Zovaal Was not Only The Arbiter but The Lord of The Eternal Ones and The Shadowlands

What if I told you that Zovaal was the leader of the Eternal Ones, appointed by the First Ones themselves? You probably won’t be surprised as this was explained in game recently and we have speculated about it almost a year ago. As how Zovaal was the chosen champion of the Shadowlands to place the souls onto their realms.

But what if I told you, Zovaal was also the leader of the Eternal Ones so in this sense the entire Shadowlands itself? And Primus is the real evil behind everything? Well, I have my suspicions but before everything, I have some “small” lore hints to support what I will say.

Let’s dive in!

The Difference Between Being “A Leader” and “The Master”

So, according to The Primus Zovaal once the original Arbiter of souls as we have speculated in this blog a year ago.Then later used it to bolster out First Ones theory. But in my opinion, Zovaal was their Master or even their lord in some kind of sense. And there is a possibility that he is not an Eternal One after all, but something more powerful and ancient, no… not a First One of course.

But in this theory, we will assume that he was the “first” creature placed into the Shadowlands by The First Ones and was not an Eternal One? According to our theory, he was the champion of the First Ones, much like Sargeras. But according to the dungeon journal of “Prototype Pantheon ” encounter of the upcoming raid, it seems Zovaal was something more. It has been shared on Wowhead:

The Prototype Pantheon is the fourth encounter in Sepulcher of the First Ones. This Pantheon of Death has been printed by Progenitors in service of the Jailer, and they resemble the covenant leaders with glowing special effects.

The Jailer intends to use the secrets of Zereth Mortis to reshape reality and bend it to his malevolent will, and creating his own Eternal Ones is a threat we need to stop!

Doesn’t it sound a lot like the Dark Pantheon Sargeras tried to recreate on his own? If there are prototypes of the Pantheon of Death sitting on the Sepulcher, it is likely that Zovaal would try to dominate them with his magic as well.

Also, Sire Denatrius himself stated that Zovaal comes to reclaim what was his, back in the very beginning of the expansion!

Now paves the path to the Banished One to reclaim what was his!

Shadowlands Was Belong to Zovaal By Right and Primus is the True Evil of This Expansion

So, according to the canon lore The Eternal Ones themselves meant to serve Zovaal in the first place! By The First Ones’ will, The Primus, The Winter Queen, Sire Denathrius and Kyrestia The Archon were to help Zovaal to preserve the true design of The First Ones. I don’t want to repeat our theory here as we have discussed it a lot of times, but here is a reminder:

The Primus was appointed as the best crafter in the entire reality. And most likely he was the second-in command with Zovaal, if not the actual leader. And, to develop the theory even further, I believe The Primus has been created by using Zovaal’s own essence as his “twin” in the sense of gods. In this scenario,

What Zovaal wanted was to actually reclaim what was his. But due to his imprisonment in The Maw for eons, his noble soul was twisted and he will enact vengeance by the broken system the Eternal Ones built.

And why should we trust what Primus said about Zovaal’s imprisonment? What he claims doesn’t make sense. Imagine the scenario where Zovaal and the Eternal Ones clashed and the champion of the First Ones had been defeated by the very beings supposed to serve him.

Then the Eternal Ones (lead by the Primus himself) created a machine to replace their champion and even put the orb inside it meant for Zovaal. Does it make any sense? Why would they not interfere after all?

Maybe, just maybe they were imprisoned as well by The Eternal Ones?

And please do not forget  the fact that Primus was aware of Domination Magic, maybe even created it and used it to dominate Zovaal inside The Maw.

So he is the very reason we have to deal with Domination Magic in the first place.

Before we finish, the header image of this article was actually Aernath’s work! The original tweet below!:

5 thoughts on “Zovaal Was not Only The Arbiter but The Lord of The Eternal Ones and The Shadowlands

    1. So you think there will be a 9.3? if 10.0 in 2023, then maybe we might even get a 9.3.5 depending on how motivated Blizzard is to put out content…


  1. I think 9.3 has to be right around the corner after 9.2 if they are saying Zenith Mortis is almost completely optional in regards of the cipher of the First Ones.

    I do think the cipher of the 1st ones will be a lore BOMB…like a fucking nuke.

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