The Loose Ties in Shadowlands Lore That Should Be Addressed In Eternity’s End

Eternity’s End will be the culmination of the Shadowlands arc as told by Steve Danuser himself. And actually, he stated that the story of Shadowlands has been planned and developed for years

Just as I have stated before. I believe Legion-Battle For Azeroth-Shadowlands was a single story arc. And so, there is still much to answer of this almost 6 years long story built up in just… a single patch.

So, let’s ask some lore questions that should be addressed during the upcoming patch.


Arthas… yes. We have been hinted before that we will see something about Arthas before Shadowlands ends. And they even show him as the victim during Afterlives: Bastion. In my opinion, I don’t think Arthas should be “redeemed” because he doesn’t need  a redemption. The main problem about him was that his right to be judged by The Arbiter has been stripped away.

We should see  how his destiny will be fulfilled during 9.2. May be as a raid boss, a general of the Mawsworn or as an ally. Otherwise, it would be a great waste. At the moment, we have Jaina, Uther, Sylvanas and a dominant Anduin, this is the right time!

The second question that should be answered is what exactly did Zovaal do to be banished into The Maw?

According to the Eternal Ones, Zovaal sought forbidden knowledge and defied the will of The First Ones. But neither The Primus, The Winter Queen or Kyrestia gave a clear explanation about what had exactly transpired before Zovaal was banished into The Maw.

Why don’t they show us what exactly happened? Maybe that’s because what actually transpired was not exactly the same as what they wanted us to believe?

Another mystery that must be explained is the mystery of Elune itself. At the moment, she is the longest secret in Warcraft lore with almost 20 years of mystery. I’m sure you have heard of our First Ones/Elune/Void Lord theory so according to it, this is just the time for Elune to show up, the ending of the upcoming raid.

The Void Goddess, the Celestial Goddess has to make her appearance at long last. And by making an appearance I mean literally witnessing her “beauty.”

The Nathrezim Story, The Return of Illidan&Sargeras and The Sword In Silithus

In my opinion, the best piece of lore in Shadowlands is the Nathrezim storyline and mystery. Undoubtedly, Sire Denathrius’ true ambitions are more than just ruling The Shadowlands. He wants to make Death (in this sense the imprisoned First Ones) the ultimate conqueror of all the other cosmological forces.

“If only you just obeyed!.

At this point the spoilers of 9.2 are pretty limited so we don’t know if Sire will be involved in the upcoming raid story. But there is a boss named “Lords of Dread” among the last 3 bosses and one of those “Lords of Dread” will be Mal’ganis. So, it’s time for this Nathrezim mystery to be unveiled a bit more and continue in the expansions ahead. Give me more Nathrezim!

I would also like to see the inevitable and yet glorious return of Sargeras&Illidan. And they would be the one (or Sargeras himself) would be the one who fights against Zovaal in the final cinematic if Zovaal should be defeated after all. As Sargeras is the platonic lover of Azeroth’s World Soul.

If you have been following me for a long time, you should be aware that we claim that Sargeras&Nzoth&Zovaal are actually trying to do the same, to reach Azeroth’s World Soul but with “different” approaches.

That is why each of them tried to claim World Soul one after another in their own way but their purpose was the same. For further information about this please check out the article above.

Also, the sword in Silithus should finally be used in some kind of action. By either Sargeras himself or Zovaal as Danuser have stated that the sword will have a purpose to serve in the future. If not, when? The final “Battle For Azeroth” will happen and the story will reach its culmination.

Odyn, the Deal Between Helya and Sylvanas and Loken’s Final Words.

Well, as I have stated before, the secrets in the story of Helya&Odyn and its own culmination can be the one of the breaking points that will lead to “the end.” Also Loken’s final words, which actually we still did not hear about. Xal’atath asked us to mention Odyn.  And Odyn “almost” killed us for only we have asked something.

Also, the obvious connections between Death&Void should also be mentioned if even briefly. For example the clear link between Legion expansion and Shadowlands expansion, using The Maw of Souls and Harbaron.

A celestial being, Harbaron, a blood debt collector and someone who knows one or two about the cosmic flow. And surprisingly(!) We will see a Constellar boss in the upcoming raid aswell, just before facing Zovaal himself.

The Drust and The Arakkoa

Well, I have recently speculated that Zovaal and The Drust are actually connected as well as Yogg-Saron and the grand plan of Elune. Long story short, the fact that The Drust becoming “The Drust” in the first place was because the corruption of The Emerald Nightmare inside Thros an offshoot of The Nightmare.

Then, Yoggy used The Drust to invade Ardenweald, the most vulnerable point of Shadowlands. And The Drust can wield the power of Death and Void magic both at the same time. And The Drust can wield the power of Death and Void magic both at the same time.

For the Arakkoa it’s kind of a similar story. For almost a year I have been saying that The Arakkoa was actually one of the most knowledgeable races about the Shadowlands, among the mortal races we have encountered.

They can pierce through the veil surrounding our eyes by simply brewing special potions. They talk about the shadow of their Raven God and they name their sites with “Veil”. 

For example Veil Shienor, Veil Reskk, Veil Rhaze or Veil Lithic. At this point it’s unlikely to see the Arakko directly involved in 9.2 but I expect or hope seeing they have been mentioned in one of the chapters of the story.

2 thoughts on “The Loose Ties in Shadowlands Lore That Should Be Addressed In Eternity’s End

  1. i haven’t read this yet…but if Zovaal wins in this next raid, would there even be a shadowlands as we know it? Thus Steve would be right that the Shadowlands arc would be done…as there is no more shadowlands as we currently see it. Re-originated if you will.

    Will post again when I am done and thought about the post. 🙂


  2. If Zovaal wins, I don’t think he will stop at Shadowlands. As I understand from the dungeon journal, he is to absorb the power of the World Soul to unmake (then recreate the all existence.)

    Man, one side of me wants to Zovaal win. Because, at this point we need to LOSE, this is the right time. Even Ion mentioned that during Legion that there will come a time for us to lose. But on the other hand, if Zovaal manages to reset everything, the “Warcraft” we knew and love would be lost. Also, I want to witness the unjust order built by The Primus, Aman’thul etc. being torn apart.

    So what I expect and hope is actually a bitter sweet ending. At this point I can’t certainly say if Zovaal would “win” or “lost”. But I expect a Legion styled ending, an event that would shake our future forever.


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