Shadowlands Eternity’s End: Death Comes for The Soul of Azeroth and The Return of Sargeras

Zovaal literally attacks the soul of Azeroth and its time for the legendary comeback of Sargeras.

Whispers of Xal’atath Back in Legion. We Need To Take a Look At Them.

We need to take a look back to Legion and whispers of Xal’atath to understand the story of Shadowlands.

The Unseen Guests: The Latest And the Best Chapter of the Shadowlands Storyline So Far.

The recent chapter of the Chains of Domination story, The Unseen Guests was a lore bomb.

Exiled in The Void: The First Ones!

Are you ready for a mind-blowing theory; including The First Ones, The Void and The Machine Of Death? Come in and be enlightened!

Sylvanas States: Nothing Is Fair. Not Life, Not Death.

This article is more like an “I called it!” one. I think most of the theories of mine have been “pretty much” confirmed with the recent cinematic.

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We may have some cosmic scaled problems ahead of us… I’ve been blogging for one and a half a year now. And my very first blog post was about “Why The Burning Legion Is At The Center Of The Warcraft Universe”. Due to I’ve recently started blogging fully English, I may need to explain aContinue reading “DEATH, THE JAILER, NATHREZIM (THE DREADLORDS), THE BURNING LEGION AND THEIR UNDENIABLE CONNECTION.”

Maldraxxus Had Something To Do With The Burning Legion

Since World Of Warcraft: Legion has ended, the majority of the Warcraft community convinced themselves that we will not see anything Legion related, ever again. But for like one and half a year, I have been insisting that without The Burning Legion, the Warcraft Universe would be incomplete. Those posts were all Turkish, so betterContinue reading “Maldraxxus Had Something To Do With The Burning Legion”

Rise Of The Horde: Old School Warcraft Atmosferine Güncel Bir Bakış

Warcraft’ın hikayesi, 2001 yılında çıkan ve türkçeye çevirilen Ejderhanın Günü kitabından beri kitaplar ile destekleniyor. Aralık 2006’da çıkan Rise Of The Horde ile Blizzard, The Burning Crusade paketi öncesinde oyunculara Draenei kültürünü, Draenor’u ve Orcların, Legion etkisinden önceki yaşam tarzlarını anlatmaya karar vermişti. Bu gelenek, yani paket aralarına kitap yerleştirmek Rise Of The Lich King,Continue reading “Rise Of The Horde: Old School Warcraft Atmosferine Güncel Bir Bakış”