The Night Elves Depriving Shadowlands Of Anima

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While you may be considering the term Death has taken into scene currently, this is not the truth. In Warcraft 3, there was Undead and Necromancy. Throughout my first gameplay of Warcraft 3:Reforged earlier this year, I noticed a detail I had not before. And I’m playing the original game since 2004. I believe Wisps aren’t as innocent as they might seem.

Warcraft 3:Reforged


First things first. Let’s explain Warcraft 3 for if you’ve never played the game or any RTS before. Warcraft 3 was based on creating a base, gathering resources and creating armies etc. The worker units for Night Elves were Wisps. Wisps are in fact the ancestors of the entire race, staying in our world. They were gathering lumber without harming trees but most importantly they die to create buildings like Ancient Of War or Ancient Of Lore. To lend Night Elves military power and build these trees, they sacrifice their essences, cease to exist. Also thanks to they are in spiritual form, they could dispel enemy buffs by exploding, again destroying themselves.

The wisps also sacrificed themselves to save Nordrassil and defeat Archimonde at Warcraft 3. Moreover
, they inhabit World Trees’ giant leaves as their homes as you may remember from Teldrassil.

War Of Thorns

The most recent example for wisps undying servitude to their ancient race is from War Of Thorns. During the war, the Night Elves did not hesitate using wisps to defend their home. Countless wisps or souls of the Night Elven ancestors formed powerful enchanted barriers by consuming themselves. After Sylvanas burned Teldrassil, all the Night Elves burned there gone to Shadowlands, where they truly belong. And in this sense, she also sent the Wisps inhabited the World Tree, which stayed in the material realm and defied death for so long. And this is where the interesting stuff begins.


Anima releasing

Bellular had a video about how The Eredar were familiar with Soul Magic and defying death with this way. To sum up; The Eredar (especially Archimonde) were familiar with Soul Magic and the mechanism of Death long before Sargeras appeared. Archimonde was the first Warlock, so the Eredar did. Mastered how to fuel Anima for their own ends.

Archimonde The Defiler

One of the most interesting habits of The Eredar was to put their ancestors’ souls into mechanisms called Vigilants and putting them to rest into ancient tombs to stay there. The most obvious example is Auchindoun, where the dead of the Draenei laid under the merciful gaze of The Naaru in both universes. Both on alternative Draenor and Outland.

The thing is, each of The Cosmological Forces is after the most precious energy source of the entire universe: Anima. Burning Legion used Soul Engine’s to fuel his enemies’ souls and bolster the army. The void was to consume it to gain more energy, while The Light granting immortality to its followers and feed upon their anima.

And among this cosmic battle and struggle to gather and use Anima, Night Elves defying Anima from The Shadowlands just like Eredar did before. Depriving thousands of years’ source of energy. What does the Night Elves’ are running off? Why do they fear passing to the afterlife? Are they condemned to Maw for defying anima from The Shadowlands for so long, just as The Eredar did?

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