Elune Is The Sister of Winter. What Can We Make Of It?

Recently, it is revealed that Elune is actually the sister of The Winter Queen. Surprising(!), right? Well, lets not waste any more time and take a look at every possible outcome at this moment:

Elune is actually Eonar, Titan of Life.

Why It Makes Sense:

One of the five Pillars Of Creations was the Tears of Elune. Every other Pillar is associated with a certain Titan ( Khaz’garoth, Aggramar, Aman’thul, Golganneth) while this one seems… disconnected? Coupled with the fact that Eonar chose a place named Elunaria until Sargeras finds her, this makes sense.

The theory also makes sense a bit because Titans and Eternal Ones are at the same tier in the Cosmic Chart. NOT in the same power level, but in the same tier.

There is also the “Spring” as Eonar and “Autumun” as The Winter Queen ” connection”:

______________________________________ ______________________________________
Ardenweald and the Emerald Dream are opposite blooms connected to the same tree. If the Dream is the personification of Life in the waxing stage, then Ardenweald is life when it is waning
______________________________________ ______________________________________


Why It Doesn’t Make Sense:

While the hints from Legion have established a connection between Eonar and Elune, I believe they were just distractions. Because in truth, there are more plot points in this theory that actually does not make sense at all.

First of all, according to Khadgar’s research as he tried to open Tears Of Elune, Elune was the creator of The Prime Naaru: Xe’ra. I guess you all know the details, but we need a reminder;
______________________________________ ______________________________________
I was going through some ancient cosmology tomes when I stumbled upon a passage indicating that the prime naaru may have been created by Elune during the great ordering of Light and Shadow.

If Elune did create Xe’ra, then it stands to reason that we could use the Tears of Elune to unlock the secrets of Light’s Heart.
______________________________________ ______________________________________

So, this means she is supposed to be capable of creating a Prime Naaru, so she must be ancient, really ancient as well. She has to be older than the first appearence of Light and Void in the Physical Universe. There is no way for Eonar to create a Naaru. Again, she is at the SAME tier with The Naaru.

Throughout the story of Warcraft, Elune demosntrated her power in every kind of Cosmological Force except Fel . She is associated with Light, she claims the dead of The Nght Elves so she also holds the power of Death. She has a dark side, associated with The Void. She brings life and she also wields Arcane Magic, associated with Order. You can argue Eonar is able to manipulate the magic of Order, Light and Life to a certain degree, but there is no way she can use the power of Death or The Void.

Elune is capable of creating Night Warriors. According to lore, Night Warriors are one of the most powerful creatures in the Physical Universe, such example is Tyrande herself. The power of Night is too powerful as she simply turned Torghast into a walk in the park back in 9.0. And the arcane, chaotic power threatened destroying her body, her shell.

The power of Elune is too great for a mortal to bear. Also according to Blizzard, The Eternal Ones are “titan-plus plus” beings and The Shadowlands predates The Titans. While I’m still not sure if Elune is an Eternal One, if she is, she is far more powerful than Eonar.

So how we have defeated Sire Denathrius “so easily”? First of all we did not defeat him so easily. Secondly, throghout the fight, he actually toys us. He did not even wield Remornia until the last phase, where he realized he is about to be defeated, . While he claimed ” we will answer for our arrogance” actually he was the arrogant one throughout the fight, and that arrogance fitted him really well. At the end of the fight, we have defeated his pride, not him.

Turning back to the point, as you see, Elune HAS TO BE more powerful and ancient than The Titans. You can have a better understanding of my arguments if you check out my article about Elune.

P.S.: It seems Elune is not a First One, but I still genuinely suggest you to read this, so you can understand how she controls the Cosmological Map.

So, are there any other options for Elune being the sister of The Winter Queen but not be Eonar? Actually, there are some! So what do I personally think in the light of the news?

Elune is Azeroth

Now, I know that look, do not look at me like that! I’ve just said Elune cannot be a Titan, and Azeroth is a Titan right? So how is this possible after all?Well, what if Azeroth is not a titan after all?

Trolls tend to name the creatures they cannot properly understand as a Loa. What if Aggramar was wrong when he thought Azeroth is a Titan? In truth, what if she was a being more ancient and powerful than a Titan we cannot specify yet? This fits Elune being Azeroth all along theory, while confirming she is more than a Titan.

Elune Is an Unnamed or a Dead Eternal One

In my opinion, this option is more interesting than Elune being Eonar. So, what if there was another Eternal One, either unnamed or dead for a long time. Unnamed because she (just like Zovaal) has been exiled or left them on her own, due to a disagreement or she “betrayed” them just like Zovaal.
______________________________________ ______________________________________
It has been so long…

My sister… after all this time… She did not abandon me…
______________________________________ ______________________________________
Winter Queen

Or, she is dead at least in a sense. She has been killed by the other Eternal Ones during the banishment of Zovaal. Or Zovaal killed her, that is why she uses Tyrande against her at the moment. So this is why Zovaal must not reach The Sepulcher, the “tomb” of Elune, a dead Eternal One?


Now this one comes from Aernath! My fellow lore buddy, and a dedicated Illidari!:

______________________________________ ______________________________________

Eternal Ones including Zovaal are actually Titans… But corrupted with Anima, that’s how they have reached a “Titan Plus Plus” level power.

The Shadowlands order was also created by Titans but when Sargeras rebelled Shadowlands left unattended and then Primus, with other Eternal Ones overthrown Zovaal and formed this new order (Purpose) that we see today.

______________________________________ ______________________________________
If it’s true (Elune is Winter Queen’s supposed sister) then… Eternal Ones including Zovaal may actually be Titans…

But… They are corrupted with Anima; just like how Sargeras is corrupted by Fel.

And that also explains how they have reached a “Titan Plus Plus” level power, because when abused, Anima and with that; Soul Magic and later Death and Domination Magic gives you exactly that.

In this logic, we can also guess how this Shadowlands order we see was also created by Titans to keep this power in “order” (by all means) but probably when Sargeras rebelled and murdered all of the other Titans, Shadowlands also left unattended.

That’s when Primus with other Eternal Ones have found the chance to abuse Anima to empower themselves so they could have overthrown Zovaal from his original position, placed Arbiter “the robot” in his place and formed this new Shadowlands order AKA “Purpose” that we are naively trying to save.

But meanwhile all of their actual purpose was to abuse mortal souls to get as much Anima as they can, disregarding all free will and past experiences of the mortals. Thispurpose would even sacrifice all of the mortals real beings and turned into mindless cogwheels of a machine of Death so this purpose could go on and these usurpers lead by Primus would keep their power.

That’s what Shadowlands is today and we may very well be on the wrong side of things as mortals.

Well, I know these theories are kind of weak at the moment, but we need more information and details.

No matter what she really is, I want to see Elune this time! I want to know exactly what she looks like and who actually she is. I’m really tired of this unending mystery, I need a proper cinematic (not a shitty cutscene) about her revelation. I’m even okay to see Eonar, all I want is to see almost 20 year old mystery has ended. We have been told that we will learn about Elune during Ardenweald campaign, so Blizzard better keep their word this time!


Does this reveal disproof our grand theory about First Ones are actually The Void Lords? To be honest, not so much. Because in the theory, we barely mentioned Elune, so she is not being a First One (which is disappointing imo) does not dispute our theory at all.

And despite Elune being the sister of The Winter Queen was a lame reveal, actually there is more to talk about it. Such as Stonewright being actually a Night Warrior, or what if Elune is the third sister in this sisterhood? Well, we will talk about them later.

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