Shadowlands Eternity’s End: Death Comes for The Soul of Azeroth and The Return of Sargeras

Well, what a week! After the announcement of Shadowlands patch 9.2: Zereth Mortis, we have confirmation for Zovaal is the actual final boss of Shadowlands. And his threat at the beginning of the expansion about our planet wasn’t a joke, we can be sure that Zovaal is a man of his word.

“Death comes for the soul of your world! All that you see -all that you know- will be undone!

Death Comes For Azeroth, literally.

So, thanks to Wowhead’s datamining the list of bosses have been revealed, the review of it can be an entire new article so let’s focus on Zovaal and his ultimate ending phase for the moment.

According to the Wowhead article, the Zovaal encounter starts and ends in different locations. As I have said before, since Legion the ending raids were massive both in terms of story and size. So, considering we cleared out Torghast at 9.1, the ending raid should be something to overshadow it and here we go. It is time to make a conclusion for every thread that has been woven since Legion, it all led to this, this ultimate battle.

The “World Soul” of Argus, this is supposedly how World Souls look like before birth.

Desolation: Zovaal launches a volley of missiles at Azeroth, decreasing Azeroth’s health by up to 20%. One of these missiles can be intercepted by each player, inflicting 60 Shadow damage.
Apocalypse Bolt: Inflicts 5% of Azeroth’s maximum health in Shadow damage.

First, as a raid mechanic I don’t think that Zovaal’s Desolation attack would be intercepted by a single raid member if we would not be buffed in a gigantic amount, considering they are powerful enough to decrease the health of an unborn Titan instantly.

With this needless detail out of the way, it seems the true “Battle for Azeroth” is about to happen. Since Sargeras stabbed the sword into our planet, it was clear that the time of our young World Soul to be awakened comes closer each day. Considering Sargeras was the one who started the Faction War indirectly, it was also his action that led to all of these, speaking of Sargeras though…

İsn’t it the time for the legendary comeback of Sargeras&Illidan? And Steve Danuser also said that Sargeras’ sword will ultimately serve a purpose, considering everything since 2016 ( the single arc of Legion-Battle For Azeroth- Shadowlands) led to this moment, now  it is time for something big to happen, as a legendary climax.

The ending of Legion was a legend, we thought we won but Sargeras ruined our victory by stabbing his sword (for still unknown reasons) into our planet. Now, it is time for his legendary comeback, for two options:

First, Sargeras and Illidan would appear during the cinematic and Sargeras, the ultimate platonic lover of Azeroth would fight against Zovaal himself. This way, we, the children of Azeroth would not defeat the “godlike” enemy but rather just manage to barely protect our planet then Sargeras would deal with Zovaal personally. He will most likely use Gorribal, the sword he stabbed into our planet, but that would hurt the World Soul a lot more.

The second option, however, would develop in a slightly different way. If you have been following me for a long time, I’m sure you are aware that I have been insisting on something. In my opinion, The Legion were pretty much aware of The Shadowlands and they even used (or meant to use) the Rift of Aln to reach it, thanks to the path Xavius created.

So, either Kil’ajeden or Sargeras was aware of Zovaal’s presence and they have been working together to end the creation .But Zovaal’s goal, as you can see, is a bit different. Sargeras and his Crusade would stop at nothing to destroy all life in the universe, then Sargeras would re-create the existence from the beginning. But for Zovaal, it is not only about the physical universe but about this prison, this “flawed design” of The First Ones that caused him, their chosen champion, to suffer in The Maw for eons.

N’zoth Has Warned Us About His Aggresive Friend

So, Sargeras was actually aware of Zovaal but he did not know he would go that far and directly attack Azeroth’s world soul, the Titan he fell in love, literally. So that would make them enemies. One side, a god who would stop at nothing to remake the flawed reality and on the other side a god in love, wow! But there is another possibility, my dear friend Aernath speculated something when we found out how aggressive will Zovaal be against Azeroth:

He claims that Zovaal’s goal is to engage a “marriage of gods” between him and Azeroth, saving Azeroth from her “prison”, the world itself. “This world is a prison” right? Forcing her to finally awake, maybe she was being forced to sleep by The Titans?

We don’t know how long would it take for a Titan to be born, but considering how much damage Azeroth endured through the planet’s lifetime -a Sundering, a Cataclysm and so forth- at some point the World Soul should’ve already awakened. But she is still asleep. So, Zovaal may try to awaken her but his method is too risky, because seemingly his relentless assault would harm the World Soul nonetheless.

But N’zoth also warned us about Zovaal, N’zoth said that he alone would save us from Zovaal and he should be the one who would take control of The World Soul. Because he knew that his friend Zovaal is “a bit aggressive” and his brutal methods would ruin the Old Gods’ own ultimate plan to save their masters (The First Ones) by fatally harming the World Soul.

So, this is actually where our theory about The First Ones being trapped inside The Void and ultimately became The Void Lords comes into account. And that Zovaal (with the help of the Old Gods from Azeroth) would find his way to the World Soul of Azeroth to unlock the key of The Void and usher the actual unmaking to free The First Ones.

What if The First Ones aka The Void Lords and The Outer Gods from H.P. Lovecraft Mythos actually have some similarities?

Soon, very soon…

11 thoughts on “Shadowlands Eternity’s End: Death Comes for The Soul of Azeroth and The Return of Sargeras

  1. Apparently you missed the Warning of Azeroth!!! You are so adamant to not seeing the TRUTH! you clearly are not listening to the sounds! You will soon hear screaming! Maybe your eyes will open then!

    Well, let me again guide you! I do not know if you are intentionally choosing to ignore it or your eyes are still closed to the grand scheme of things of an eternal conflict that predates existence itself!

    Azeroth warned us of what is to come! Magni tells us the following after speaking with her:

    “The Dark Titan comes! We gotta stop him! Argus… the Legion’s homeworld. She says our destiny lies there.” (- Patch 7.3)
    “Her feelin’s are a jumble. I need ta focus, let her thoughts flow into–UNNGG!”
    “Sands… soaked in pain. Rivers… rivers of blood.” (- 7.3 ending and BFA)
    “Skies aflame. A sword… in the darkness… the wound… burning…”
    Talkin’ to a world soul ain’t like chattin’ with a mortal. Might be why she needed someone ta become her Speaker.

    “She’s haunted by the Legion… and the Old Gods. But there be somethin’ more… a greater darkness…”

    Legion – Sargeras –>>>> Patch 7.3 Legion ending
    the Old Gods – Nzoth –>>>> Patch 8.3 BFA ending
    somethin’ more… a greater darkness – Zovaal/ Death –>>>> Patch 9.2 Shadowlands Ending

    The Amalgam of Torment was the final nightmare of Azeroth in the Hall of communion and her nightmare can manifest Tentacles and Void creatures, the maidens in the chamber hold Light related powers in the Halls of communion. The Amalgam speaks of warnings that we have heard from the Old Gods, Garrosh and Archimonde. The last line is from Cthun. If you collectively look at all these whispers over all raid bosses, you will basically get the foreshadowed warning about Zovaal and what he intends to do in the finality of Shadowlands!

    Amalgam of Torment yells: Look upon the true face of death, and know that your end comes soon! (Yogg-saron)
    Amalgam of Torment yells: The pain of flesh is fleeting. True torment lasts forever. (Il’gynoth)
    Amalgam of Torment yells: You are BLIND. I WILL FORCE YOUR EYES OPEN. (Garrosh, who was under Yshraaj’s influence to an extent)
    Amalgam of Torment yells: Soon the heart of your world will beat no more! (Archimonde)
    Amalgam of Torment yells: Your courage will fail. (C’thun)

    Also, look at the name of the Amalgam – TORMENT! Who is intending to bring an eternity of Torment by remaking the cosmos! Also, taking Il’gynoth to be part of N’zoth, you have all 4 Old Gods who were present on Azeroth in a way warning of the FINAL that we are about to see! I strongly suggest you to look your theories in a different way about the First ones! I told you about the Stars!

    The Hall of communion is an instanced version under Ahn’qiraj (it has resemblance to Zereth Mortis is some ways!)

    Uldum – Forge of Origination
    Silithus – Heart Chamber – Forge of Fates
    Ahn’qiraj/ Sholazar Basin – Halls of Communion

    The Caverns of Time is the close vicinity by the way. The reason why the Caverns may exist as Threads of time is because it is closer to the Prison of Fate.

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    1. I actually remembered Azeroth’s warning right after we learned that Zovaal directly attacks Azeroth. But it would make the article even longer so I cut it for another time. I actually have at least 3 more articles in my head and the the first one is on its way. So nonetheless thank you for bringing it into light here. And actually it supports my idea even more, that Legion-BFA-Shadowlands are actually a single arc in terms of story.

      The next article will be about The First Ones, then we will talk about The Primus, the loose ties of Shadowlands that needs to be addressed in 9.2.

      I agree with all what you are saying. As I said, I have some options in my mind. I still believe The First Ones is Void Lords. Another possibility is Azeroth was “the beginning of everything.” But that would make Titans stronger than they were supposed to IF Azeroth is a Titan Soul after all.

      I also agree that The Void and Death are so interconnected into each other as they have pretty much whispers and lins that connects the two. I still find hilarious that the community thinks Death and Void are “mortal enemies” thanks to just a fucking whisper from the Three Sisters.


  2. Regarding you Theory on First ones and Void lords, ask yourself what happens when the Stars die! What happened to the dead first ones! A star and a Black hole, you need a more cosmic and stellar perspective and I am sure you are going to get some very eye opening screams/ whispers from Rygelon!

    “There is a great & Terrible truth at the beginning of all things”

    This raid boss will be the hint to, possibly the origins of the Eternal Conflict! What is with Light and Void? How is Shadow different from the Void? What are the Origins of Shadow/ Umbra?

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  3. Saw your tweet on the CELESTIAL GODDESS and your Lovecraftian observation of the Old ones and THE STARS! Finally, after all those hints, your eyes are opening to the COSMIC TRUTH!

    I hope now you understand why I said weeks back that you were so close to the truth yet so far from realizing it on your post about Harbaron. I hope now you understood the snippet from Call of Cthulhu that I had commented on the other post. I hope now you see what I meant about the Puzzle Box of Yogg saron’s whisper:

    “The Stars sweep chill currents that make men shiver in the dark”

    Your friend Aernath missed this Pamphlet when he replied to me on the Legion pamphlets:

    An Emerald Dawn.

    An emerald sun dawns in the vault of the heavens, but casts no shadow.
    The world lifts her voice in terror, but only one can hear her cries.
    From the space that is everywhere and nowhere, the crooked serpent feasts on stars.
    It has no eyes to see, but it dreams of infinite endings and beginnings.


    The crooked serpent with no eyes is watching from the endless sky.
    Forked tongues flicker through the black pits in dead stars.
    The veil between dream and dreamer slides away like skin from bone.
    And even the darkness howls for the light it once despised.

    Poq’yith mazzka awan ki uhnish’philfgsh (Old God mob) – The crooked serpent with no eyes is watching from the endless sky.

    The CROOKED SERPENT (Infinite serpent) and THE STARS – I await your upcoming article, the beginning of the infinite truths of the Void to be revealed to the community! I hope your articles receive the big boost from the community because you deserve it. Your eyes are opening to the Beyond!

    It was only you among the community who made the observation on Harbaron back then, hence I commented you and contacted you weeks back.

    Star Augur was the connection and I hope if you have made the connection between him and Fate scribe Roh-Kalo and also about the EMBRACE! The EMBRACE is linked with the CELESTIAL GODDESS!

    We have seen Uunat, the Harbinger of Void and now we will see Zovaal summoning Harbingers of Oblivion when he uses the Machine of Origination to calibrate the unleashing of OBLIVION!

    When all the Lights fade, when all the stars die, that which remains is the eternal infinite all consuming Void, the Oblivion of cosmic existence! The new saga is more about the Eternal conflict!

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  4. I have read on wowpedia that the only way for Gorshalach to be reforged is by being wield by a “non-evil” being. Can a dominated person (IE a person without free will) be good or evil? Do their actions make themselves good or evil even though they didn’t have a choice in their actions?

    And according to wowpedia, Gorribal/Sword of Sargeras is a weapon “crafted from hatred made manifest”. Hatred and other sins manifest all the time when venthyr force their subjects to atone for their misgivings. Imagine if Sargeras was taught how to manifest his sins into weapons against others via the Dreadlords.

    I have been looking at the whispers of the Everliving statue,

    “How many voices do you heed? How many are real?” – with the revelation of the prototype Death Pantheon, are the EOs even real/natural or created?
    “A city of secrets. A history of lies.” – If the EOs are not real, then whats truth and what’s lies? Do the Archivists know about the fake EOs? I doubt it.
    “Hope. Betrayal. Sacrifice. Faces change. The tale does not.” The system is flawed….the cycle is eternal. How many times have this happened that the reality is unmade and rebuilt?
    “So many secrets, so little time left to share them.” – Notice how this statue is familiar to us..its on our dark portals and other obscure locations…at least for now. There is a few in duskwood and blasted lands. Other places I am sure. Who are they? Are they the ultimate observers to the cycles? hmmm, I wonder what they know…
    “Hidden from daylight, a sleeping flame rests atop the sixth tree.” – what if its not a tree but something that towers into the sky like a world tree does? What if the red star in the sky is actually over a mysterious sixth world tree? Or maybe the tree doesn’t exist, yet. Another world tree to come? a new home for the Night Elves? :O
    “The seventh covets what the six hold fast. The fulcrum wavers. All will be undone.” – Fulcrum is the forge of Afterlives? :O The seventh has to be a new cosmic force…or there are seven titans. :O

    I am about to go to work…so thats my thoughts on this…

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  5. Well a great comment! Let’s reply. ^^:

    So, I don’t think you are responsible for anything you do if your mind is dominated and you cannot control what you do. So ı agree there is no good or evil in domination.

    That feeling being manifested theme has been really interesting. We saw this first time in Pandaria, due to Old God influence, right? And we saw it in Bastion, every doubt or fear you feel manifests before you and you got to fight them to not to succumb. Considering how much Dreadlords invested in the creation of Sargeras’ crusade, I would not be surprised if Sargeras knows how to manifest his hate into his weapon as, Anima may be?

    I rather believe the little statue guy mentioned the cosmic chart and the six cosmic forces for the last 2 whispers. “The fulcrum wavers. All will be undone.” That guy sounds pretty much like… a Void entity doesn’t it? And it knows the lies of the Eternal Ones, about Korthia and desire the end of all things. Just like Zovaal and Sargeras.

    And yes, that little guy is a familiar statute. Giant statutes with the same model can actually be found across Revendreth, which as you have mentioned located on the Dark Portal and even Duskwood, I love these little secrets.

    I think the Eternal Ones are real and those prototypes were “actual” blueprints of them. And now they would serve as some kind of echos of the Eternal Ones.


    1. :O

      Oh my, I didn’t think about that. Say Titanic imprisonment is worse than death in the eyes of Sargeras…what if Sargeras is “reborn” through Azeroth’s world soul through domination magic? That sword was manifested by hatred…forged in Anima to transfer his soul/essence to Azeroth. What if King Magni was made a pawn by…Zovaal/Sargeras?

      Holy shit…if thats not a tinfoil conspiracy, I don’t know what is. lol

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