Why Do I Not Want Arthas To Be “Redeemed”?

I do not want to see our dear Arthas has been redeemed. Or at least not in the way you think.

Maldraxxus Had Something To Do With The Burning Legion

Since World Of Warcraft: Legion has ended, the majority of the Warcraft community convinced themselves that we will not see anything Legion related, ever again. But for like one and half a year, I have been insisting that without The Burning Legion, the Warcraft Universe would be incomplete. Those posts were all Turkish, so betterContinue reading “Maldraxxus Had Something To Do With The Burning Legion”

“The Path Is Flawed!”

“What we have done to him was not justice, it was vengeance” I was wondering why Blizzard still did not release a glorious animated cinematic series for Shadowlands, until now! And what a cinematic it had been! Truth be told, my expectations were not as high as for this one, compared to Revendreth or Ardenweald.Continue reading ““The Path Is Flawed!””