Maldraxxus Had Something To Do With The Burning Legion

Since World Of Warcraft: Legion has ended, the majority of the Warcraft community convinced themselves that we will not see anything Legion related, ever again. But for like one and half a year, I have been insisting that without The Burning Legion, the Warcraft Universe would be incomplete. Those posts were all Turkish, so better I will explain the core points of my claims. Before starting though, I have two warnings:

  • This post probably won’t be a cinematic analyze just like the previous one. We will focus on the brief presence of the Legion in the cinematic. I may analyze the animation later but to be honest, I could not find so many details in the cinematic rather than this topic. It was more like a lore preparation for Maldraxxus, there were no big deals in first glance. But I may change my mind the more I watch the animation soon.
  • I know other famous content creators –really famous if I compare to myself- have been insisting on the Legion’s presence in the story as well. And I do hope I won’t look like stealing ideas from them. If something is obvious or you share your point of view with someone else, different people may end up with the same conclusion on controversial topics.


First, let’s begin with the obvious connections and logical reasoning behind Legion’s relationship with The Shadowlands. I mentioned the most important one at my previous Bastion analysis, that Chronicles basically stating the Nathrezim had a hand on the creation of the armor of The lich King. So, if I’m to support my point and theory; I would say the reason why Kil’jaeden decided to join Sargeras was his curiosity about the secrets of the cosmos. So, I have no reason not to believe Kil’jaeden or Sargeras somehow found out the presence of The Shadowlands and even reached The jailer himself. Put together with the strong ties between Revendreth and The Nathrezim and the note at the top of Gul’dan’s staff at Legion, it is unlikely to claim there is no connection between the realm of Death and The Legion. The burning crusade of death, fire, and destruction.

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