Harry Potter; The Boy Who Lived and The Childhood

As a child who got used to reading thanks to the Harry Potter series, its been a long time since I read Harry Potter books and watch the movies. I was reading the whole series each year from start to finish (or at least until the latest book) until like 4-5 years ago. Then Warcraft came in so I’ve lost my interest, until recently. So, I delved into the whole universe once again and it was a wonderful trip to childhood and back. But I need to specify, this article would not be a deep-dive about the universe. Probably just gonna be a casual chat analysis.


First things first, I’m a 25 years old worm book and if I put myself inside the story weave of it, I can read 100 to 200 page each night. Given I always left the reading really late hours, I would need to force myself to stop reading. And Harry Potter books are the top-tier. Meeting up with old friends (beyond The Golden Trio) like Hagrid, the “teacher ıncarnate” Professor McGonagall, even The Dark Lord Voldemort was golden.

I felt Harry when he thought he was wronged and sometimes argued with him. I agreed with Hermione when she tried to make sense with Harry’s hilarious arguments. Symphatized Luna when she cleverly joked about herself. I was an invisible watcher, right next to them, lost myself in the pages, just to be forced to wake up before delving into the next chapter.

Started as a Fairy Tale, the story got darker with each book.

I have to agree, I also forgot the magical atmosphere Harry Potter Universe -books and films alike- has created. Combined with how real were our Golden Trio’s problems, like poverty, heartbreaking, sometimes breaking up with each other melted the magical world with the real problems of an ordinary child. And, I don’t want to become Dumbledore but, considering the series’ main idea, the power of love and friendship but especially love, bridges Harry’s wondrous world with ours.

“”Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice, between what is right and what is easy.Dumbledore, Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire

Speaking of returning to the past, none of the books was less intriguing than the rest. Despite my -maybe 16th- time reading them all over again. Despite I knew their plots well and aware, l read each chapter like it was the first time. Perhaps it is the ” magic” of certain books that are so special to us, reading them with the same enthusiasm each time, regardless of our age, especially if they somehow symbolizes our childhood.

The Golden Trio grew older as we grew older


I will start by saying I appreciate the movies except forThe Half-Blood Prince. So I have no prejudice disdain against the movies or something. Because nonetheless, watching the universe you grew up with on the white screen was priceless. The reason why the sixth movie was a disappointment for me is the books tremendous potential has butchered.

The movie cut off so many beautiful details. Like how Harry fell in love with Ginny slowly, and how she hugged him in front of the whole Gryffindor House. Instead of a secret meeting inside The Room Of Requirement. Or, the parts where Dumbledore and Harry delve into Voldemort’s memories, learning Tom Riddle’s personal traits, and their discussions about Horcrux were vital.

Speaking of the details were cut off, let’s keep digging. I admit the book Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix was huge, so it is okay more than half of it should be cut to convert it into a movie. But the ending parts of it, where Dumbledore informed Harry about why he ignored Harry throughout the year, why he forced Sirius to stay inside or the real reason why Voldemort was tried to murder him when he was a baby were vital.


To understand the bond between Harry and Voldemort, but more importantly to know Dumbledore cared about Harry throughout the series. He cared for him so much, that’s why he hid so much information about him, to not overburden him. As he explained it again later, at the ending of The Deathly Hallows.

And the problem is if you just watched the movies, you would think Dumbledore would never care about Harry. Just raised him like a pig for slaughter, as how Snape pointed it out. At its core this is true, Harry’s life was actually the part of Dumbledore and Snape’s grand plot to kill Voldemort once and for all. But movies went straightly on it, rather showing how Dumbledore actually cared for Harry’s well being all time.


Another huge difference between the books and movies was the moment of Voldemort’s demise. But this is up for debate, at the book Voldemort was killed by Harry in front of the whole Hogwarts and The Order Of The Phoenix. His broken and mortal body fell into the floor, as everyone witnessed. And Harry explained Dumbledore’s whole plot, how Severus Snape was a great man and mentioning Lily Potter. The one who defied Voldemort and blessed her protection upon Harry with her sacrifice. Especially Ron and Hermoine had the right to learn about it.

But the thing is, David Yates decision was not wrong as well. It seems he preferred to show Voldemort in a different way. With his last Horcrux destroyed, there was nothing, nothing left of Tom Riddle’s soul. The young boy who tried to defy death as long as possible, cast into the oblivion at the end. In the books we have learned how Tom Riddle despised the idea of a wizard can die, he aimed to defy it, divide his soul through terrible acts. But in return, when Death came to claim him, his soul was utterly destroyed. And the movie showed that well. Voldemort got destroyed by the ancient magic he despised all along, Lily Potter’s ward through selfless sacrifice.

“There will come a time when Harry Potter must be told something”


To sum up, I’ve re-experienced a lovely piece of my childhood, a magical world and friends I had while growing up. I’ve tried to protect the child inside me as much as I can until now. Sometimes with Warcraft, sometimes with Harry Potter, the reason why I’m a geek is I’ve protected my childhood until now. Do not care what people say, do not care what age you are, do not let your childhood to die.

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