“What Lies Ahead” For Shadowlands? A Late Discussion.

Well, I was on the road for a two weeks vacation just a day after the story of Chains of Domination  concluded. I have done 3 separate analysiz on my social media accounts and now it’s time to bring them all here. So, I’m excited for the future of Shadowlands after the huge lore implications in What Lies Ahead, let’s go!

Zovaal Being the Original Arbiter of Souls Confirmed

First, I have to yell out “I called it!” as loud as possible. Back in December 2020, I theorized Zovaal may as well be The OG Arbiter, before it became a mainstream theory. So yes, I’m one of the content creators who have speculated this at the earliest date. You can find my articular in particular below:

The Primus finally “revealed” what Zovaal had done to be banished but.. something still doesn’t line up.

The thing is, we still don’t know what Zovaal did EXACTLY so he has been banished into The Maw. Guys, hell! The Titan Pantheon did not directly attack  Sargeras until he murdered Aggramar before them.

You guys banished Zovaal to Maw to be forevermore its Jailer, for only he sought “forbidden knowledge”? And The Primus still accuses Zovaal for becoming even more malevolent during the time he spent in The Maw. Dude, if I were being thrown into The Maw for only I have sought knowledge, ı would not feel regret, but a desire for revenge.

I mean, why don’t you simply explain what Zovaal exactly did to be banished, maybe if we learn the truth, his banishment into The Maw would not be justified at all? The devil is in Primus’ explanation about  the robot, The Arbiter.

.”An Arbiter would be dispassionate and just

Well, so you banished him into The Maw because maybe, he denied you the Anima you sought for? He took the will of the souls that came before him into account and diverse souls into realms unlike your liking?

Also, The Primus as well mentioned Azeroth and Death is coming to claim it. Actually, the line he used was:

Death comes for the soul of your world mortal

The exact same sentence with what Zovaal said at the beginning of the expansion:

It seems everyone in Shadowlands knows about Azeroth, is this because its the key to free The First Ones may be? From where? From The Void!

What Lies Ahead? Zereth Mortis,The Realm Of The Void

Let’s continue with probably the biggest reveal of  Chains of Domination so far, the realm of The First Ones, the realm of the gods: Zereth Mortis. We have discussed the meaning of these words with my friend  Aernath and he found out a meaning for the word “Zereth ” from The Bible.

“In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Zereth is: Perplexity.”

The inability to deal with or understand something, that’s what Zereth -as a noun- is supposed to mean I guess. And “Mortis” is pretty much related to Death.

So, the realm of The First Ones, the realm of Death which we are not supposed to enter? Or…

A realm which has a direct connection into The Void, which is why in the first place we are not supposed to understand anything about it. Void, in itself, is incomprehensible  by its nature.

And The Sepulcher of the First Ones is in that realm as well.

So, what if the knowledge or the key Zovaal was not supposed to reach is the key to open the gateway of The Void. Which -in fact- The First Ones have been trapped in and can’t escape?

The Sepulcher is not to be discussed.” Tal-Galan once said.


Sire and his Grand Plan

Let’s finalize our analysis for the final chapter of Chains Of Domination with my favourite  topic of Shadowlands. Sİre Denathrius and his Nathrezim!

So, we find a book that mysteriously appeared right before us and boom! It was our old boy Mal’ganis!

He threatens us for our betrayal to his trust. But he says “there are more important matters that demand his attention.” Oh my!

İmagine, Zovaal is on his way into the realm of The First Ones to unmake reality, and yet neither Sire Denathrius nor The Nathrezim doesn’t care.

Some options here;

-First, Denathrius and Zovaal are still working together to free The First Ones from The Void. So, while Zovaal will deal with the matters of Zereth Moris, Denathrius and Nathrezim would deal with their part, simultaneously.

-Second option is why The Nathrezim doesnt give a damn about Zovaal is because they dont believe he would ever succeed in his crusade. May be they are like

Oh, that idiot? Leave him be, he won’t succeed anyways, his arrogance blinds him

The third option why Denathrius -seemingly- doesn’t give a damn about Zovaal and his threats is because Denathrius’ ultimate goal dwarfs even Zovaal’s plans.

What are those plans? Well who knows but, at the moment Sylvanas, Zovaal and Denathrius’s goals are -seemingly- drastically different.

Denathrius’ ultimate goal as he stated before, to make the Cosmological Force he belongs -Death- the ultimate victor against every other force in the universe.

4 thoughts on ““What Lies Ahead” For Shadowlands? A Late Discussion.

  1. So…I think Zovaal and Denathrius are completely in league with one another. Zovaal didn’t need to worry about Denathrius after Castle Nathria b/c he know that Daddy D already had an escape plan for that outcome to ever happened: He got dethroned. Zovaal kept Sylvanas in the dark for unknown reasons.

    I just thought about this theory: What if Zovaal needed Sylvanas to fail his final loyalty test to pass his test? Zovaal needs allies who aren’t sycophants but those who believe in the endgame. She may not have “served” Zovaal but certainly “followed” his word to a T. Semantics, I suppose. For Zovaal, to all of the sudden and out of nowhere, he went full on tyrant mode to test her. Her eyes were made to see what she might be a part of and she refused. And as a reward for passing his final test, Zovaal gave the rest of her soul back to her.

    Zovaal knows we won’t kill her for she might have valuable knowledge about him. Zovaal may even save her later as we finally get more background info on Zovaal that will paint the other Eternal Ones in a not so good light.

    9.2 is going to intriguing….hopefully it comes much sooner than 9.1.


    1. I won’t be surprised should it turn out like this. The entire cinematic could be just a piece of theater play to fool us. Now, Zovaal went on his way while we took Sylvanas among us, a spy no one would notice. ^^


    2. Also, how would you reply if I told you that in 9.3, we are to return Azeroth? Wıth a final raid against Zovaal or…who knows someone else?

      I expect Azerotth’s World Soul to wake up at the end of the expansion, I would not be surprised an it would fit with the “WoW 2.0” idea.

      But I’m not ure if Azeroth’s World Soul wake up as a “benevolent” Titan World Soul or… corrupted by The Nightmare? .b


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