The Veil and The Horrible Truth of the Warcraft Universe Explained!

Previously we have theorized that our mortal eyes have been shrouded by a veil. Now we have an actual evidence to prove it!

If you remember we have discussed the idea of the truth about the Warcraft Universe and the veil before, as our eyes have been shrouded by something or someone in an effort to hide the horrible truth of the Warcraft Universe…

What is that horrifying truth? Well, thanks to Korthia we have an actual evidence and answer for it.

You are blind and I will force your eyes upon to face the truth. I have so much proof that actually even I cannot believe how obvious this theory is.

Are you ready? I hope you are.


You guys remember what Zovaal said about this veil? At that time we all thought both Kyrestia and Zovaal meant the Shadowlands when talking about this veil. Well for Kyrestia that’s still true but at this point I’m sure Zovaal meant the true veil which covers the entire Warcraft Universe, Shadowlands included. What? Do you really think Shadowlands has always looked like how it looks like now? Well, you are terribly wrong my friend.

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What we see inside the Shadowlands is just another layer inside the veil. What Sylvanas tore apart at the beginning of the expansion was just the veil between Azeroth and Shadowlands. But in truth, even the Shadowlans themselves have been surrounded by a veil to hide the truth. How do I know? Well if you have not played Chains of Domination so far, let me give you a quick summary.

In the new zone of Shadowlands, Korthia, there are Rift Portals across the continent. That can only be accessed via special Riftstones which can only be obtained in Korthia. When you pass through one of these portals you actually pass through the veil itself. Where we found ourselves is just a dark, gloomy and evil place. With creatures of true shadow and death inhabiting the ares. Even our “safe hub” in Korthia is actually surrounded by these shades and manifestations of death.

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Please thank Aernath for these awesome screenshots! The one one the left from the actual “death phase” we go to when we die, and the one on the right is from the rift realm in Korthia.

The Rift is literally the same zone we go to when we die for years. So, what if I told you that The Rift is the real Shadowlands?

The true realm of Death has been hidden from our eyes by The Eternal Ones. Why?

Because the “real” universe is actually behind the rift where The First Ones are trapped as Void Lords.


So, let’s bring even more proof about our theory into the table. Along with Lady Deathwhisper’s whisper about the fog above, there were more implications about a veil/fog which has been shrouding our mortal eyes. The biggest evidence for the existence of this veil is actually an entire race: The Arakkoas.

Back in TBC and Warlords Of Draenor, we saw how they were accustomed getting in and out from the veil by just brewing special potions and such. So, back in Hellfire Citadel, we have faced Shadow-Lord Iskar, who in fact knew a lot about the veil. And, -prepare yourselves- switched to the side of The Legion by consuming fel!  So, The Legion knew about the veil as well. And so, what did Iskar tell us during the raid fight?

Yes, behind the veil all we find is Death itself. Death and actually our true, grim reality has been locked up behind this veil which has been architected by The Eternal Ones, The Titans and The Pantheon Of Life. They locked up the First Ones inside the Void so they became the Void Lords in time and sent over The Naaru and The Old Gods into our reality in an attempt to free themselves. For more details please check out the articles below:

So, after the banishment of Zovaal and The First Ones, The Eternal Ones shrouded the real Shadowlands away as well.  But ultimately Zovaal found a way to pass through that veil and utilize it for his own goals.  So, beyond the veil lies darkness, yes. The true darkness and death.

Interestingly enough, it does seem to me that everyone besides us knows about his veil and how to utilize it. The Tolvir race included, for example.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wowscrnshot_092321_195117.jpg

I did not pay attention to this detail  so far to be honest. The third boss in the Lost City of Tol’vir who was a High Prophet of Sun rips  your body and soul during the fight,  thus you are transferred into a realm of darkness. He pierces the VEIL and transports you into the other side of it. The Arakkoa, The Old Gods, The Tol’vir etc. We, the mortals have been trapped inside this veil to become a fuel of Anima and we live in a lie. Some mortal races found this out and went mad and some utilized it. As well as the “enemies” of The Eternal Ones. The Burning Legion and Zovaal for example.

Zovaal decided to break this veil apart to free his masters and set us all free. He worked from the Shadowlands while the Old Gods worked below in the Physical Universe. Zovaal does not want to rule, he wants to destroy and unmake what his makers’ had done. Did I tell his makers? Well, maybe during the time he spent in The Maw, Zovaal decided the system the First Ones created was flawed from the beginning just like Agent Smith.

Bonus fact, this is what Iskar says when we wipe during the boss encounter, when every member dies:

When we all die the veil covers us all, in death.

We will talk about the quotes of Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, how Elune and Yogg-Saron broke The Arbiter and how it has been hinted in previous expansions, and how The First Ones were actually locked outside our reality just like The Outer Gods in the Lovecraft Mythos.

But until then:

6 thoughts on “The Veil and The Horrible Truth of the Warcraft Universe Explained!

    1. Dude! It was actually from Fatescribe Roh-Kalo, one of the pen ultimtae bosses in Sanctum of Domination and in my opinion, the Il’gynoth of this patch or even this expansion. He has key quotes yet almost nobody took attention to them.

      He says “Rings within rings within rings… it hides”

      Hides what? The truth may be?

      What are those rings? A cycle? We will talk about them later. ^^


      1. I do find some of the quotes very intriguing…unfortunately, extremely vague like this:
        “Gods fall at the turn of a key!” ~ Eternal Ones? Titans? First Ones?
        I am surprised you didn’t bring this up in the article…

        N’Zoth whispers: The veil wanes. His crown will open the way.
        N’Zoth whispers: It grows hungrier… bolder. Alas, your eyes are closed. (Could this be Galakrond is actually under Torghast and all of the souls are being fed to him? When we defeat Zovaal, his penultimate plan to undo the system? From what I understand about Galakrond, this was literally a blackhole of sorts in the form of a dragon…always consuming and always getting stronger through whatever he consumes.) From the fatescribe himself kinda backs up my theory, “Eternity devours itself!”

        I am still wondering if 10.0 won’t be shadowlands 2.0 As this expansion, N’zoth is really showing us what will happen if we kill him. I know that will really piss people off but damn, that would be ballsy af by Blizzard. I have heard that Blizzard may have cut a tier from Shadowlands so there won’t be a 9.3 as they are pooling their resources into 10.0. I think that is a mistake as Shadowlands was being served as an expansion from the chains of old lore to new age lore moving past the RTS game lore so they ought to flesh it all out to make sense of future lore. Thoughts on this?

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  1. So, for the “Gods fall” quote I will bring it up soon. ^^ But ı think it would strongly suggest The Old Gods due to mention of the “key”. But it can also be Zovaal or, may be The First Ones? They key has turned, and they were locked inside Void so they “fell” and became Void Lords.

    For N’zoth whispers, as I said he pretty much warned us beforehand during BFA, that he almost fleshed out the plot of Shadowlands expansion. I’m not sure about Galakrond theory because he was just an all-consuming creature just as you used it as a metaphore, that was a great metaphore.

    “Eternity devours itself” could be the giant serpent illustration we saw on the Brokers’ Cosmology Map. Which surrounded the entire cycle of life and Death.

    For Shadowlands and beyond, I dont think they will cancel 9.3 and I agree if they would choose to piss out people for the sake of overall story. People are ready to be pissed of at every opportunity they get so if I Blizzard I would not care about the general opinions of community when it comes to lore. And yes I believe 10.0 would be another Shadowlands or actually would have a bigger impact. I expect so much revamp / improving in terms of the foundations of the game itself.

    I also loved your metaphore for “Shadowlands was being served as an expansion from the chains of old lore to new age lore moving past the RTS game lore “. It was actually what ı have been claiming since Shadowlands announced. The breaking of the Helm of Domination. ^^


  2. Voidborne Ascendant says: [Shath’Yar] The key… turns once more.

    Fatescribe Roh Kalo:
    “Gods fall at the turn of a key”

    and Ilgynoth’s warning:
    “the Lord of Raven will turn the key”

    Maybe If you look closely the whispers of the Voidborne ascendant and Roh-Kalo’s more, you may fit the pieces of this cosmic Puzzle.

    Voidborne Ascendant (Progenitor. Destroyer. Unmaker):
    Zuq agth kyth ongg oou uovssh Nuq zuq lwhuk qi’uothk far’al aq zaix hnakf lal = You have seen into the beyond. Now you shall perceive things as they truly are.
    H’thon thyzz Agth ma iiqaath zuq wgah puul uhn’agth yrr zuq wgah uulg’ma = Errant flesh! When it awakens, you will know eternity, and you will tremble!
    Oou zuq agthu qwor arwi = The key… turns once more.

    They are gathered. The door opens!
    The loom weaves your destruction!
    Eternity devours itself!
    Stare into the infinite!
    Now I see! All is revealed before me!
    Gods fall at the turn of a key!
    Can you see the endless?
    Do you see?!

    ERRANT FLESH! – Ilgynoth said the following from Legion and continued it in BFA:
    The pain of flesh is fleeting. True Torment lasts forever! (Legion)
    Flesh is fleeting! Pain is Eternal! (BFA)

    Most important whispers from the Voidborne ascendant is the return of the forgotten king (we are going to see this very very soon) and the Mote of COSMIC TRUTH. Also Look at the TRINITY TITLES of the Voidborne ascendant. The Embrace is always 3.

    Give in. Accept the Embrace. Listen.
    Listen. Listen. Listen. LISTEN.

    “THERE IS A GREAT & TERRIBLE TRUTH AT THE BEGINNING OF ALL THINGS”. This should be read together where “AT THE DAWN OF ALL THINGS” from Al’firim’s report.

    As for the First ones = Void lords, i am neither going to acknowledge it is true nor it is false. Again my only observation is, you are so close to the truth yet so far from realizing it.

    Maybe Compendium of Ny’alotha & Al’firim’s report, when read together may show you the Final Truth.

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  3. Also, since you mentioned Galakrond, you need to look more into THE EMBRACE. There is a wild possibility that Galakrond is the fist instance of Undead on Azeroth and this maybe a result of a certain Bootstrap paradox. Tyr, Kalecgos, Tyr’s fall from where the Blade of the Black empire was recovered in modern times, Loken, Jaina, Chromie and Dragon Aspects are all connected and that is connected to the Dragon soul.

    Maybe you need to re-look the appearance of the Dragon soul again, esp. inside the Vision of Yogg-saron in Ulduar. Perhaps, you will know why Blizzard said that there was a time when Death had its presence on Azeroth. The original Purpose of Dragon soul was, if you guessed it right, DOMINATION!

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