An Analysis of The Recent Social Media Crisis: The Trend Of Negativity

Ihave been observing a recent trend in social media very closely: The negativity. Yes, that’s it, this is the long and short of it. Now, I’m not against criticism as long as it’s constructive. This trend of negativity has risen in recent years in social media platforms and especially in Twitter. But why have I decided to talk about it?

Well, actually I I was about to review the last season of The Walking Dead and the conclusion of its first part. But then I realized, saying something positive about The Walking Dead on social media is a bit “risky”. Why? Because as I observed in recent months, the fanbase of The Walking Dead and World Of Warcraft are actually very, very similar. And they had some similarities in terms of character development in recent years.

The Whisperers, The Walking Dead

Before diving into topic further, I would like to point out another event that inspire me to write this article. The overall reaction against the first trailer of Matrix 4, well at least within my network. There have been only two brief trailers about Matrix 4 so far so our information about its overall arc is pretty limited.

Man, we are talking about The Matrix here! An almost mythological trilogy back in the early 2000’s. From the visual design to the philosophical themes, The Matrix Trilogy was special. And they are still worth a look back at and watch, for example I rewatched the entire trilogy last year, then developed my Veil theory about Shadowlands which I still believe in.

But despite all of these facts, most of the people instantly declined Matrix 4. As I said, we have only two trailers in our hands so far and I believe there is no reason to neither overhype nor to shit on the movies. After all, why should it be bad? Why should it not be successful and converted into another trilogy? Why should we always shit on every released product? Games and movies alike?

Warning, there may be some huge spoilers for The Walking Dead, so take caution.

an mmorpg whıch has been dyıng for 17 years but nobody cares about ıt anyway: world of warcraft

Well, if you are an average WoW player you should be aware that the game you are playing at this moment (if you are stil playing) is actually “dead”. No, it’s not about we are in the realm of the dead, but the game itself is actually dead.

World Of Warcraft is dead, and it was dead last year, and it was dead back in the time of Warlords of Draenor and it was also dead during Wrath of The Lich King when the feature LFG was added into the game as well

So, you are playing a “dead game” at the moment and you should thank the necromancers at Blizzard for how long they kept a dead game alive for this long (approximately 17 years) so you wouldn’t even notice.

Jokes aside, I wasn’t even caring about this “WoW is dead ” bullshit until recent times. Where the toxicity in the community reached a point that I, a lorefreak and someone who actually loves the game itself started to hesitate talking about the positive sides of Shadowlands.

Because I found out that I do not have the right to talk positively about the game at all. So, for example sending death threats to Christie Golden because Sylvanas did not die at the end of 9.1, was okay. But me defending Sylvanas or the lore of Shadowlands in general, was wrong and I should not have fun with the game.

For example, if I start a lore discussion with my friend Aernath on Twitter, a public space it is most likely someone I didn’t even meet before come up and disrupt our discussion, ultimately. Saying things like ” Blizzard did not do justice for The Night Elves” or ” I have stopped playing btw, I don’t have fun anymore.” which none of us cared about, thanks!

Something like this happened to me a while ago actually. To be honest, this toxic attitude which in my opinion is all about trying to get attention is popular among the Night Elven playerbase. I’m sorry for generalizing but this is what I have observed on Twitter at the least. Take this guy as an example. He literally attacked me and someone who follows me under a tweet I wrote 4 months ago. It was about the revelation about the true purpose of The Wisps.

I I mean, yes of course you can disagree with me and have counter opinions but finding a tweet I wrote months ago and talking like garbage under it as a thread was pathetic.

You can check out how he tried to troll me by scrolling down this thread if you want.

So, I have talked about Sylvanas, Zovaal, Sargeras and their motivations a lot in this blog so far so I won’t repeat myself. If you want to know what I think about the current storytelling about Sylvanas you can check out the part I talked about here.


Now I know what you all feel about the Covenant system and I agree with you.It was a wrong, and I mean a really wrong decision to tie player power into Covenants. They should stick as just cosmetics and by themselves that would be good enough. Keep the armor sets, mounts, pets, sanctums and stories of each Covenant the same but just strip player power from it. But its not enough to just say “Do it like that!” How would I do it?

I would put the entire player power progression system into Torghast instead. We meet with Runecarver in a really early stage after we hit level 60 already, so I would use him to provide us a progression system about our actual powers as well.

This way, not only would the 4 Covenants be freed from the shackles of player power, but also the role of Torghast in the actual gameplay would be much, much more impactful. It is true with 9.1.5, the most annoying parts of the entire Shadowlands gameplay will be stripped out, in a really early patch if you ask me. But the player power issue will still be there.

So, what I did? Instead, for example quitting the game and trash talking about it in every place I adapted into it and switched to the “required” Covenant to have the best possible gameplay experience I can have during this patch. Did it work? Yes it did and the fun I have while playing with my Resto Shammy has multiplied. Because I chose to be positive rather than to be negative and it’s actually all about this choice.


The best character of The Walking Dead universe ever, not open to discussion

If I have to be honest, The Walking Dead will always be the most special television series in my heart. I have been watching this series since the second part of its second season, actually for 10 years and I have grown a bond with with most of the characters throughout the seasons. With Maggie, Negan or Daryl for example.

They have lost so, so many friends along their way into this point, and so actually me. too. For example, I have grown a bond with Rick Grimes, he died some seasons ago and I felt that loss, or when Glenn died, or when Rick lost Carl. I also had a love/hate relationship with Negan throhgout the series. The best character of the series in my eyes. Then in time, Negan became an anti-hero and actually created his own fanbase and competed even with Rick in terms of fanbase and popularity.

What made Negan this special? He actually deserves his own article but in short, he is a dickhead and despite being a selfish dickhead, he knew exactly how to survive in the afterlife world. He saw the truth of it, embraced it and actually during his war with our group he taught Rick a lesson or two. And despite his tyrant look, he actually cared about everyone under his wings, more than Alpha cared about her Whisperers for example.

If you have been following me for a long time you should read about my article where I compared Illidan and Sylvanas and argued they are actually very similar in terms of personality. Well, I will add Negan in this group as well. I believe Negan, Sylvanas and Illidan are quite alike in terms of their character development. For example as I said, despite his cold and selfish acts Negan actually cared about his people and he still has regrets because he could not protect them, from who? Our group of survivors! And he actually made her nemesis Maggie question the tactics they used during the war between their groups.

So as you see, Negan turned from the ultimate antagonist of the series into a perfect anti-hero. Our protagonists are not benevolent as well for at least 6 seasons. They act murder, they left their people to die, they stole, they destroyed entire groups. What was the difference? Because we saw (and still seeing) the entire story from their perspective.  Also, in one of the recent episodes, they utilized the tactics of The Whisperers, one of their worst enemies ever, against their current group of enemies. With each passing season, they lost more of their humanity to survive.

Throughout the lore sometimes we have done bad things as well, or the actions we took lead to some really bad events. For example, being manipulated by The Naaru and Kil’jaeden back in TBC and killing Illidan, or voluntarily helping Xal’atath and involuntarily assisting Queen Azshara to actually free N’zoth..

If we return to The Walking Dead, at some point actually our main survivors grew more cold and much more ruthless than Negan. Sacrificing their people no matter what, even if they were to protect with the “rest of the people” under their wings.

So, coming back to the actual topic, according to the fanbase of TWD or actually the entire humanity, The Walking Dead is a “dead” series. The series has been rocketing down from the hill for at least 6 seasons, and how dare people still watch it?! The first 4 seasons were great! Just like how World of Warcraft was “perfect” until Cataclysm launched!

And if somehow I ever write that “I love watching The Walking Dead and having great fun of it”, there is always the possibility for someone to come under my thread and question me by asking “How dare I keep watching The Walking Dead?! After all, it was worthless to watch after Season 4, right?

The funniest fact about these kind of people is most of them are actually still watching the series. Imagine watching a TV series for 11 seasons plus 8 episodes and in the end still feel the need to be talking bad about it on the social media. Why? Where does this need for attention come from? Go under the comments section of a popular The Walking Dead post and you will exactly find at least 2 guys who complain how the series has been dead for years and can’t get why people are still watching it. Meanwhile the rest of the comments are full of discussion actually related to The Walking Dead. I genuinely believe this scene was familiar for you if you are a WoW player, a lot familiar.

The other example I will give -while would seem contrary I will explain-  is the person who stopped watching the series after “it became a shitshow.” For example, after season 6 he says that he did not watch the recent seasons. So, that means he missed at least 5 seasons worth of story details and character development, but he still thinks he has the right to criticise the recent events while actually not even having any idea about what’s been going on.

You know, that’s the perfect example of ignorance and toxicity: Talking about something you don’t even know, like you do, based on your personal, biased guess.

So, I know this article took so long but I had lots to say about this ongoing toxicity in social media. And I actually believe this trend is dangerous, really dangerous. I can almost say there is a social pressure on social media right now, at least I feel like that.

I better not think 3 times before saying something positive about a product which the majority dislikes. And these days, the majority tends to dislike almost everything. I actually wanted to talk a bit about New World as well and how the gaming community which has been hyped for it for months, instantly bombarded it with bad reviews due to the server queues.

I also kindly ask you to ignore some offensive wording I used during this article but sometimes you just have to say a shit that its actually a shit. I will keep telling what I think right in social platforms and especially here an I need to thank you my my fellow followers.

Until the next article, thank you!

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