Elune is one of the biggest mysteries of the Warcraft Universe since Warcraft 3. Even before The Chronicles, we were sure that she is a being of cosmic scale. She breathes life, took her followers into her “light”, grants Arcane power to Wildkin and also has a dark side in literal. Elune is the balancingContinue reading “ELUNE IS RELATED TO EVERY ONE OF THE COSMIC POWERS”

Why Sylvanas Is Not Garrosh but Illidan Instead?

After Sylvanas became a very offensive Warchief during War Of Thorns, most of the community united in a single voice and shouted ” Garrosh 2.0, Evil Warchief!!!” Until some point, this argument made sense, as Blizzard themselves scattered the breadcrumbs. Sylvanas’ disagreements with her advisors, training her special force- dark rangers- beneath Orgrimmar or -justContinue reading “Why Sylvanas Is Not Garrosh but Illidan Instead?”

Will Warcraft Lore Have Someone Equivalent Of The Architect?

“Choice, the problem is choice” It is almost certain that World Of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion; Shadowlands is a pure source of exciting and fresh lore. Throughout all the alpha testing, Blizzard hinted that they have something big in mind, that would push Warcraft lore into a new era. As the destruction of The Helm OfContinue reading “Will Warcraft Lore Have Someone Equivalent Of The Architect?”