World Of Warcraft Patch 9.1: Chains Of Domination Magic

The recent build of Chains Of Domination provides more insight about how Zovaal was imprisoned and… Nathreza.

With the newest PTR build, two more story chapters have been unlocked as well as flying. The unlocked chapters are “The Last Sigil”, involving The Primus’ storyline and “The Unseen Guests”, which provides more insight about the Dreadlords!


As some of us have expected, The Sepulcher is actually inside Korthia, The City Of Secrets itself. The Primus reveals a new prophecy, pointing out should Zovaal obtains all the sigils he can reach The Sepulcher. To be honest, this was a surprising reveal for me, because I thought he need those sigils to escape from The Maw. But this message states that Zovaal needs those keys to reach Korthia and The Sepulcher. We also just learned that the last time Primus was seen, he was on his way to Korthia.

Every screenshot from the footage of Leyst’s Youtube Channel

Later in the questline, Primus breaks the illusion of Runecarver when we bring his sigil to him inside Torghast. Of course Zovaal notices this and raids the room with his mawsworn and Anduin. I wonder if he brings Anduin, his little puppet wherever he goes?

During the battle between Primus, Jailer talks about the long-speculated form of magic: Domination.

Well, what is Domination? We currently do not know for certain. But I have speculated before how Zovaal has been imprisoned and recently pointed out the connection between the constantly implied terms; chains, domination and prison. I believe by taking Frostmourne into account, we can understand how this magic works. Frostmourne’s signature ability was to trap souls inside. So, what if the runes on Zovaal served the exact same purpose? To dominate and trap his soul?

Well, Zovaal called Frostmourne and Helm Of Domination as “Vessels of Domination” before. And the thing is, he used the term Domination Domination with a capital “D”; implying the form of magic itself. Considering everyone have associated with him using chains in a regular basis, we can say Domination is a different kind of magic we are not familiar yet.

Personally, I like this kind of storytelling, an ancient champion of The First Ones binded through chains of domination. Later forged them into weapons and even, a style of architecture? You can see how it was reflected on the architectural design of The Lich King’s prison of ice back in Warcraft 3. We can ” chain” the entire storyline of Warcraft 3, Wrath Of The Lich King and Shadowlands through these details, but that is worth of its own article.

the unseen guests and nathreza

The other questline involves the Nathrezim revelation. It is already common knowledge, but I think in this questline the devil is in the details..

Countless ages ago, just after the first venthyr were sired, Denathrius unveiled another creation. The Nathrezim. Forged to be the ultimate infiltrators, they bore the influence of Death into the realms of our rivals… As well as the worlds of the living. Despite their subtlety, one of these incursions was discovered.”

Prince Renethal

Well, Prince Renathal was pretty much aware what Sire Denathrius was up toI thought the creation of Nathrezim and their infiltration into other cosmological forces was a top secret operation. It seems both Prince Renathal (and without a doubt) from The Accuser to The Stonewright, everyone in the high society of Venthyr were quite aware of what Denathrius was up to since the beginning.

So, doesn’t this knowledge make them as much ” guilty ” as Sire Denathrius himself? They were pretty much aware The Nathrezim have been manipulating the other Cosmologica Forces and did not give a damn, until The Light realizes what Nathrezim were up to and burned The Ember Ward of course. So, it seems like at least all the higher ups of the Venthyr were totally okay with what was going on. Well, after all it was working in the advantage of Death; the cosmic power that they belong to… Until The Light retaliated and made them pay for it.

Once the naaru were routed, the Stonewright turned her anger upon the nathrezim, blaming them for the loss of so many of her children. The conflict was ended by Denathrius, who said he would exile them to a world beyond the Shadowlands.

Denathrius never told me what became of the nathrezim. Only later did I learn that mortal souls had come to know them by another name: the dreadlords.

Prince Renathal

So, with this revelation we can finally fully understand the connection between Nathreza and The Nathrezim. It was obvious that Nathreza was the physical “homeworld ” of Nathrezim but the connections were blurry and vague. Now we know they were placed into Nathreza by Sire Denathrius after they have been exiled from The Shadowlands.- So, now I wonder if Nathreza was always a homeworld of the Nathrezim in the physical realm, or were they settled on it later, only after the Dreadlords have joined the Legion and invaded the planet?

Thank you for reading! Until next time, remember: Death was never meant to be chained!

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