Shadowlands Patch 9.2: Eternity’s End First Impressions. Where ARE The First Ones?

Well, what a week we had! I’m sorry for being a bit late as the patch was actually announced in a period where I had to deal with lots of school work. Now I’m a bit free, I have so much to cover, ask, and answer!

I was expecting a cinematic like some others but I did not disappoint what we have given. It was really immersive into story details and Blizzard clearly stated what they wanted to do with Zereth Mortis. We have lots to cover, so without further ado let’s dive in!

Eternity, The Serpent and Eternity’s End

So, I have watched the developer preview 15 times already and I did notice something.

Doesn’t it feel like to you as well that The First Ones were “gone”?

Like, they have created the base foundations for the afterlife and they seem pretty obsessed about the cycle.  Remember the chart of the Broker? If that represents the point of view of The First Ones, it’s all about the cycle of Life and Death. With an emphasis on Ouroboros, the snake which devours its own tail for all eternity, what they wanted to achieve was actually create “an endless loop of life and death”

For example, why was the symbol used in the chart not a Phoenix if it’s all about the cycle of death and rebirth? Not only they wanted to preserve the cycle of death and rebirth but they also, somehow, wanted to make sure that it should always devour itself in the end, then begin anew.

Eternity devours itself!

Why are they so obsessed with this cycle so they created a workshop to make sure the cycle continues? Man, there were FORGES OF AFTERLIVES during the developer interview. And according to what Steve Danuser has said, their function is to forge and “prepare” a soul to be sent into the Shadowlands.

So, when you die, you actually end up in that giant cube, be forged and then sent in front of The Arbiter. Not only does this demonstrate Shadowlands is not actually “the true end”, but it also reminds me of something really, really disturbing. The fucking Human Fields from The Matrix Universe and the humans that put into sleep inside countless… pods. 

What Happened to The First Ones? Where are They? Did They Abandon Us?

But while The First Ones seem to put so much emphasis upon the proper cycle of life and death and order, where are they? What happened to the First Ones? Are they dead? They have been killed by their own creations?

Zereth Mortis feels really like an “abandoned” place, left in the caretaking of the creations of The First Ones. Considering they are robotic beings (AHEM AHEM) I’m sure those creatures in Zereth Mortis make sure the “true” machine of Death works properly. But, why would you leave your precious workshop?

Maybe they have been betrayed, attacked and destroyed by their own creations? It is not a far-fetched option because this “creature kills/defeats its creator” is a common theme across the fantasy and mythology universes. How The Protoss attacked the Xel’naga and made them abandon the Protoss. Or just like how the Gods of Olympus have overthrown the Titans in Greek Mythology.

The other option is… well that The First Ones have been trapped in a place which none escape. The Void, you know and if you have been following me for at least a month, you would have heard about our First Ones being actually Void Lords theory. That is still an option that they have been trapped inside The Void. It’s a theory that is definitely worth  checking out when you have free time!

Or they simply left and abandoned us after they made sure the system they built is working like… ahem, ahem… a clock? Did the Clockmaker Ion Hazzikostas mention take them to his side after their work is done? To watch over the reality “from the outside”? Just like the Outer Gods from the Lovecraft Universe. Who exists outside time, space and the universe so they know all. And they have actually been “locked outside” of the Universe.

Or did they retreat “the source” just like The Architect in The Matrix? A place “outside” the system? Again, maybe The Clockmaker took them into its side to watch over reality from ” the outside”.

Why doesn’t The First Ones Even Try Stopping Zovaal? And why “Death was never meant to be chained”?

So, Zovaal’s goal was to unchain “Death” but what is that “Death” after all? Has it been chained down by the Eternal Ones and Zovaal wants to break its chains? If that is the Cosmological Force of Death itself, then one of my older theories comes into play. The real, actual “Death” is darkness, it is The Maw. And the rest of it has been hidden away behind the veil, the rifts you enter in Korthia! The Eternal Ones, coupled with the remnants of The First Ones, The Light, Order and Life created this veil to imprison Death and the grim reality of our universe. Check out the articles below!

Death was never meant to be chained and never meant to be imprisoned inside Shadowlands and Zereth Mortis? He said when he gets 5 sigils into his hands,  we would see. And it seems the “key” he is after is hidden, inside The Sepulcher. To free the First Ones may be? OR..

He sees himself as “Death” itself and he was never meant to be chained. And now Death is unchained and pursues a path for revenge from those who have chained him down via Domination Magic. The boring and more linear option.

But this leads me to question, if Zovaal is so, SO CLOSE to unmake the system The First Ones have built, why do they not interfere at all?

The first option is:

They are trapped, dead or they have abandoned us just like how I have speculated so far. So they cannot stop Zovaal’s uprising.

The second option:

I will sound like I’m repeating myself but they have retreated to “The Source ” just like “The Architect.”  And they simply don’t give a damn about Zovaal.

Because they know that no matter if he will succeed or not, they would simply “recover” their simulation/prison after Zovaal’s“ “victory”. Just like how the simulation in Matrix cannot actually be destroyed at all.

What is The Deal about Azeroth and Zereth Mortis?

Now, one of my followers has mentioned me on Twitter to take a look at this theory. I guess you all have heard about that already but let’s share it here. The theory comes from WoW Reddit.

First I have to say that this is a good theory. But there are parts I do and don’t agree with.First, I have actually mentioned Azeroth has been labelled as “Reality” in Warcraft Chronicles almost 2 years ago, so I was aware of this and built my theories upon that fact. It is possible that Zereth Mortis can actually be inside Azeroth but has been shrouded by the Veil I spoke of countless times. Also, yes the “Azerite like” river behind Zovaal is a thing. But here is what I say about Azeroth.

Let us listen our old friend N’zoth first, shall we?:

She is not the last but the first. Drown her and you will see.

So, there is a clear problem about Azeroth actually being a First One all along. The Chronicles told us Azeroth was a Titan-World Soul right? That is why The Titans cared about the planet, and strangely she is described as a Titan with immense power. It is true The Titans are godlike beings, but they are not even as powerful as The Eternal Ones.

So, what if Aggramar thought he heard the “song” of a dreaming Titan but that was actually a First One, just like how N’zoth mentioned? Think about trolls, they tend to classify creatures they cannot understand as “Loa”. So, why not if Aggramar made a mistake and thought the creature he heard was a Titan? Which may actually be a First One? “The song of creation”.

As the Warcraft Devs said, The Automatons, the race tasked to look over the workshop of The First Ones uses a musical language. And at the moment we are sure The First Ones uses a unique language based on symbols and vocalized as music. So in this sense, it would actually make sense of Elune being Azeroth theory. And I have theorized about that months before as well.

So, considering what Zovaal said at the very beginning of the expansion “Death comes for the soul of your world! All that you see! All that you know will be undone!” And looking at the color palette of the river in the room he stands, inside The Sepulcher, I would not be surprised if Azeroth turns out to be a First, maybe THE LAST First One?

Or, Zovaal may use the power he would wield to free The First Ones from their imprisonment?

So, that is my first impressions about the lore of the upcoming patch.Thanks for reading! It may seem like I’m constantly switching from one theory to another but that is not true. I still believe in our First Ones/Void Lords theory but as a theorycrafter, I can’t be bound into one single theory as the story progresses. The more lore hints we get, the more options I think about what would come next so all I do is asking questions, seeking answers and sharing everything I have in mind with you.

Otherwise I may end up like a certain content creator who has stuck to a single theory for years and gained his entire fame thanks to it. And when his headcanon proved wrong again and again, he went on full toxic mode and ended up abandoning the Warcraft community while cursing everyone who is a part of it. He always was a perfect example for “how not to be as a Content Creator” so, I rather not be stuck in a single theory and go full toxic mode if it turns out wrong.

12 thoughts on “Shadowlands Patch 9.2: Eternity’s End First Impressions. Where ARE The First Ones?

      1. that last bit was about Pyro right? he was really devoted to his headcanon but when he went scorched earth, I was like “Yo, what the fuck!”…I unsubbed to his yt channel and never looked back. I hope he is doing well but that was way over the line for me.

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  1. I actually liken the first ones to the Reapers of Mass Effect. They leave every 50,000 years only to come back and begin the cycle anew with the old cycle being destroyed. If that is correct, Zovaal would be Commander Shepard in this analogy. :O First One’s inaction may be due to their perceived ascension. When you are God-like, do you really care about the quarrels of the mortal plane? 1st ones know its a flawed system…thats why they hit the reset button and reoriginate the universe.

    Domination Magic…is this a gift of the Old Gods to the Primus? We called it “insanity” in the final raid of BFA but doesn’t domination fit the bill when you don’t have your cloak on when facing N’zoth? I bring this up b/c Zovaal’s domination magic isn’t pure. Its not the same as what Primus and Bolvar had faced. Otherwise they would be in the last raid and not Sylvanas, a prisoner of war. And before we found out that Zovaal overcame and learned how to use domination magic, every single Eternal One absolutely fear the wrath of a fully powered Zovaal even if he remained in the Maw. So the question is what was his source of power? was he a legendary melee warrior-esque class? A magic caster (if so what magic)?

    I do believe the final form of Zovaal is the leaked image of the Jailer a while ago. He changes depending on the situation…The Jailer looked like an escaped prisoner, Zovaal, the warrior, and Zovaal, the Arbiter (their title for the monarch) of Shadowlands.

    Again, “King of Diamonds has been made a pawn.” Whatever he has said about Azeroth is a lie b/c he was being used by Nzoth.

    Personally, if Zereth Mortis is a workshop to create afterlives, my running theory, atm, is that the stream we see behind Zovaal is actually the part of the Sepulcher that creates TITAN afterlives. Zovaal seeks to destroy the Titans for what they did to him in the ORDERING of the shadowlands.


    1. So, yes during N’zoth fight N’zoth “dominated” our minds if our cloak has not been equipped or we fail the mechanics. But it was actually the “corruption” of the Void. The interesting thing howewer, what does make “Domination Magic” this OP if The Void or Fel, or even Light can dominate one’s mind through magic? I still believe that Domination Magic is the 7th magic Firim, The Mad Broker mentioned at 9.1, who -interestingly enough- the Broker that will help us during 9.2. Also:

      ” The 7th covets what the six holds fast. The falcrum weaers, all will be undone.”

      This sounds like a Void whisper A LOT, doesn’t it? Another connection between Death and Void and our First Ones theory. Which I mentioned I did not abandon at all.

      I’m sure Primus was the one who created/crafted Domination Magic. Because he said during 9.1 that the form of magic he would use to seal his sigil -Domination Magic- is a magic that even Zovaal cannot break. But it seems Zovaal mastered it in time during his imprisonment in The Maw.

      Yes, The Eternal Ones feared Zovaal to “death” even when he was imprisoned inside The Maw. This is because he was the chosen champion of The First Ones, just like Sargeras. May be he was not their leader but he was the strongest of them and the one deemed worthy to be the original Arbiter. Primus was most likely “the leader” and Denathrius was the original jailer. So, he was already powerful and take the amount of Anima he get since the Arbiter has broken into account, it was not surprising they feared him so much.

      The reason why The Jailer looked like an escaped prisoner because he was stripped of all his power and the special core he had in his chest. But it was really surprising to see his “original form” as a dark “Maw like” creature after he regains his sigil. One of the reasons for this he may be corrupted during the eons he spent in The Maw, he became one with The Maw. And this is one of the possible explanations for his aggression after he regains his sigil. But yes, it is also possible for this black armor is his “Warrior Oufit.” If that is the case, I wish we can see his “leaked form” as well in a cinematic when the time comes.


  2. I will also point out to Denathrius said, “Once his liberation is secured, it shall be by his will that all is washed away. The only power that will emerge from this torrent of change is Death. Death and those who shaped its victory.”

    Whats your interpretation of this with their reveal of 9.2? :O


    1. The matter of Denathrius is complicated. It is still possible that he is helping Zovaal as we learned he sent “some of his Dreadlords” into The Sepulcher to help him. And in my opinion, Zovaal told Denathrius the truth, making Death so The First Ones the ultimate victor of this cosmis shitstorm. I’m sure you have realized what Sylvanas and Denathrius believed in were DRASTICALLY different. Because Zovaal told a different plan to each. If you were a god-like creature, would you explain your true plan to Sylvanas or Sire Denathrius? a being of your equal.

      But, I also believe in another option. Sire Denathrius may end up as the true mastermind of Shadowlands and the only reason he sent out his Dreadlors into Zovaal’s side to keep him in check. I still do believe Zovaal will win but even if he won’t, and we -again- defeat THE ULTIMATE OVERPOWERED BEING AS ALWAYS, I don’t think the story of Denathrius and The Nathrezim will end. I do expect to hear a lot of them in the upcoming expansions.


  3. One synonym for Eternity is Immortal. Eternity’s End(mortal or dead) If Zovaal wins/ and makes the Old Gods mortal(Greek mythology), they will have to fight again. Azeroth(or Its afterlife version /zeroth Mortis) maybe their shadowlands. Thus, maybe playing into the theme or light, corrupted light , void , evil theme( Good gods vs corrupted gods.) For each covenant every soul had a chance(forced)to be redeemed, but now maybe there is only one choice, light or dark,(garosh said f redemption, I’m going to the void) heaven or hell. Zovaal gave Sylvannas the choice. Will Anduin be set free or set free and corrupted.Will Zovaal now give the choice to the rest of the souls, by taking out the old regime. But obviously he’s the baddie because absolutely power corrupts absolutely, and because of his intent he is still “bad”, and once defeated he will have to be replaced with a new “death” Probably one of the more shady paladin guys. Hmmm….

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    1. but is Zovaal bad? It is hard to say since we know so little of him.

      Like the saying goes: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. /shrug

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      1. I hear you. I’m thinking that it might be in the blizzard version because of torghast and the imprisoning of souls. But hey maybe he’s saving them to be set free later, though they seemed tormented.

        Also, I’d like to add, and I’m not super familiar with all the lore, but maybe that’s why so many powers , always want to invade/destroy Azeroth. Maybe they would lose there power if they didn’t.

        And one more thing. Maybe the big sword stuck in the world soul(Azeroth) spilt the light side / void side in two. And maybe the new expansion is bringing those 2 sides back to wholeness again. Maybe if death is unchained it will be allowed to start the life/death cycle again even for the titans/old gods. So many characters even Elune seem to be so torn between light and dark.

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  4. I do want to point out that. “Where are the First ones?

    the next raid is Sepulcher of the First Ones. Sepulcher, by definition, is a tomb…right? So…one would say that the First Ones have to be dead…right?


    1. I actually though about that aswell. Its possible if we assume the theory that The First Ones are actually “dead”, so their tomb could be a great source of power.

      But it seems “The Sepulcher” has a completely different meaning in Shadowlands. There are two sepulchers in Shadowlands we actually visited so far. One was in Maldraxxus “Sepulcher of Knowledge”. Its actually a library full of books written by the master tacticians of Maldraxxus and The Primus himself about the art of war. The Sepulcher in Korthia was the place where The Primus hid his sigil and according to Tal-Galan, its a sacred library of knowledge.

      So in this sense Sepulcher of The First Ones may actually end up like an Ulduar raid, where we would learn about The First Ones and The Void a bit more throghout the raid itself.


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