The Old Gods, The Shadowlands and the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, Oh My!

Remember the Drust back in Battle for Azeroth? Going back even further, have you ever listened to the whispers of Puzzle Box Of Yogg-Saron? An eldritch item belongs to (or tied to) Yogg-Saron itself. The whispers of that box were simply intriguing.

For example “ Look around. They will all betray you. Flee screaming into the black forest.” And also, do you remember “A Dark Place” from the Uuna storyline back in Legion? Well today, we will tie all of these details together and at the end, we will find more clues about the connection between Death and The Void. And the grand plan of The Void.

Shall we?

The Drust and Their Connection With The Shadowlands

Let us begin with The Drust, first introduced in Battle For Azeroth, paved the way into the Shadowlands lore back in 2018. It was clear that their magic was a form of Death Magic, or soul magic but we could not name it during that time. But now, we actually know what kind of power they wield: Anima. Their design resembled the theme of The Shadowlands and actually, Zovaal’s armor would look like a bit Drust-themed armor when he got back his sigil. Also, they used constructs powered by Anima, if you take a closer look at the material inside their chests.

These guys make a lot more sense now, aren’t them?

Let us take a closer look at how the Drust have actually appeared in the lore for the first time. According to Wowpedia, they were actually a Vrykul clan. So, they were Azerothians. They wield powerful Death magic and they were the actual habitants of Kul’Tiras region before Gilnean sailors arrived.

In short, to avoid extinction Gorak Tul, the leader of The Drust, called upon the dark powers of Thros, the Blighted Lands, where the Drust’s spirits found refuge” But it seems they have been trapped there, because they have been struggling to find their way back ever since. Oddly enough, the Drust we encountered in Shadowlands used portals that resembled The Void rather than Death.

The clear difference between a Drust Portal and a Mawsworn Portal. The assets and colors are drastically different, one for The Void and one for Death

Now let us get to the fun part and add some Yogg-Saron and Emerald Nightmare into the mix. How? Well, In fact, Thros is not an actual realm of Death but an “offshoot” of The Emerald Nightmare!

As the war went on, the desperate Drust called upon dark powers. Unbeknownst to them, they had reached the Emerald Nightmare. Their fallen warriors would find refuge in Thros, an offshoot of the Nightmare which they named differently as they were not aware of what the Nightmare was. Having run out of living warriors in his war, Gorak Tul began to bind his people’s souls to stone constructs”

The Emerald Nightmare, Thros, Ardenweald and The Grand Plan of Yogg-Saron and Elune

Now, let’s get to the Old God and Void part. Let us start with the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, the actual lore connections back in 2010’s;

All places, all things have souls. All souls can be devoured.”

“ The void sucks at your soul. It is content to feast slowly.”

So as you see, back in 2010 The Void was actually interested in devouring souls as much as today. Before the “Chronicle Lore” came into the part, The Void and The Old Gods are directly tied to Death and souls. But what if that is still the case?

You resist. You cling to your life as if it actually matters. You will learn.”

The tortured spirits of your ancestors cling to you, screaming in silence. Apparently they are quite numerous.”

Puzzle Box Of Yogg-Saron

As I have said before, The Void, so in this sense The First Ones trying to get as much Anima and soul as possible for themselves, to deprive Shadowlands of Anima.But they are not “benevolent” beings either.

I’m not sure if they were benevolent beings before being trapped into The Void but I’m sure they are not “benevolent” at the moment at all. Actually, Zovaal as well is not a benevolent being, I mean his army simply forges souls (LITERALLY FORGING THEM) into weapons, armors and anima constructs just like the constructs of The Drust.

Resembling the style of the Drust a bit, doesn’t it?

But discussing “what is good, evil and what are the boundaries for being good and evil?” is not the actual topic of this article. All I want to say before getting into the actual topic, I support Sylvanas, Sargeras and Zovaal. We are still yet to see about the lore of Zovaal and Sylvanas.

So, I have talked about these theories before but let’s summarize them a bit:

The Emerald Dream and Ardenweald are connected into each other, so The Emerald Nightmare. This was day one information when Shadowlands was announced. And it turns out Thros, The Blighted Lands is actually a “separate” part of the Emerald Nightmare, so Thros should be a realm of The Void.

Thros, The Blighted Lands

If you have played BFA, we actually ventured into Thros, The Blighted Lands and the theme of the area resembled Death, rather than The Void. Also, Thros is actually behind the veil which I spoke about a lot, as if there are bunch of layers and layers inside this veil, with different areas and realms around our physical reality.

Rings within rings within rings, it hides!
Fatescribe Roh-Kalo

Look around. They will all betray you. Flee screaming into the black forest.
Puzzle Box Of Yogg-Saron

When you walk among the black forest, you will see.

Hmm, The Black Forest that the Old Gods have been mentioning since Cataclysm, can it be Thros? Maybe it should not have to be a literal forest but rather a metaphor. A Black Forest probably tied directly none other than Yogg-Saron, imprisoned The Drust and turned them into subjects to invade Ardenweald through using this pathway:

Emerald Dream-Emerald Nightmare/Thros-Ardenweald

Gorak Tul inside Thros, The Blighted Lands.

Before connecting every piece of the puzzle into each other, we have to mention (even though briefly) the Uuna questline back in the end of Legion. Long story short, we find a ghost of a Draenei child, trapped inside our reality. We travel across different parts of Warcaft Universe to find her toys while providing her a good trip. At some point, Uuna gets kidnapped by The Void, and we talk with a Spirit Healer to find out what happened to her.

Oh no!

She resides in a place where the barrier between the realms of life and death are thin, and spill over into your world.
Be warned, you have no power in this place, it’s denizens cannot be harmed by mortals.
Try as you might, you may not be able to aid your friend.

When you come to rescue Uuna, you find yourself in a place simply called as “A Dark Place.” , nothing else. And the thing is, the place was really, really creepy. You find yourself in a dark forest with giant, black trees all around. You find Uuna at the center of the forest, and fight against the soul-eater creatures to protect her.

After a certain amount of time you are overwhelmed, Uuna destroys the soul eaters with a burst of light. Then, a beam of light pierces through the darkness and takes Uuna into “safety.”

Until that Light would exhaust itself and inevitably turn into The Void of course…

Actually I’m still not sure if The Black Forest was Thros, or The Dark Place we went into to rescue Uuna. But I’m sure about one thing: The creation of The Drust was tied to Yogg-Saron and The Nightmare. The Drust invaded Ardenweald with full force and even threatened the Winter Queen herself with their “ Domination Like” magic. Also, Thros, The Blighted Lands has an actual entrance, a great tree named  Gol Inath . Just like Shaladrassil, eh?

According to my theory, Yogg-Saron also finds his way into Shaowlands through the connection between Icecrown Citadel and Torghast. Remember that ICC has been built by Saronite, the black blood of Yogg-Saron, and The Nathrezim ordered it to do so. This means Sire Denathrius actually helped Yogg-Saron to spread his influence inside The Shadowlands. So from Azeroth, Yogg-Saron could help Elune, her Void Goddess.

Meanwhile, planting the Remnant Of The Void inside the very heart of The Emerald Dream and led to the creation of another Tear of Elune– which the original one corrupted Ysera with Void corruption- Elune “erased” Tyrande’s wrath and planted another Tear of Elune at the very heart of Ardenweald. Elune’s plan is in advance.

So, we can say Ardenweald is the most vulnerable spot of The Shadowlands thanks to Yogg-Saron’s work, probably ordered by Elune, her Void Goddess.

And at this point, regardless of if Zovaal would succeed in his mission or not, The Void has already surrounded The Shadowlands from all sides.

Everything goes according to the plan…

6 thoughts on “The Old Gods, The Shadowlands and the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron, Oh My!

  1. You are on point about Thros and Old Gods with the available information, even its connection between Emerald Dream and Ardenweald.

    However, there is more to this and Void surrounding the Shadowlands observation you have made.

    Gara spirit wolf for hunters involves defeating a Void Lord called Xan of Mirror dimension. The spirit is held in this shadow realm.

    The next important thing is Death Knight’s resurrection debuff: “Void touched – The touch of spirit realm lingers”.

    Yes, Drust are connected to Maw & Zovaal as well because they sought the powers of Domination.

    Thros is at the conflux of many forces and Old God influence is predominant there.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for that detail.

    Well, I read about that Shadowmoon questline and Xan actually labeled as a “Void God” rather than a “Void Lord.” The difference is so important because Void Gods, are actually the Naaru devoted of their Light, a vessel for Void Lords in our theory. So, he wasn’t a Void Lord but rather a “Naaru”. Yes, the spirit has been trapped in a shadow realm, it seems this Veil surrounding our eyes, is layers within layers.

    Oh, DK’s resurrection debuf is an incredible detail.

    To be honest, before the Shadowlands expansion was actually announced I though that place where The Old God’s resides and feasting upon the death of Azeroth. But as we see, the clear connections between Death, Void, Old God’s and Shadowlands were not being cut completely it seems.

    Thros actually have similarities with Rift of Aln. Yes its at the conflux of many forces and Rift of Aln is actually serve as a crossroad between Twisting Nether, The Nightmare and The Shadowlans in my opinion.

    Before Shadowlands has been launched, I actually speculated that The Legion, that obviously aware of what is Shadowlands and how it works thanks to Kil’jaeden, used Rift of Aln to reach into Shadowlands before. May be fought against Maldraxxi forces?

    That is a theory yet to be proven.


  3. Y’waq shg’fhn wgah za za qwor ni Nuq,
    I ak’aq qwor arwi,
    Oou ifis zz oou h’thon guu’lal,
    Oou thyzz qwaz iiyoq,
    I vorzz oou qi’uothk sk’yahf,
    Thoq ywaq vwah Vormos oou uulwi,
    Zaix ongg oou anagg,
    Shg’ullwaq og ywaq hnakf


      1. Those are in-game whispers of the Faceless ones from inside N’zoth assault areas. Those are un-translated!


  4. I saw your tweet about Helya & Harbaron.

    I hope you realised the true identity of the First ones. I tried to tell you, the Void always told you and everyone. All you had to do was “Listen. Listen. Listen. LISTEN”. I hope you have seen the Truth, not so far anymore from realizing it!

    The Identity of the First ones is the narrative mystery that we may go exploring beyond Shadowlands. Why is there a constellar in the Realm of the First ones? How are the First ones connected to N’aaru and the Titans!

    “You know their Forms already, you were right to doubt them”

    Ask yourself why Automas communicate through music! Who else in game sounds musical with their presence!! It is sad that the community is failing to see the real Truth yet again! I can agree that this was mostly due to how the 9.2 preview was narrated and communicated, with all the speculation that WoW will go into maintenance mode after Shadowlands, over a long hiatus.

    I had hoped that at least you saw the Truth! The First ones are not who you think they are! Believe in the Void, their whispers and their infinite Knowledge!

    I also pointed out one whisper from Puzzle Box of Yogg saron and also sent you pictures over Reddit. Those are things that will come, you will see as all will.

    “All eyes shall open”


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