what really was the “Tear of Elune”?

Players who have played through Legion’s story will remember, it was introduced to us as a “Pillar of Creation”, as “Tears of Elune”, an item bestowed by Pantheon to Titanic Keepers and it was said it embodies the dream of what Azeroth could be.

Interestingly, the only pillar without a name or power related with a Titan, a quick list of the Pillars of Creation:

Aegis of Aggramar

Tidestone of Golganneth

Eye of Aman’thul

Hammer of Khaz’goroth

And this one, Tears of Elune.

As you see, the first four pillars are named and empowered by the Titans yet this one isn’t. You can say “It’s related with Eonar” but Norgannon does not have a pillar either, so it’s not necessarily or indirectly linked with Eonar in any way besides our wishful thinking and false pattern recognition.

Now, let’s continue to remember: 

What has Tears of Elune used for and caused?

After it was stolen by Xavius, an old Night Elf, then a Satyr and the Nightmare Lord, it was easily corrupted and then used to convert Ysera, the Green Dragon Aspect, the protector of Emerald Dream.

It has caused Ysera to be killed with our hand and even though it was purified; apparently by Elune herself lead to the creation of Emerald Nightmare and re-opening of Rift of Aln inside the Nightmare.

Tears of Elune got purified and cleansed, yes, but only after it was used and completed its dark purpose in Xavius’s hands. Again, Elune did not interfere or prevent what happened to Ysera, another one of her favored children.

This part is extremely important.

Now, let’s track back, some of you may remember what happened after we killed Xavius in the Rift of Aln and cleansed the Emerald Dream of its nightmare, right?

We have seen a vision of Ysera, pointing us into a cave there, where a Void flower still remains. It was like she was trying to warn us against something: Despite all our efforts, all the cleansing, Void was seeded in the Emerald Dream.

It was too late.

And this is the clear link of Elune with the Void. 

The Rift of Aln is still open, Emerald Dream is still a gateway. We know this, because when Xal’atath sees the Remnant of the Void, the Void Flower in the cave, she says:

“Almost completely gone, as if it never existed. But the rift is deep and vast and somwehere down there it stirs. Something has changed, the last prison weakens. We must prepare.”

We all assumed this “Last Prison” was N’Zoth’s then, right? What if she meant Zovaal’s?

What if Elune knew this all along and helped to pave this path that we are in now? 

What if Burning of Teldrassil and Tyrande becoming a Night Warrior was like a “two birds with one stone” for Elune? 

What if Elune bred and prepared Night Elves, taught them to avoid becoming Anima for Shadowlands by teaching them the Wisp method so she can later use them when needed to unlock Zovaal from the “Last Prison”?

What if this new Tear of Elune was created especially to create a new link to the Death side of Emerald Dream?

What if this was the plan all along? To let Zovaal, once the original Arbiter of Souls free, so he can go for the soul of the world that held the key to open the way to the Void into the physical realm?

Right when we used the first Waystone in the Maw, Zovaal was surprised by a relic of the First Ones responding to us, a mortal from Azeroth. 

Then when he realized, he said Death was coming for the soul of our world.

And even right at the start, he clearly said:

All that you see—all that you know—will be undone!”

This was the plan all along.

What if, as we have said before:

Zovaal was working for Elune? What if Elune is not a Life counterpart of Winter Queen but a lot more?

Clearly, Elune has a lot more influence over cosmic powers and beings. Elune may have deceived Winter Queen and other Eternal Ones like Primus that she is from the Life side of the cycle, but obviously this is not the case. 

Because we know Elune is the creator of the Naaru, beings of Light at first glance, which also ironically seem like cocoons of Void Gods, because every occasion we see a Naaru either drained of its Light to be turned to a powerful being of the Void. We also know these beings of Light are not all good, they can be quite aggressive. One may even think they try to get rid of their Light as soon as possible so they can turn to our true selves.

Maybe Naaru was just another attempt by Elune to create a method for Void to infiltrate the physical realm?

And yes, behind the first good deity image, Elune is clearly linked with Void, does very shady things, gives out terrible powers that causes uncontrollable carnage and teaches questionable methods that prevent and disrupt the flow of Anima and Life-Death cycle.

What if, as we have claimed in our theory, this was all because there is a bigger plan?

What if, Elune “was” a First One and really was a good deity in the first place?

But after being imprisoned in the Void she became this dark being?

What if she tried to break free and return to reality at first, but now she is full of vengeance and manipulates whatever or whoever she can influence to undo this reality so she and the other First Ones won’t be treated this way again?

What if Elune is not a “Summer Queen” but an old First One who got corrupted in the Void and became a Void Lord like the other First Ones?

What if she is directing or manipulating Zovaal, their original Arbiter to break the Void Lords free? 

…From the “Last Prison”?

5 thoughts on ““By Our Hand” Cinematic Analysis. A Deep Dive.

  1. On one hand, I hope we don’t solve the mystery of the first ones for a half a dozen expansions…let them be the “man behind the curtain” so to speak like Sargeras was for all of Warcraft until recently.

    In the game, we definitely need a new big baddie that moves the story along but not defeated.

    I really like the idea of the emerald dream. I really like the idea that Sylvanas before she passes out that the end of her statement was: “Cannot let him reach the Dream”…not sunwell like alot of people have been saying as a homage to earlier warcraft. Clear parallels, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree with you for the first paragraph. But Elune has been a thing for 20 years, so her time has come.

      The “bad guy” you wish can very well be Sire Denathrius. ^^

      Hmm, Zovaal wants to reach The Dream? From there directly into Azeroth’s World Soul may be?


  2. I’m pretty sure the soul that knocked out the Arbiter was a spark of Azeroth’s soul (arguably more powerful than Ysera’s soul) the instant Sargeras stabs the planet before being claimed by the pantheon.

    Just take a look at the sword of Sargeras and the wound left behind: The sword is surrounded by a blood-red aura and the same aura emanates from the ground around the blade.

    And after seeing the cinematic where Anduin stabs the Archon, I started to think that Sargeras was never actually corrupted, but dominated: Antorus ending cinematic, check the Domination Rune on Sargeras Pauldrons, the chain that hang from them and the skull on the belt)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I checked them and I was thrilled. That was an awesome observation!

      I don’t think Sargeras was “dominated” by Zovaal but if you check out my previous posts a bit, you would see I have been saying for almost a year that Zovaal and The Legion (so Sargeras) have been working together and familiar with each other. So, ıts really interesting to realize the runes on his armor.

      I have something to add what you said, what if the red energy Sargeras stabbed into Azerotth was not Argus’ soul or that bulshit, but Anima? Anima taken from the Shadowlands, stabbed directly into Azeroth’s World Soul?


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