Whispers of Xal’atath Back in Legion. We Need To Take a Look At Them.

Since Legion, it was clear that Blizzard has been building up something big as the Warcraft Chronicles Volume 1 and Legion published in the same year. Il’gynoth’s whispers were the first bits of bread crumbs about the future back in the Emerald Nightmare raid during 7.0. Even today we are looking back at the whispers of Ilgynoth and N’zoth back in Legion and BFA to understand what is happening and what would happen in the future of Shadowlands and beyond.

But today, we will focus on the whispers of Xal’atath from Legion which, actually, weren’t highlighted enough in my opinion. The more I listen to her whispers, the more I can make sense of the current story and be amazed by the breadcrumbs they put years ago. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

The Breadcrumbs for Shadowlands and The Connection Between Void and Death

Loken did find work turning her. But in truth, Odyn’s arrogance takes most of the credit.

Xal’atath was right there, The disgusting arrogance of Odyn was the turning point of Helya’s betrayal but Loken was the actual character who manipulated her onto the path of betrayal. Who, by that time, was under complete control of none other than… Yogg-Saron!

Yogg-Saron manipulated Loken to break the Forge Of Wills so every race The Titans have created were turned into beings of flesh. And, by Yogg-Saron’s will, Helya had been led into the path of Death and ultimately created a sub-realm called Helheim of her own which had a direct connection with Shadowlands.

The spawn of the Titans infest this area. Despite our “gift” of the flesh, they still worship those false gods

You see, from the perspective of The Old Gods, The “Curse” Of Flesh was actually a gift, it “weakened” us in terms of physical power, that is true. But Yogg-Saron gave the Titan-originated races two gifts in particular: free will and the right to die. So they would go into the Shadowlands and will not deny Anima from the Machine of Death as Titans’ had intended.

Helya and her cult are strong here. So close to the truth, yet so far.

So, we can be sure that Helheim was actually a sub-realm with a direct connection with The Maw and so the Shadowlands. Most of the time, Xal mentioned a “truth” that would drive us mad if we learned about it. Just like how Fatescribe Roh-Kalo went mad after he witnessed the truth and all was revealed before him. It would seem that the truth is connected with Death and Shadowlands. Because again, Helya and her Kvaldir were so close to Shadowlands in Helheim.

Odyn was a great enemy… until his own arrogance proved his undoing. You should ask him if he’s considered Loken’s final words to him. Go ahead

Well, in regards to this whisper it gets really interesting. Loken’s final words when we killed him were:

My death heralds the end of this world.”

We actually know what this means. When Loken died, Algalon was alerted and convinced that Azeroth should be re-originated and well… you know the rest of the story. But we don’t know What were the final words of Loken to Odyn?  My friend Aernath asked it to Steve Danuser himself on Twitter but we doubt if he would answer. No matter what, I think Loken’s final words would reveal lots of in-depth knowledge about Odyn, Helya and well… Yogg-Saron.

The Warnings About the Cosmic-Scaled War, The Naaru and “The Truth”

Do the naaru speak of the eternal conflict? That the entire history of your world is but a fraction of the time that has passed? Of those that came before the Draenei? No? :)”

First, I loved the mocking tone in Xal’atath’s words in this whisper. It feels like, she knows the truth, The Naaru knows the truth, every single Cosmological Force knows about it except us, the mortals. We are not allowed to learn about it, for two possible reasons;

1-) It would blow our mind and would cause the mortals to go mad, as the truth itself is so horrifying.

2) It would cause an uprising against the Cosmological Forces and against the proclaimed “Godsof our reality. As I’ve stated countless times before, our theory about the flawed system and the cosmic war is, like this in short:

The First Ones created this entire reality and Cosmic Forces inside it. They were obsessed in the cycle of Life and Death so the center point of their attention was always The Shadowlands, anima and aa system in which the choices of the mortals who passed into the other side would actually matter. And Zovaal were their champion and The Arbiter of souls.

In time, the other Eternal Ones got greedy about the distribution of Anima and by abusing the Anima at their disposal, they empowered themselves strong enough to banish The First Ones and Zovaal both. Zovaal into The Maw and The First Ones into The Void. After that, with combining their power with The Light, Order and Life they created a veil to shroud our eyes, the mortals. Where we matter for only our Anima, nothing else. The First Ones however in time adapted into The Void and became the supposed “Void Lords’ ‘. For more detail, please check out the articles below;

So, returning to the whisper itself, we did not know about the Eternal Conflict between The Cosmological Forces and The Naaru did not bother to tell anything about it to mortals. While their “supposedly” biggest enemy is The Void, they led mortal races into their victory against The Burning Legion. Which in fact is the biggest threat against The Void in the universe and the one and only army that halt Void’s advance. The supposed “grand” Army Of The Light was at the edge of losing the war against The Legion if we, the mortals, had not intervened.

Who could be “those that came before The Draenei?” I’m not sure. Maybe she meant The Eredar, the actual name of The Draenei and -in truth- a race mastered themselves in soul magic. So, a race with immense knowledge about, -you got it-, the Shadowlands.

Oh! You’ve gathered quite the group of followers. It is fortunate they are focused on this incursion and not the true war. The scope of it might destroy your minds.

Well, this whisper was actually related to the previous one and I guess I had said everything could be said about this true war and the cosmic shenanigans happening around us. A great foreshadowing of events years before Shadowlands even announced.

Here is one who has caught the merest glimpse of your grim reality. It warped his mind forever.”

Again, another mention of a “grim truth/reality” that would warp our minds if we learn about it. Here, the whisper was about Star Augur Etraeus in the Nighthold raid. Who, learned a great deal about the cosmic shitstorm so he despised everyone. This “truth” would be revealed at the end of Shadowlands when – this is just a prediction- when we would encounter Zovaal in Azeroth as the final boss of the expansion in patch 9.3.

The Nightwell, The Origins of the Tauren and the Elune Connection

Suramar, its “noble” citizens greedily slurping at their world’s very lifeblood.”

Well, I don’t know why anyone has brought attention to this one so far. Xal’atath literally calls the waters of The Nightwell as “the very lifeblood of Azeroth.” Wasn’t that supposed to be The Well Of Eternity?

Which actually has been coalesced with the blood of Y’shaarj? If The Nightwell also somehow connected with Azeroth’s World Soul and counts as the lifeblood of the planet, wouldn’t it be possible back in Legion, The Old Gods had manipulated the visions Elisande saw before giving up the city into the Legion’s hands? Why would they do it, maybe, just may be,  after all, they are working together?

 She claims to know the future. But those who have lived far longer than her know the truth. Her desperate bid to remain in control dooms her people.

Well, again Xal’atath mentioned “the truth”. And mocked Elisande’s supposed ability to see the future. Speaking of Elisande, do you remember how Elisande examined the timelines? She saw countless futures, countless possibilities just like how Void operates in terms of seeing the future, and for whatever reason, in every possible future the Legion was victorious against the races of Azeroth.

That is why she gave up the city into Gul’dan’s hands. If she could really see the future, wouldn’t she suppose the timeline in particular where the mortal races of Azeroth defeated The Legion? In OThat is why she gave up the city into Gul’dan’s hands in the first place. If she could really see the future, wouldn’t she supposed to see the timeline in particular where us; the mortal races of Azeroth defeated The Legion? In OUR timeline? According to Aman’thul; the only timeline that matters and must be protected? Who could have prevented her seeing the future of her own timeline?

The tauren here are remarkably resilient to corruption, considering their origins.

Well, in this whisper she meant the Taurens of Highmountain, the far cousins of our Tauren bois. But in fact, a Tauren is a Tauren and that “origins” Xal’atath mentioned counts of the race in general. The Tauren were one of the most ancient races in Azeroth and in fact, one of the native races on the planet. Unlike The Humans, The Dwarwes and The Gnomes, the races that were originated by the creations of The Titans. Additionally, Orcs and the Draenei of course are literal aliens from other planets and not native races of Azeroth.

So, we can assume The Tauren saw the days of The Black Empire as they are one -again- one of the most ancient races on the planet. Supposedly they lived and fought against the Mantid, The Aqir and such or… The Tauren actually evolved from The Old Gods? Or, considering even the Old Gods landed upon Azeroth after the planet has been discovered, The Tauren has been originated from the elements of Azeroth -so in this sense- the World Soul itself? So why should they be surprised at their resilience against corruption “considering their origins”? Maybe during a time period, they have been corrupted as well but somehow cleansed from it?

Do not underestimate the Tauren culture and beliefs boys, some of the biggest lore reveals may actually lie in their culture and history.

We will listen the next two whispers one after another:

This was always a place of power. Aegwynn was drawn here, and before her, the elves, and before them, the trolls. And before them….”

That fel edifice towering over this land pales in comparison to the grandeur of what stood here long ago.

So, you would hear these whispers while you hang around the Tomb Of Sargeras in the Broken Shore. Which in truth was a Temple of Elune in ancient times. So, Xal mentions the place as a place of power where Aegwyn, The Elves and The Troll were drawn into. Aegywn placed the remains of the Avatar of Sargeras there and turned it into the Tomb Of Sargeras, while eons ago, the Elves used it as a temple to worship Elune. 

But Xal’atath mentions and claims -well without naming them- another race was drawn there and, there was another building or structure in its place. And Tomb Of Sargeras pales in comparison to its grandeur. Hmm, maybe it was always a temple dedicated to Elune but a long time before the Night Elves, the servants of the Old Gods worshipped her as their  Void Lady? In the same location, a temple of worshippers.

The Legion Connection and The Incredible Hints About Shadowlands

I know it’s been a long ride but only three whispers left. You won’t be disappointed for staying up to this point.

Xavius, running from one master to the next, scrambling for power, yet defeated again and again. The God of the Deep picks a poor champion? Or, is there something else at play?

Well, clearly she mentions here Xavius working for N’zoth and The Legion, both. And asks “ N’zoth picked a poor champion or is there something else at play?”. What if there is? What if N’zoth overlooked Xavius’ help to Legion because it benefited him aswell? And maybe, just maybe they were working together?  Remember, back in Legion, the forces of the Nightmare had been commanded by a Doomguard of the Legion in Val’sharah and they assaulted the Temple of Elune together.

Also, at this point I’m %100 sure that The Legion used the Rift of Aln as a connection between all dimensions. Shadowlands included. Why would they not?The Legion exploited every single piece of advantage in their wake of destruction. And remember, when we defeated Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare during Legion, we saw the Remnant of The Void inside the Heart of The Dream.

The great victory that our enemies did not even notice” Ogmot’s Dream Journal.

“Almost completely gone, as if it never existed. But the rift is deep and vast and somwehere down there it stirs. Something has changed, the last prison weakens. We must prepare.”

Well, we get to the fun part. In one of our recent lore posts aboot Elune, I have mentioned Aernath’s theory about this whisper in particular. Which he, in fact, claimed this entire whisper meant for The Maw and Zovaal. But, how about expanding it even a bit more? You can check out the theory down here:

So, lets break up the whisper into two:

Almost completely gone, as if it never existed. But the rift is deep and vast and somewhere down there it stirs. “

“It” referred to N’zoth, right? The Old Gods have been referred to as “it” a couple of times in Warcraft Chronicles. N’zoth’s essence is in The Rift of Aln, the darkest depths of madness. So, how about the second part of it?

“Something has changed” The Arbiter has been broken by a bolt of Emerald Nightmare. The work of Yogg-Saron and in fact… Elune.

The last prison weakens.” Maw grew stronger and Zovaal gained his power back slowly.

“We must prepare” for what is to come, the ultimate plan of Zovaal.

Surprised? I would not be should it turns out like this. I will support this by reminding you what Aernath said about this detail in particular:

“ Now, let’s track back, some of you may remember what happened after we killed Xavius in the Rift of Aln and cleansed the Emerald Dream of its nightmare, right?

We have seen a vision of Ysera, pointing us into a cave there, where a Void flower still remains. It was like she was trying to warn us against something: Despite all our efforts, all the cleansing, Void was seeded in the Emerald Dream. It was too late.

And this is the clear link of Elune with the Void. 

The Rift of Aln is still open, Emerald Dream is still a gateway. We know this, because when Xal’atath sees the Remnant of the Void, the Void Flower in the cave, she says the whisper we focused on at the moment.

We all assumed this “Last Prison” was N’Zoth’s then, right? What if she meant Zovaal’s?

What if Elune knew this all along and helped to pave this path that we are in now? 

What if Burning of Teldrassil and Tyrande becoming a Night Warrior was like a “two birds with one stone” for Elune?

What if Elune bred and prepared Night Elves, taught them to avoid becoming Anima for Shadowlands by teaching them the Wisp method so she can later use them when needed to unlock Zovaal from the “Last Prison”?

What if this new Tear of Elune was created especially to create a new link to the Death side of Emerald Dream?”

And now, the grand finale with none other than N’zoth himself.

The tide rises.. the breaker of chains comes

Actually, there is not much to say here. Just want to point out a detail in particular:

Sylvanas Mythic Title reward is Breaker of Chains.

The chains have been broken by us. Twice.

First we broke the chains of N’zoth back in 8.2.

Now we have “unwittingly” broke the Chains Of Domination.

3 thoughts on “Whispers of Xal’atath Back in Legion. We Need To Take a Look At Them.

  1. Void lords? :O

    Xal’atath whispers: I know the naaru consider us horrors to be resisted. We do not share this view. They are merely beloved brethren that lost the true path. They will return to their masters… in time.

    Xal’atath whispers: The research into the Void here is commendable, but ultimately futile. How could you possibly understand what the titans did not.

    hmm…do what does the void understand but not our own Titans? :O

    Xal’atath whispers: For this idiotic pustule of N’Zoth to have lived so long… it does little to refute my opinion of this world’s new owners. (She is talking about Mindflayer Kaahrj in Violet Hold)

    I wonder who are the NEW owners of Azeroth? I presume Titans…maybe death? and the Void was its old owners…

    Thought this whisper is intriguing…”It is ironic that the weakest of us may be the ultimate victor. C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj, and… well. Only one would remain to consume the world, that was always meant to be.”

    When you talked about Odyn…made me think of this…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-bu0VIu1kU

    “Xal’atath whispers: The caterpillar has become the butterfly. She is all but ours now.” talking about Alleria….Turalyon’s only weakness is his wife. His blind obedience to the light yet Alleria has always kept him based in reality.

    Xal’atath whispers: The recruitment of the eredar was quite a win for Sargeras. He desperately needed more intelligence in his warhost.
    What I am curious about is “warhost”…google definition is from the Halo franchise – “the Warhost is purely a temporary grouping of soldiers and other units created on a temporary basis for the purpose of accomplishing a given objective.”

    Now there isn’t much, if any, crossover between WoW and Halo so take that definition with a grain of salt. That being said, The Burning Legion was never meant to be permanent in the cosmic force of disorder. Sargeras was given the objective of taking on the Void by Zovaal? :O

    Xal’atath whispers: Another seed of corruption planted in death. An unquiet spirit will wander in anger and grow in pain. Easy prey for the God of the Deep. (Talking about Elerethe Renferal) Is the God of the Deep, Zovaal or N’zoth?

    Xal’atath whispers: Another defender of the Titans brought low. Every death makes it easier. Perhaps now his misery will end, though I doubt it. (Ursoc) Xal called the SL ursoc cinematic…especially when he was killed in his seed by siphoning out his anima…so literally sucked dry.

    Xal’atath whispers: I long for the day our masters can truly pass into this realm. You have only seen fragments, shadows; the faintest of echoes. Ask the Ethereals what one of these manifestations are capable of. (Star Augur Etraeus) Well this is an ominous whisper as I believe the ethereals are what they look like b/c a shadow entity melted away their very flesh and it was their mastery of arcanes that kept their celestial bodies intact.

    Xal’atath whispers: Long has this one’s time been coming. A true servant of the fallen titan, he seeks the doom of all things. As if that would really save them from the Void. (Gul’dan) Apparently even in death, Void is still a threat to all?

    Xal’atath whispers: I do so enjoy seeing the shrine of a great enemy profaned by the spirits of its own worshippers.
    Xal’atath whispers: A remnant of power lingers in this broken temple. It must be ours! Come, enter the circle and take it. (this event has a chance to trigger after defeating Sisters of the Moon)
    Xal’atath whispers: My mistake. It seems the upstart “goddess” still holds sway here. Oh well… (after attempting to absorb Elune’s power – video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsFOFQD1nCg)
    This is in Tomb of Sargeras. Apparently Elune still has power in her temple…:)

    I am going to go through more…so ill post again.



    1. So, for the first whisper, -tossing our theory aside for now- The Light is actually meant to fade into The Void. Whenever a Naaru “dies” aka out of energy, it gives into The Void. So, they lost their path but when they out of energy, they give into the Void.

      Taking our theory into account, yes. Their “masters” are The Void Lords that using them as conduits to get into the physical world. When a Naaru returns to its “master”, it become a Void God and provides a direct gateway for The First Ones.

      I think in the second whisper she meant how our efforst to understand the nature of The Void itself is futile. Rather than implying the Void knows something The Titans do not. In truth, The Titans are probably either arrogant or ignorant.b

      In the third whisper, I think she meant us, the mortals. For letting a servant of N’zoth (that Xal’tatath despises to say the least) for quite so long.

      Xal’atath probably meant N’zoth as the ultimate victor there. As she stated before, N’zoth is the weakest of the Old Gods but yet, the masterminds of them all. Yogg-Saron is the second in this sense. Y’shaarj and C’thun are rather tend to brute strenght/having an endless army.

      Yes, because we thought about that aswell when we discuss about Odyn with Aernath.b

      Xal was right by calling The Legion as a warhost. While The Demon would gladly work toward to end the entire creation, Sargeras forced them and united them under a single banner. And gathered them under powerful commanders like Archimonde or Kil’jaeden.

      And yes, The Legion is an architectural army. Its possible for Zovaal gave the order to Sargeras to comman The Legion. But I rather believe they were partners focused on the same goal: Ending the creation that the other Cosmic Forces (NOT The First Ones) built.

      The God of The Deep she meant there was N’zoth. N’zoth’s official title- so to speak- is the God Of The Deep.

      Wow! Foreshadowing the Ursoc cinematic by that time? That would be an incredible revelation and I would not be surprised!

      For the Star Augur whisper, Xal’atath meant Dimensisu the Devourer. The Void Lord who has caused the Ethereals to transform into what they look like now, suspiciously similar with Brokers.

      Yes it is. I remember Pyromancer has been speculating that “Death is the antidote of The Void” bullshit. It was wrong and does not make sense at all. You see, there were major examples where the forces of Death and Void harnessed together. So, they are not enemies.

      In terms of if The Void would be a threat even in Death, it seems yes. You see, Death is not the actual end, your Anima is to be preserved in the Shadowlands in a sesne. The Void howewer, is the ultimate ending, it is a place meant to consume every single bit of energy. In my opinion, Arcane and The Void has some similarities

      I will leave the chance to talk about the whispers about Elune to Aernath. ^^


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