To All My Fellow Followers

First, I need to make this clear: I’m not closing this blog or something. But I decided to change in terms of content creation. 6 months ago, I attempted to create Youtube content but I ended up leaving my Youtube channel dead after a month.

This time I’m serious on that matter, while some of my articles had impressive numbers in terms of stats, I have decided to switch to Youtube to reach a wider audience this time. I have some technical issues, but nonetheless they can be fixed.

In terms of digital storytelling, transmedia usage and media convergence Youtube is also a much, much better tool and opportunity. So, if you  would like to keep supporting me, I would like to have your support on my new journey. So we won’t lose contact in the first place.

I have decided to give Youtube another shot after the glorious “Shattered Legacies” cinematic and I will slowly convert my recent theories into Youtube videos.

I need to repeat, at this point I’m not considering closing this blog or something. But time will tell. So again, if you want to keep supporting me, you are more than welcome to drop a like or comment or subscribe to my channel!

See you again soon!

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