Elune is one of the biggest mysteries of the Warcraft Universe since Warcraft 3. Even before The Chronicles, we were sure that she is a being of cosmic scale. She breathes life, took her followers into her “light”, grants Arcane power to Wildkin and also has a dark side in literal.

Elune is the balancing force of all the Cosmological Forces. She is “The Source”.


When talking about Elune, using the moon as a reference point is the easiest way to move on. The moon has two sides, one of light and one of dark, symbolizing a balance between dark and light, good and evil, life and death. The duality of nature, the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Just as how I talked before about the Cosmological Forces and their duality Elune can heal the scars of her followers or erase the pain while they are burning. But she can also bring destruction and death. She is neither bound to Life nor to Death completely.

As I said before, all the cosmological forces are mirroring each other in a certain way so they are bound to each other. Without Life, there can be no Death, without Order, there can be no Disorder etc. When I first heard of we will learn “what” is Elune during Ardenweald storyline, I thought she is one of the leading forces of The Shadowlands. Most likely The Winter Queen in this instance. But no, she is more than this, why? Because as Khadgar stated before, she is responsible for the creation of The First Naaru Xe’ra, So, she can’t be bound to Death completely.

I was going through some ancient cosmology tomes when I stumbled upon a passage indicating that the prime naaru may have been created by Elune during the great ordering of Light and Shadow.

If Elune did create Xe’ra, then it stands to reason that we could use the Tears of Elune to unlock the secrets of Light’s Heart.



So, coupling this with the fact with The Jailer is older than reality itself. As Bolvar states at The Shadowlands Collectors Edition:

Now you have seen as I have, sights never meant for living eyes. But this knowledge will not save you. Nothing can stop what Sylvanas set into motion. Rending the veil was just the beginning. Beyond the ruined sky awaits an evil older than reality itself.


We can easily assume that Elune was there before that ocean of Light formed and spread across the universe. Which lead its clashing with its natural counterpart The Void. If Elune saw and led to the creation of the first primal being of The Light, that means she is supposed to exist for a long time already.

Beside wielding the power of giving and taking life and illuminate the followers of her path with her light, she also wields the power of the arcane and supposedly the Void. As her followers, Wildkin (and in the sense of gameplay, Balance druids as well) wield Arcane power and she has a dark side as well. If one of her sides is Light, its counterpart needs to be Void/Darkness. So, the only power I could not relate to her (yet) is the destructive power of Disorder, Fel. But besides that, she has 5 of 6 Cosmological Forces at her arsenal.

So, looking at all the breadcrumbs and hints we have given so far, I believe Elune is the source of the Cosmological Powers of the chart. While I can’t still say exactly “what” is she, I can debate that she is either one of The First Ones or most likely, the clockmaker, the Architect of all this creation. Can she help one power, in particular, Death? This is entirely possible. But the certain thing is, she does not bound to anything. Any power, any realm. In this sense, the idea of she is being the sole creator of everything fits perfectly.


  1. Despite not agreeing to Elune being the sole creator, or if there is a certain being as a “Clockmaker”, I also think she may be one of the First Ones.
    We’ll see ^^


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