Zovaal Was not Only The Arbiter but The Lord of The Eternal Ones and The Shadowlands

Zovaal The Jailer wasn’t only the Arbiter but the Lord of all Shadowlands and why you should not trust to The Primus at all.

The Outer Gods of H.P. Lovecraft and The First Ones: Exiled in The Outside of The Universe

The Automa in Zereth Mortis speak in a musical language and The Outer Gods have their own, the song of the stars.

The Veil and The Horrible Truth of the Warcraft Universe Explained!

Previously we have theorized that our mortal eyes have been shrouded by a veil. Now we have an actual proof about it!

Whispers of Xal’atath Back in Legion. We Need To Take a Look At Them.

We need to take a look back to Legion and whispers of Xal’atath to understand the story of Shadowlands.

“What Lies Ahead” For Shadowlands? A Late Discussion.

Vacation has ended so its time to catch-up with the story of Shadowlands. Lets analyze the latest chapter of it and beyond together.

“By Our Hand” Cinematic Analysis. A Deep Dive.

A grand analysis for the latest World Of Warcraft Cinematic: By Our Hand. Lots of video, image and even Twitter references with the usage of audio.

Sire Denathrius and The Primus Are Behind Everything!

While Sylvanas and The Jailer have been presented as the main antagonists of The Shadowlands, behind the shadows, everything goes according to the plan!